Edible in a sentence as a noun

Then a valid procedure would be one that says that all berries are edible.

In this case the meat was perfectly edible, it was just mislabeled.

Its the same as labeling some food-like objects as non-edible.

Suppose there are two types of berries: edible and poisonous.

By the time you have something halfway edible as cheese, a whole village could have died of starvation.

Suppose that p=90% and we observe that the color is blue, and the procedure says: this berry is edible.

Sitting under the tree patiently digging out edible roots.

For example suppose 95% of berries are edible and red, and 5% of the berries are poisonous and blue.

Can't think of a vegetable that is only one-third edible.

Edible in a sentence as an adjective

But you can feed more people per area than any other food and they grow in more types of land than many other edible plants.

In Canada there are no leafs on trees half of the year and you can make some interesting edible syrups with certain trees.

It's not "food" if it doesn't contain the right amount of edible/digestible ingredients.

Raw corn on the cob is plenty edible, and sweet corn is quite tasty, although that's admittedly not what's grown on large corn plantations.

As yet even another bonus, I suspect the ratio of edible meat to body mass in beef is much lower than in fish.

The larger ones were not just more protected from predation but with longer reach came wider access to edible plant material.

He spent months working out, climbing mountains with his heavy pack, and researching wild edible berries and game in preparation for what he wanted to do.

There is nothing edible about corn grown in America today unless it has been processed by an industrial process or another animal first.

If you are serious about feeding astronauts in space, then you need to classify what gives the highest percentage edible matter in the whole plant and needs the least mass of things like water.

Edible definitions


any substance that can be used as food

See also: comestible eatable pabulum victual victuals


suitable for use as food

See also: comestible eatable