How to use Electric in a sentence as a noun

Yes i am a girl yes i play vidoe games, like angry birds i will NOT make you a sandwich i have a vast selection of the yellow electric bunny poke-men cards i spend my days scrolling thro 9gag and ifunny i make lots of oc maymays I AM THE 1% -Ally

Who's headin to that electric warehouse arty tonight?

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How to use Electric in a sentence as a adjective

Good tips on electricw to brush with an electric toothbrush!

Hey, so i love the electric squeeze. and i know you do too. we have 20 more likes til 1000, so help us get there before 2013! and stay tuned for a wild month with us in january!

Warm up with a electric fireplace or edenpure heater.....get one before they are gone!

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Message: Hi mums & dads. I'm losing my mind my 4 yr old dd refuses to sleep I put her to bed at 7pm every night & she's still stuffing around at midnight sometimes 1am please any advice is greatly appreciated I'm going insane Nicole: I'm looking at getting a leapster leap pad 2 for my son when our new baby is born in match as his " big brother present" he will be 2 years 9 months. Who has one are they worth the money? Can you download apps or have to buy game cartridges? Rachael: Hi, would anyone happen to have any suggestions of what I can buy my 3 year old boy for his bday next week, with Christmas just gone, I'm stuck!!! Simone: Does anyone know where I can purchase Little Tikes Playhouses in SA? I can't seem to locate them anywhere :/ Nicole: I have a 17 month old who detests tooth brushing. I've tried us both having a toothbrush to electricld, singing, letting him play with the brush, no paste, minimal paste and using my electric brush. He doesn't mind chewing or sucking the bristles but goes hysterical when I use the brush to actually clean his teeth. I make sure the brush is wet and do it softly. The only way I can clean his teeth is to restrain him but this seems to be really distressing him and I don't want him to develop a phobia! Any tips? Do others actually clean their toddlers teeth or just let them chew and play with the brush?


MamaQ: "I have a question for all moms. With my first pregnancy I wanted to nurse so badly but my son wasn't able to due to being so small and being tongue tied. I tried to pump but I dried up in 3 months. Now that I'm pregnant again I want to nurse and pump so my supply doesn't go down and I have back up in case I get a sitter or leave the baby electricme with daddy. Any tips on electricw to keep my supply up or boost it?"


Does he really have to start over? I am a fourth year apprentice from Kansas. Just started a job in Oklahoma and its not what i expected at all! I would say i am a very well rounded apprentice. I am willing to travel, but the main thing is i wanna work. Just wondering if there is a non-union contractor that needs help anywhere and soon, my bags are packed! i would love to go union but dont know much about it and from what i have heard i would have to start over. But all i really want is work and alot of it. if you could help me out i would greatly appreciated it!


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I need some help picking a color to dye my hair

Okay thrashers, serious question here. Was last year 2011 a better year as far as album releases go? or was 2012? This goes for all genres! -Brutal Ben

As far as 80's comedies go, which is your favorite semi-forgotton or unreleased film?? :D

I'm always happy to hear video requests. I try to get to everything, but many requests are for videos that are already there. Please have a look through my existing videos first. I try to keep them short and entertaining, and the electricle and description should say what they're about.

My room is so cold because the heater doesnt work and no one has been to fix it despite us telling the electricusing people ages ago. Im worried the baby will not be warm enough when he gets here. What is the best way to keep him warm? -Bumpers<3

It's electricing electriced that you can't smoke in bars, anyone agree? ~~S$P

Worst and best Christmas gifts you received this year?

Q: electricw u get such curly hair? A: well you fans never seen my hair curly, you've always seen in straight, I have naturally wavy/Curly hair, if you want your curls to look better I suggest rinsing in cold water, Or if you have straight hair you can purchase a curling iron or braids your wet hair. I hate my wavy hair. ~Ginger

Electric definitions


a car that is powered by electricity


affected by emotion as if by electricity; thrilling

See also: galvanic galvanising galvanizing


(of a situation) exceptionally tense


using or providing or producing or transmitting or operated by electricity

See also: electrical