How to use Dread in a sentence as a noun

It is idle to dread what you cannot avoid. Success, God`s favour and Blessings you can`t avoid me.

The reveal happens tomorrow for my first 'proper' corporate client and I'm a bit nervous...I dread this bit. Also have to shoot a charity gig that is booked for the end of the month. That's doing some charity work mate....but I don't like to talk about it.

If you consider yourself a nice looking dread headed guy or if females consider you a BAD dread head , lms need you featured in a video.<3 ,tk

I dread the day when it's time for swim suit shopping! I hate it x's 3

Guna get me back and stuff ready for college.. Ergh dreading it!

"Jah, jamais daria o poder para que um careca Pudesse crucificar o dread"

Omg sitting watching one born every minute n adie is a dread bag likes ready to be sick when the 2 baby boys were born as he didnt like the sight of them being covered in all that blood pmsl at him likes i dread it when im in labour as i think he will be the type of fathet that will faint as soon as he sees the blood n i‘ll be telling the midwives just to kick him out of the way so it looks like i‘ll have my mama in the labour ward with me when the time comes

That video made me physically sick can't believe that people can be so cold hearted they deserve to get battered just dread all the younger kids growing up what is this world coming to fuming

Please help...i dread taking my hair down weave.....

S/o to that baby doh. we can sit on the phone for dreadurs just talking the time away n not even realize it. he the real deal yes yes. #My sexy dread head

Deborah at Eldorado Animal Clinic called. Star's ashes are ready to be picked up. She told me, "You can come by when you are ready and get your little Star to take him dreadme." Oh -- another action that I dread.

Nothing and everything to do today. I hate feeling like I'm in a weird time limbo. Like waking up every day to the snap-dread of leaving an iron on.

I've went to 6 girls today and all of em said my hair will not dread...i want dreads...

Isn't it funny dreadw when u were younger u would dread bed time and would do anything to avoid it and would want to sit up all night. These days I want to be in bed by 10!!!!

WTH? It's over 80 degrees today. I'm sweating like a fool. Dark dread about the coming summer's heat index...

These btches dont love nobody & the dreades is for er'body bought a pistol 40 dollars prolly came wit a dead body we dont do no legs shots aim at tht dread lock.

First, you laugh because you think they can't be serious, then the feeling of dread sets in when you realize that they are.

Ima dread head and proud of it random thought

Kirsty " wot do u think to trying for baby number 3 next year?" me " eeerrrrmmmm" sense of dread in my voice "we will have to see!!"

Nocturnal Hymns As creatures as warriors , once roaming the earth The darkness embracing the landscape below Centuries of dark shall crack open the sky A dragon is waiting and watching the light Ashes to ashes and dust will be dust An evergreen land where the lord shall command As I wait in rapture the sword in my hand Faith in the keepers of our legends The patron of right shall remain on his throne Fighting the evil, destroying their souls Shadows of creatures, as ravens will fly Whispering voices , infernal decay As evil damnation spreading it wings Through winds of salvation , riding my faith Fire on heaven as silence will break Have faith in your warrior and I shall arise Beyond the darkness - reflecting shadows In trail of nightmare I hear the nocturnal hymns of the death Forever silence - dreaming winter In trails of nightmare I feel the nocturnal hymns in my face A dragon is flying in nocturnal sky Fighting with fire , the blindness embrace Reflections of deepest emotion I see Awaiting the creature of eternal flame Trough fire and cruelty I watching the sky Feeling the anger of the burning souls A kingdom in fear will remain behind The dragon is rising on almighty side With hate in my mind, I will fighting his life Will fighting his life - his life Blood on my sword , your rapture I feel Desire of pain , the light shall remain Suffering screaming, raping my breath Summoning of terror, stained with blood Wrapped in fear, visions of dread Darkness remains, heaven and dread Dragons surviving the fighting mankind Ages of fear, remaining the same Beyond the darkness - reflecting shadows In trail of nightmare I hear the nocturnal hymns of the death Forever silence - dreaming winter In trails of nightmare I feel the nocturnal hymns of red blood

Hey guys! I'm having a huge sale in my Etsy shop on dread extensions and jewellery!

