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Mid-day Inspiration! Gbasi Akil Trice on his amazing re-emergence: "I used to fight for a living and I was injured for about 7 months. I was 175 then while I was hurt I got up to 250 lbs. I pretty much depressed so I ate and drank all the time to deal with not being able to train or make money. Now I'm down to 195 and my work out mainly consist of boxing, judo and many other combat sports and non traditional exercises such as battle ropes. I eat probably 5000 cals. a day but its all good cals. 95% of the time."


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Something just dawned on me. The Agenda 21 initiative seeks to create a perfect environment where our carbon footprint is reduced to practically nothing. It's like the UN is trying to re-create the Garden of Eden.

Kid Rock tickets at JQH up to $800 a piece! These people are high!!

Closing a 31 order tomorrow. If you need anything, message me.

Guess who is having a 31 Party?!? Thats right meee!!!!! My party closes January 25th so please take a look...

Maybe I should get a Twitter so I know all the eventide you can't say to my face.

Just to let ppl know on 12th jan rspca are doin free microchipping on dogs between 12 and 2 just turn up n your dog will b chipped there n thn x

Ok, what jobs are hiring? I have a few FaceBook friends looking for work. Thanks.

Good morning!! I eventidepe you all have had a great week so far. I've been busy painting and doing some early Spring cleaning around the eventideuse. Sorry I've been MIA!! This week's Online Event ends tomorrow night! Don't miss out! The link to shop will be in the comments below.

Eventide definitions


the latter part of the day (the period of decreasing daylight from late afternoon until nightfall)

See also: even evening