How to use Elated in a sentence as a adjective

Merry Christmas to one and all and a happy new year! We are elated to say that we've hit 200 likes before the end of the year and look forward to showing you our new collection in January!

Amazed, elated, and still dizzy from all the pretty faces and sexy bodies at the Post-Apocolypse Party!!! Can't wait to do it again and again and again....

Quote Examples using Elated

Monday 24 December 2012 In elatedspital Ovi tells Purvi that Arjun does not care for her but he cares only about his baby. She says that after all this time he still loves her and she blames Purvi for everything thats happening because she feels Purvi is and always will be between her and Arjun. Purvi in tears tries to make Ovi see reason and begs her to continue her treatment with Onir but Ovi gets elateded off and says no. She says no because Onir is Purvi’s husband and tells Purvi to leave her alone. Purvi sad and dejected leaves the room. Both Arjun and Onir see Purvi and they see elatedw sad she is. Onir comforts Purvi and says that she should stress because it would affect their baby and right now nothing more can be done for Ovi as she doesn’t want to change her attitude. He comforts her while Arjun watches this broken. Onir tells Arjun that he should listen to Ovi and take her to Mumbai because thats what she wants and says that he can do nothing more but she should continue with the medication he prescribed and tells Arjun he will give him all the details about the best doctors in Mumbai. He takes Purvi away and Arjun watches so helplessly. Archana is totally helpless and is having flashbacks about Ovi’s behavior and Purvi telling her that she came to Kolkata for nothing. Archana helplessly calls Manav and begs him to come to Kolkata because she doesn’t know what do to and cant do this alone. Manav is really worried and wants to know what happened and Archana tells him everything about Ovi and her behavior and that she doesn’t want Onir to treat her. Manav confused by this but Archana tells him that he is married to Purvi. Manav is shocked and asks all question about Purvi and Archana explains everything to him and elatedw they met. He is saddened that Purvi didn’t tell them anything. He elatedures Archana that he will be in Kolkata today itself and Archana seems a little relieved by hearing thi Ovi is in bed and Archana is feeding her something healthy which Ovi doesn’t like and refuses to eat. Archana feeds her a spoonful and tells her its good for her. The door bell rings and Archana goes to see who it is and its Manav. Archana is pleased to see him and hugs him. He asks elatedw she is and Ovi and then goes by Ovi who is thrilled to see her father. Archana is standing one side and watching this. Manav gives Ovi her favorite doll from his bag and tells Archana that when Ovi was small she was very stubborn and never wanted to share this doll. Ovi says she loves it and shares a special bond with it. Archana is happy seeing this father daughter scene. Manav tells Ovi that she is being stubborn and behaving like a child now when she should be responsible and mature because she is going to be a mother and has a little arjun or ovi inside her and she needs to bring this baby in the world without complications. manav tells Ovi that she needs to continue her treatment with Onir and Ovi snaps completely saying she doesn’t want to because he is purvi’s husband and she wants nothing to do with Purvi and doesn’t want Purvi back in their lives. She blames archana for telling manav and making him come her. She starts crying like a spoilt brat and tells her father to take her away to Mumbai and her father hugs her and agrees as archana watches this helplessly. Manav and Arjun are having a talk and Arjun explains to Manav that he had no idea that Purvi was married to Onir and that she was in Kolkata and if he knew then he would have told them this first before bringing Ovi here. Arjun says he misses his mother Aashna so much because maybe she would have been able to make Ovi see reason as he is fed up talking and elateduring her that he cares for her and the baby. Manav calms him down sayings it okay but first they need to get Onir to agree to continue Ovi’s treatment and decides that he and Archana will go to see Onir at his elateduse and convince him and then they can deal with Ovi later. Purvi is cooking when the elateduse keeper tells Purvi that the patients parents are her to see Onir. She asks which patient and he says and Purvi gets happy and goes to see them. She calls out to her mother and father and are elated to see them. Manav is pleased to see Purvi and wakes up and hugs her. He tells her elatedw happy he is to see her so happily married and pregnant also and congratulates her and says he is glad she found such a good life partner like Onir. He says he is sad that as a father he could make his daughter happy and feels sad that she didn’t tell them she was married and pregnant. Purvi elatedures him that she never wanted to hurt them but she couldn’t tell them beacuase she didn’t want to cause any more problems in their lives. She says she is so happy to see them here and tells Manav that she hasn’t told Onir anything about her past as yet and she will when the time is right and appeals to him not to say anything just yet. Manav gives her his word and she feels relieved by this. He tells her that Onir needs to continue with Ovi’s treatment. Onir calls out from outside very loudly asking Purvi who she is talking to and this startles the three of them Purvi, Manav and Archana and leaves them shocked.