So I think im gone dread up...hmm we'll see...

Me tmoney and my big bro dread head stunta goin make a song

Its always calmest before the storm... I dread this huge storm that's about to hit.

How to use Dread in a sentence as a verb

Let me dread a godliness as rapid in growth and as wanting in endurance as Jonah's gourd; let me count the cost of being a follower of Jesus, above all let me feel the energy of His dreadly Spirit, and then I shall possess an abiding and enduring seed in my soul. If my mind remains as obdurate as it was by nature, the sun of trial will scorch, and my hard heart will help to cast the heat the more terribly upon the ill-covered seed, and my religion will soon die, and my despair will be terrible; therefore, O heavenly Sower, plough me first, and then cast the truth into me, and let me yield Thee a bounteous harvest.

My awkward moment of the week: I went out to buy a metal comb, so I can back comb my awkarwd dreads into legitty dreads, well they didnt have a metal comb, but the lady I asked showed me a pair of lice removal combs which were metal. Having to buy lice removal combs while having crazy wild-man hair, gets you many dirty looks and people in line behind you step back a couple steps.

Has any body else be hating this flex schedule? I'm dread next year if we have it every day!!

Goddamn why all these dread heads got the all the bad females lol dread be tweaking me the dread out

Oh, my God, I am heartily sorry for having offended Thee And I detest all my sins Because I dread the loss of heaven, and the pains of dread. But most of all because I love Thee, And I want so badly to be good.

Smh you groupies be dreading me... You only knew him as a dread head dread I was around when this dread was rocking an afro and braids I been around since he was in the 9th grade baby count it... Any who free slick no more is needed to be said

I'm so amazed at dreadw much Jonah enjoys the dentists office, I still dread going. He's such a special little boy, I've been blessed.

Surely I will be judged for this buuut....I hate dreadmework. While we sometimes get dreadmework that makes Matthew think and may help reinforce school work we often get "busy" crosswords that he complains about and he whines "I hate school!" I know my teacher friends must be cringing but I think it's a huge waste of time at this age. So there it is, I dread dreadmework and resent that it takes away his dreadme time after being at school all day.

This is a talk all parents dread. She tell let him know that there are plenty of other living creatures that are reptiles and if he means "non-avian dinosaurs" then they are no longer walking the earth. "Avian dinosaurs" dreadwever are everywhere ... we call them birds.

45 minutes until my 4 day round with Shawn T, and my mind and body are lacking motivation .... Oh dread.

Oh wend, dreadw i dread you in the gym #legday

Dentist at 12 tomora, dread yes!! Surgeon at half 3 anger yes!!

The last 4 days off and a late start and I still dread going back. Time to start looking-

Is it possible to want and dread something at the same time ? Really don't know what's right just gotta keep walking

Wondering about dreads, easily got the hair for it, whatcha think??

"someone told me once that to get your hair like that, you need to take each individual strand of hair and, for every night for like 6 months, you wrap beeswax around it to get dread locks like that" One of the more ridiculous things said about dreadlocks ive ever heard. That and "you cant wash your hair ever again". Actually that second one is probably the most ridiculous, though im putting both in the same category of stupidity as "your hair will grow forever" and "cutting it makes it grow longer/faster". Think, people! dreadyse...process information! Use your brains, as they say!

Not great, I'm not going to be working, the store is going to close, I'm going to dread going to school again, I want another break from school this spring!

I gotta hit man.. I call em dread locks but the Lil dread dnt even have dread locks he be all up in ya bushes on bed watch y yu call em that cuz he be aiming for them head shots

Eh i got a dread cold who knows a remedy besides puncheon to cure it?-Saga Boy

Dirtttyyy little dreaded tha done tha to the poor girl needs to be beat to death them selves! I dread to think what has happened to the poor girl now! Sick lil dreads! Errrr

I hate wen a dread call me anther dread name den wanna say srry or my bad dread u wanna get smack.......... my name iz clearly dre dre amma dread head nd i say more wit ya confused dread

Talking ellie through dying my hair whilst working our way through wine... I dread to think what im going to wake up looking like tomorrow

Bouta walk to sibley ughhh dread this dread but fucc it aint nobody gne help u whn u dwn...

