Eatable in a sentence as a noun

The goal of a spoon is to make soup eatable.

As far as I know it's all just beans, they are all eatable by humans.

Plants are eatable and tasty without processing them into fake meat first.

Probably needs to make the snake colored so that you can tell eatable QR visuals apart from your snake.

Most of the times people make mistakes when picking bladed mushrooms that are not even that closely looking as the eatable one.

Eatable in a sentence as an adjective

I am no vegetarian, but I think animal we **** for food should be eaten to the last piece of eatable tissue.

They're basically enlarged 3D prints of strawberries made of eatable synthetic substance.

We know that people like a combination of salty fatty sweet stuff, and that food manufacturers engineer products to have the right proportion of sugar, salt, and fat, while being very eatable.

As the story goes, an emperor did not have offsprings, and his physicians said he should eat those sea cumcumbers in large amounts, and his chefs managed to make some eatable recipes out of this thing, which became a part of the Chinese Imperial Cuisine.

Another often overlooked fact is that China has built a vast crops storage network across the nation, for the fact that a small interruption in food supply chain could cause huge humanitarian disaster, and the new crops will rotate out old stale crops, which are barely eatable but sure, they're better than nothing.

Eatable definitions


any substance that can be used as food

See also: comestible edible pabulum victual victuals


suitable for use as food

See also: edible comestible