Drench in a sentence as a verb

We would toast big loaves of bread on the coals and drench them in this fresh oil.

I have never heard of getting drench by a folded umbrella..lol.

Ranch is thick, therefore annoying to use on salad, because it doesn't drench the whole thing.

And if you buy pre-cut bagged salad, how can you wash that?What if you drench the salad in vinegar before eating it, will that **** E. coli O157:H7?

Not only it gets incredibly humid and hot, there's at least one serious rainstorm each week to drench you.

We like to drench ourselves in dream qualia sometimes, and Haskell and pure math are that medium.

On a flight from LAX to China, I saw condensation of nearly a gallon of water pour out of an overhead compartment and drench a row of seats.

I'm thinking better peer production, better search, and ad models that evolve away from the kinds of placements that drench their portfolio sites.

Then again, if you could drench a full x86 pc in epoxy, it might be possible to make "reasonably secure" blob if all you left open was a serial port.

I purposefully ignored the tornado and so it did not hit my datacenter, tear off a section of the roof, **** all power sources, and drench my servers.

If you wear waterproofs you'll just drench your clothes from the inside: Gore-tex and other so-called "waterproof breathable" materials can't dissipate 3 miles of perspiration, let alone 15 miles.

They are coated with some sort of chemical so they don't get dry, but instead of keeping them in a bag, they just toss them in a container and drench them with this foul liquid that drips out of the box as it gets moved around the yard.

One thing to note about high fat diets is that they should be high in natural, saturated fats like animal fats and nuts, not the garbage oils like vegetable and canola oil, which a lot of people and businesses drench their foods in.

In 2011, a France-Telecom employee in the southern city of Orange set a match to his gasoline-drench clothing in a parking lot near his office building--one among several suicides at the company since it began to lay off employees in its effort to restructure.

But I think that doesn't hold water upon closer analysis - the moment a single German soldier's boot stepped foot on the British isles, which is to say the UK actually faced imminent threat of conquest, Churchill planned to quote "drench [Germany] in gas".Later on in the war chemical weapons were avoided not for fear of retaliation in itself, but for fear of how one's own people would respond to said retaliation.

Drench definitions


drench or submerge or be drenched or submerged; "The tsunami swamped every boat in the harbor"

See also: swamp


force to drink


permeate or impregnate; "The war drenched the country in blood"

See also: imbrue


cover with liquid; pour liquid onto; "souse water on his hot face"

See also: douse dowse soak souse