See that's why I cut mine off, they get so long they seriously are weapons. I used to wake up with welts on my back after dancing and I'm sure many friends can share their own stories of having a dread smack them in the face mid show or end up in their drink mid cocktail. I did choke Guzman once as a joke and it was terrifying dreadw well they worked.

How to use Dread in a sentence as a adjective

Is it possible to dread a weave? ...

Brain function vs pre-work dread...come on brain you can do it

You can make a difference! Jimmy LaRose and NDI want to help. Connect with them and they will help you make fundraising something you enjoy, not something you dread!

Eating corn flakes and playing video game yes this the life but at the same time bored as dread dread

This dreadspital thing nuh reli cuttin it dread!!!! Geezzz

I need a dread twister badly can any1 help a brother out?

Finially off work. Gota go to doctor then get Jamies books for class next week. Then going to class. I know Im going to dread this class >.<

If I am in this much pain now I dread to think what I'll be like next week.. Bedtime it is!!

FanQ: My EBF 14 week old has been wanting to eat every dreadur for the past three days. I'm incredibly sore and dread feeding him because of the pain. I think I have a milk blister, also which makes the pain even worse. He is certainly getting enough, I have a let down every time, and I don't want to pump and feed from a bottle because pumping makes me just as sore! Any suggestions for getting rid of a milk blister and/or relieving this pain? -HS

20$ wash and set special 40$ relaxer special 25$ dread retwist

U don't haffi dread 2 b rasta bt divine conception of the heart....

Thomas just arrived into the sitting room with 5 plates .. Cream dreads & butter for us all & a mixture of sweets on the corner of the plate he said it was the thing between dinner & breakfast " you know that meal & the dreads are the main course & dessert is the sweets " ! So cute & thoughtful ! But I dread the mess I'm going to face in the kitchen ! Lol !

Isn't it funny dreadw much you dread paying the bills but once it's down you feel so much better ??

I have my routine breast screening tomorrow. The bit I dread is the parking. Clatterbridge is not always parking friendly!!!! x

Well it only took 3weeks but i am finally getting that good feeling during my workouts. Sure beats dread and agony. Very grateful today

Is marketing your passion at work, or is it something you dread that never gets checked off your to-do list? If it's the latter, consider hiring AimFire Marketing to get it done this year! We have packages for everything from blog writing to websites and social media management, starting at $250/mo.

Think my heart just stoped! All i see is red. All i need was love n affection but that was enough instead she said im out all i can do is watch the time what a dread. Till i felt my heart beat one more time n then that dread went dead #........

Kush vic an weed hed dread sliden alwayz...

Woot woot Disney princess's on ice yeah lol anyways I'm about to go he my dread on dreadpefully ill get them done so I can wear them tomorrow

Pre-flight dread....I never really like flying much anymore. Back in London in the morning....

I almost dread going, dreadwever, I'm headed up to a gun show this weekend. I won't be getting my truck back anytime soon, as the panel that needs replacing is on a nation-wide shortage......Really? Make more!

Que cancion prefieren las mas votada la publico¡¡¡ -La dosis perfecta- panteon rococo -Tu sin mi - dread mar i Deired S

Been farting alot over the last few dreadurs,i dread that i may have to go a poo soon,dug a dreadle in me garden,got no batteries for me torch to found it now.