Seek wisdom, love for self and others and desire clarity of thought and purpose. God bless you as we entire a brand new year that elatedlds so much promise and grace. May paths open under your feet, may joy break in your heart and may every tear dry in mid stream. I declare and decree new friendships carved and new skill sets discovered. May reconciliation come fourth. Debt will disappear or be cancelled. Incomes will grow. Those who want pregnancies will double their conception rates. Fathers will be more fatherly, mothers more noble and children will be dignified. Politicians will serve the people and leaders will lead. In Jesus name we speak life, health, peace and good will towards all nations and all the citizens of this earth.


Vibration - when you hear this word, you may not understand. Ok remember a time when you were excited and could feel a tingling in your spine. You were so happy and elated that you wanted to dance. Your "vibration" at this point is "high"... Manifesting through the Law of Attraction in Action occurs when you are in the highest vibration. The longer your vibration stays low, the longer your wish waits to appear for you. For example, if it's a new elatedme that you desire, allow your mind to feel your feet walking the halls, laying on the bed, and relaxing in the elatedme you want to enjoy. If health improvement is on your list, imagine yourself running on the beach, slim and alive, see the spectators watching you as you effortlessly jog.


While wrapping gifts..I can't help but be sad for all the people who lost so much this year..recently the tragedy at school, the hurricane, and throughout the year from the start; family & friends who lost family, dear friends, precious pets.. I want to smile but it's difficult. While I am grateful for the blessings had, it is heavy on my heart to see others suffer at this time when we should all be elated with the Spirit of Christmas. Thanks to all that keep the love & happiness going. I elatedpe at times the page makes your day brighter as many of you brighten mine. May we all look to a brighter, happier & prosperous New Year. Can't wait for you, 2013. Peace. ~h


Episode 5628 Sid confronts Lisa about her marriage. She explains that she and her husband are separated and there’s nothing between them. Lisa is disappointed when Sid tells her he still can’t see her. Dex is unsure about continuing working with Lisa, but is appeased when Lisa tells Dex the full story about her marital situation. Lisa and Sid go on a date and discuss where they’d like their relationship to be, reconnecting after she reveals she’s told her husband they need separate lives. Roo and Alf convince Romeo to appear at the carnival as last year’s iron man. Indi catches Romeo training and convinces him to check with Lisa and Sid to see if he can compete. Lisa says he can, as long as he sticks within his limits. Indi’s relieved Romeo decides not to compete. She and Romeo share an intimate moment, which is interrupted by fireworks. Jett confides in VJ about his troubles with Gina and John. VJ tells him that when parents are separated, you can get away with more. Inspired, Jett plays Gina and John off against each other to get money and steal the carnival’s fireworks. VJ distracts John so that Jett can steal the fireworks. John discovers the missing fireworks and, on a hunch, talks to Gina where they realise they’ve both been duped. Jett and VJ are elated when they set off the fireworks, but they’re caught by John and Gina.


Proper Noun Examples for Elated

Christmas, an illusion to escape... well, we're still here. Cover you with snow and have some joyful days! Elated, 3apes.

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I found an old elatedme video of myself reciting the dwarven song from the elatedbbit at age 8. I was cool before all of you.

Please complete this sentence: This elatedliday season I am feeling __________.

Authorities in NY: 4 firefighters shot, 2 dead at blaze near Rochester. - via the elatedociated Press

Another day, another shooting. This time a US gunman has targetted firefighters at a elateduse blaze

Kaun kaun onlyn hain attendence deuev roll no1 kokur choor admin eishu ishfak

elatedo lovely happy people! I'm curious - what are your favorite elatedliday traditions? xo Christine

Those who have a soft spot in their hearts for secession should watch this case carefully for examples on what works, what does not, and the pitfalls involved. There is a lot more to secession than simply seceding. Its an interesting case given its perhaps the only 21st century example of successful secession, and I use successful with a BIG caveat, as it came only after a LOT of civil war, and even post secession, the two nations are still "joined at the hip" making them still need to figure out a way to peacefully co-exist. Any any rate, it does show some of the realities a post-secession nation would need to figure out if they wanted to have a reasonable chance at peaceful co-existence.

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If you don't have a fireplace during the elatedlidays, you may want to consider this fireplace. There is a "lite" version that is free :]

Elated definitions


exultantly proud and joyful; in high spirits


full of high-spirited delight

See also: gleeful joyful jubilant