How to use Engine in a sentence as a noun

So, in 2005 I was involved in a company that thought "man, it would be great to build a search engine for source code". I even started putting together components for it, such as a model for finding text inside of larger documents that had statistical properties similar to code, auto-detecting the language, so you could find code snippets inside of blog posts.

About six months after that advisory, I heard from a major aircraft manufacturer that they had been using the BSD telnetd code to provide a channel for in-flight tuning of engine performance. This is why I award bug bounties for punctuation errors in comments in the Tarsnap source code -- it encourages people to read all the code, not just the interesting bits.

I write software that runs on various jet engines. There is a lot of software that goes onto a modern commercial engine, but the general theme of the software I focus on is the modeling of the underlying engine dynamics using sensor data.

If you are doing a modern game engine and want to launch on Windows, Mac, iOS, and next-generation consoles, you are going to be implementing both Direct3D and OpenGL, most likely. So it wouldn't be too big a deal to develop primarily on an OpenGL-based platform, if that platform were conducive to game development in other ways.

We built our own browser engine because we wanted to use the technology in more things than a browser. We built that engine small and fast because Bertrand Serlet would have shot me if I had done otherwise.

Less conceptually fragile, less expensive, more portable, same software stack, same media stack, same OS, same UX, same premium experience, same monstrous manufacturing and distribution reach, same monstrous advertising and product awareness engine. Every single one of the children you see in restaurants working an iPad so mommy and daddy can eat in peace will have one of these by January.

Unlike Patrick, who really does sweat the fact that developers are making small fractions of their overall worth due to underpricing their offerings, I should be overjoyed at the fact that the biggest collection of new software entrepreneurs on the Internet hangs out at a meme generation engine for exploitable market inefficiencies. But unfortunately, I'm an obnoxious nerd, so all I can think to do about this is yell.

Facebook has no search engine. Whatever you say about the size of display ads, search advertising is still far bigger.

The team that builds the match engine for the electronic exchange, the team that builds the boot ROM for your smart phone, the team that builds the Google crawler and indexing, the teams building kernel SAN storage code --- these teams are hired by technical interviews. The "audition project" is a trend story with, from what I can see, very little empirical evidence to back it up.

The primary engine that generates results in your life should be based on aligning your desires, goals, resources and actions. Good self-management looks like good management of others, and I've never heard of a good manager who calls his employees lazy.

It was during this same time that I started work on a new regexp engine for sed but that was not done by the time I stopped work on sed. From that position I was able to observe fairly closely how the GNU project was being led, technically, in the days before the Linux kernel had had any real impact.

Not only are they trying to put together a parallel, secure browser engine from the ground up, but they even created Rust to do so. This is truly long-term work, which seems rare in an increasingly short-term world.

About 80% of the sales people that I talked to at dealerships did not even know about the car I wanted to buy, mentioned the wrong engine or did not even know it existed. I'm waiting for the day that I can just click "buy now" online and purchase a car with Zappos-like customer support at one fair, up front, low price without all the ******** in between.

The mind is an incredibly powerful yet fallible pattern matching engine. It can find anything, from any input, it seems.

Engine definitions


motor that converts thermal energy to mechanical work


something used to achieve a purpose; "an engine of change"


a wheeled vehicle consisting of a self-propelled engine that is used to draw trains along railway tracks

See also: locomotive


an instrument or machine that is used in warfare, such as a battering ram, catapult, artillery piece, etc.; "medieval engines of war"