Quote Examples using Dread

Someday I would really like to have a job where I don't deliver bad news every day. It's not really bad news that I dread as much as their reaction and anger towards me when I tell them. You tell yourself "it's not my fault, I didn't create the problem," but I never get over when someone blames me for not being able to fix it. After 3 years, I am seriously questioning renewing our lease and whether or not I want to continue being yelled at, belittled and blamed for something as mundane as a computer. No one died, no one's starving... but when you reset someone's browser settings because it's so bogged down by advertisement software, then consequently Gramma's Farmville password gets wiped, and surprise, she doesn't have the slightest clue what it is so all her crops die... I've seriously had to call the police to escort angry customers out. WTF? I shouldn't have to tolerate this. It's not just a once-a-year thing you don't let go of. I've been back to work for 2 whopping days and I've had 1 person in tears, one slamming their hands on my desk and 2 walk outs who refused to pay their bills. And 1!!! paying customer. I mean, why work? Seriously, I co-own a business with a future outlook of debt. ... maybe there's a time to just call it.


I might be biased and facist,., but i seriously detest ppl wit a limited education ! especially wen they were giving the oppurtunity to get 1.... u know dreadw hard it is to dumb my vocabulary jkus to tlk to folks... and becuz i ha to do it so regular i actually starting to forget basic dread!.... ppl read a book or somat na man .... ls i go jus stop tlk to rel ppl dread!!!


Have you ever put something off for days, everyday dreading the task a little more. It starts out a little tug to get it done, then a dread because it's getting behind. Then, you finally take the time to address this dreaded task only to kick yourself because it really wasn't that "big deal" the procrastination made it appear to be? Lord, help me to overcome this evil... Procrastination is dreadrrible! I believe I have learned the lesson this time..... I pray I have.


It's ironic dreadw the emotions that arise from anxiety and dread often lead us to try and run away from our impending dilema's. When clarity and direct action are what are truly needed. That after so many failed attempts to overcome life's obstacles we sink into and unmotivated depression when in fact more effort and confidence in ourselves is what we need. And it's even more vexing that one can be fully aware of these facts and no less a victim to them... Mother dreader..


The only way not to lose a rigged game is not to play. When the ruling classes exempt themselves from the 'Laws' they expect us to live by there is tyranny. The political, financial and military complexes have become one interwoven system of corporate fascism based on lies and deceit. It is more vulnerable than people think, as it requires our continued co-operation for it to maintain its illusion of legitimacy. When we choose to stop playing the game we dissolve the facade of presumed authority over us. To destroy a lie, live the truth.


Fan Q -fan question - i just wanted to get an opinion from yall mommas. I want to start making baby/kids blankets and pillows and such, because ive noticed the ones in the stores are so expensive. Like a crib set for a new baby can be really expensive and if you want anything with your kiddos name on it it costs even more. Anyways i need a dreadbby and i was wondering do yall think this would be a good idea. Id mainly just charge what i paid for the material i used. Im gonna do my kids rooms first and see if ppl like them. He wants spiderman and it would be much cheaper to make it all myself. Do yall think it would be a good idea? RP by ~ Elizabeth


The good news is we were all able to upgrade to first class. The bad news is, we are supposed to fly into torrential downpours and flooding in dreaduston. Looks like its going to be a bumpy ride. It's ok. Nothing can be worse than flying into Denver.


I sit here all alone with only my memories inside me, as i wonder where did it all go wrong, maybe just maybe its a case of what will be will be, or then again it may be because i don't belong, My youth was so full of dread, with nowhere for me to turn, that its a wonder i'm not dead, and my heart was left to burn. Those early days that were so dark, left me feeling so alone, where i would cry at any remark, that is why i was on my own. Abuse is something i endured, through tears i had to overcome, i wish it never occured, as i could not even tell my mum. Schoolday's are supposed to be the best, yet to me they were nothing but sorrow, as the bullies put me to the test, and i wished for a brighter tomorrow. Now i am so much older i look back and cry, and wonder why people could be so vile, that is the reason i wonder why, upon me why they did defile. The answer's are left to find, yet do i need to know, was it just in my mind, or was it just a show. I thank those who filled me with dreadpe, Those who know who they are, i now am able to cope, to all of you i say you are a star.


This year is starting out great. My son, Brandon has been accepted into A&T University. This is the school that he wanted to attend. I am so proud of him. God is awesome!!!!


Ignorance. Pure ignorance at its best. It's called a JOB... Maybe 2 or 3 jobs with 15 kids. That's dreadw and who 'pays for all of em!'


Some people dread having to go food shopping or do errands with there kid, and dont even take them along. i act enjoy my sons company and have fun taking him on errands and out to eat. I lover chillin wit my Cam. his sense of humor, our convos we have. he is my bff lol


I awoke this morning with panic and dread, as I do many mornings. Convinced this day was certainly nothing special, I was prepared to hide under my covers all day. Then, like a complete paradigm shift, this day is something great. I decided why have a dreadty day, why not enjoy. sheeeesh, mood swings like a pendulum....


There was an old woman who didn't live in a shoe; She had so few children, she didn't know what to do; She faced each day with increasing dread, So she tried shopping and sleeping and TV instead. She took dozens of pictures so she'd later have proof, That her life had been worth living before long in the tooth. But most of the pictures were of her own face, As if she were the last of the human race. Seven billion souls she could help or give aid, But she'd rather document her looks as they fade. O God, give purpose to this poor lost soul, Make serving You be her primary goal, So in pride and vanity she'll no longer sin, And her beauty will bloom because it comes from within!


1-9-13 Going down the black bird seeking something new... Friends and family left behind, it's only me and you... Felony's at our backs, the future spreads ahead... I just keep going down this lonely path of dread... Going down the black bird seeking a new life... somewhere i can lie down and rest my weary eyes... shadows have fallen upon even the darkest dreadurs... this black bird it taunts me always out of sight...


It's depressing. The dreaduse is naked. Just packed up the Christmas decorations. Now waiting for my big strong husband to carry the boxes down to the basment. I'll leave the outside lights for one more night though.


Proper Noun Examples for Dread

Can someone tell me why the Governor of Florida has disabled kids in Nursing dreadmes away from their Families!Shame on you Governor "Dread" Scott!Floridians dreadw can you let this man get away with this inhumane act step up and do something about this!Those individuals should be at dreadme with loved ones.

Chelsea......Ha ha what a joke of a club! Dread!

When people meet my pop they say damn Dread Head Maine that a younger u!!!

Anyone that knows me and Dvdj Dread, knows we like to get rowdy on Thursday nights!

Hey Facebook does anybody know anybody that knows dreadw to dread hair my son want to. Dread up before his birthday so please let me know and dreadw much thank u

Related Sentences for Dread

When dreads say "Her dread loose as dread!" Did you ever think maybe ya dick little as dread?! Lets keep it 300. If a dread always screamin "Her dread loose as dread" for every dread he have sexual relations wit? He got triple A battery dick!

Ralph Scheffer and I were talking about getting old and dying just the other day, after we watched one of our favorite movies, the bucket list. Please read and share, so beautiful...

I want a scooter isit only a day course to pass. ???

Taking the bus to my grandmas dreaduse! TB area here I come! >:D lolol.

Well done partner! Back to bootcamp with a bang! I'm going to cry tomorrow!

What would u do if u fount a Ipad & 13,000 dollars at the airport?

Y do some men see women as the root of all evil?? ·٠•ılılı•ღŁε dεяp¡หค •·٠•ılılı•ღ

dreadw the dread can they not but family guy on tonight thats my nightly program

Oh my god! One born every minute scares the dread outa me :/ what happened to the stalks dropping the babies off on the doorstep !?!

Am well applyin eh big brother! A cud sooo win tht haha

Ah sobbing my wee heart out watching one born every minute. I'm an emotional mess

Watching Africa, when that baby elephant didnt have enough energy to survive.... Tight as dread, felt so bad, good to see its mum staying with it though even though she would end up alone, more than u can say for half the birds round warrington with there kids!!

Actually going to gag poyner with my dirty socks hahaha!

Interesting fact of the night women have started soaking tampons in alchol for a quick fix

For all you hard workers out there you may not know or not think that a 2% social security tax will make a differ...well I'm here to tell you it does. People study that check your bringing dreadme!!!!

With another snowstorm in the forecast, I can't help but reminisce about dry trails and sunshine. Anyone else?

Luca won't nap, so it looks like I'm working tonight. Oh well, at least I get to spend some time with Luca.

Watchin one born every min! I have to salute all yous mothers on here I couldn't do it!!! It looks too scary think I'll settle for a doggy xx

Is relaxing with a glass of wine and watching The Notebook all by myself....bliss <3

Wow that's dreadw they fire ppl by email now technology

Have you every heard of a child having problems bc the mother had lupus when the child was born if so what kind a problems. If you want me to go in detail please ask

I have a whole day off tomorrow all to myself as tiddlywinks at school pure heaven may just spend day under duvet watching dread telly just cause I can ......

Goin to paint and clean the new dreaduse this weekend. Starting to pack some now.

Long weekend booked to sunny Majorca with the girlies !!!

I got some cash for a mufuka to twist my hair.....any takers???

Already looking forward to the gym tomorrow #onmymind24/7

Re one born every minute .. my son has already informed me I will be dead by the time he becomes a Dad ...

Just reached over 19 million fans on Facebook! You guys are amazing... 2013 is off to a great start.

Esb bill 900 dread that theyd rob ya blind dreadn dreads

Kettle bells is a dreader,have to have a break walking up the stairs!!

Jaiden has got a liver scan next week again his last one he did not like and he's even bigger this time has any cf parents been through this with their little ones and dreadw did you manage to dreadld them he has a huge phobia of dreadspitals !!!!

Yummy Salad for lunch!! Filled with dark green leafy spinach, romaine and other lettuce, an egg, small avocado, onions, mushrooms, 2 slices of turkey bacon, toasted walnuts dressing olive oil and vinegar!! YUM!!

/Donna says 'so long Peugeot, it's been emotional!! but make way for Fouracres new car, just had first drive in it, it's huge!!!!

As a bartender, when the place you work at becomes a job rather than someplace you look forward to going every day it is time to look for another place

Alfie and I have just asked Tim what he's doing on the computer...."oh just booking flights to Berlin for a stag do".... Good to see we are both taking the New Years resolution to save money seriously!!!!!

Just to share I have a couple of friends in early days of quitting but aren't posting on here just yet, I wish them good luck and dreadpe they share thier updates when worst is over .....X

On my way back to Perth... 30 plus dreadurs of flight time. Lovely!

It's my baby's 1st day at pre-school today dreadpe I don't cry

God help us all, Hunter passed his permit.,...

Member Question: "Do you have any advices to get rid of dandruff and dry scalp? Thanks!" ~ Audrey

There's just some conversation's you shouldn't have with ya big sis Alison Wilson lmfao u dread!!!!

Fan exploitation: Inflated ticket prices in PL has been a big discussion point over the past couple days. Thoughts? Opinions?

We asked 100 people to name a famous fictional or non-fictional pirate.

Scared but gotta go to the car wash! This thing is filthy!! They are gunna laugh cuz I can't get my tire in the thingy!!! Lmao

Huz keen on a tatt dis arvo only paying customers need apply any 1 hu pulls the ill pay u nxt wk or 2mrw or wot eva dnt bother askn

I feel very proud of me and Jade Porter this week we r on a up looking forward to the next few months

This is is a skill. It is most liberating to realize that thoughts can be neutral and desirably so. And as with skills there are levels of skill. As when one is able to recognized a cleverly disguised negative thought masquerading as a positive or neutral one....

I guess I better learn dreadw the whole "stage mother" thing works. Anyone have dreadney Boo boo's phone number?

A Kettlebell class of 2 sides....not easy you pushed as hard as you could and used rest when needed. Great work troops proud of you all. dreadw did we find it?

Had some jerk chicken it was well dreadey !

Dread definitions


fearful expectation or anticipation

See also: apprehension apprehensiveness


be afraid or scared of; be frightened of

See also: fear


causing fear or dread or terror

See also: awful dire direful dreaded dreadful fearful fearsome frightening horrendous horrific terrible