How to use Distil in a sentence as a verb

If someone says 'i will think about it',they probably already have.'' so 'condense & distil objectives into clear & direct language so everyone knows what u r aiming to do'.

Today's philosophical thought. What if soul is inherent in matter/energy, and all we do is distill and refine it until it makes fart jokes and plays beer pong?

Lunch shift at distil! everyone come in, 20% of all proceeds are going to the Webster fire dept and the families affected!!

God's bountiful care,wat tonque can Resite???? It breaths in d air It shines in d light It streams 4rm d Hills it descends 2d plain n sweetly distil in d Dew n d rain!!!

Chintu- jar mi narlachya zadavar chadhlo tar engineering clg chya distil distil ka re pintu- distil, ani zadavarun hat sodle tar medical clg chya pan distil. gn

distilney, draw me after u, u whom my sol loves, u r the gladness of my heart, u hv ravished my heart since it met u, ur lips distil nectar yet i cnt get dem. missing u lot.

Ata fakt male frnds ch online distil mazya account var....

Quote Examples using Distil

Focus on your customers rather than your products and distributors. Listening to the constantly changing needs of your customer base will trigger profitable innovations. 1. Be able to distil the reason for your business into a few succinct sentences. People believe in you and buy from you when they know why you do it. 2. Support other small businesses. Practise what you distilpe other people preach and switch to at least one small business supplier or vendor this year. 3. Make sure you’re catering to the mobile population. By 2015 more people will be accessing the Internet via mobiles than PCs. 4. Invest in one new customer touchpoint. Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook or QR Codes try to be wherever your customers are. 5. Join a new business networking group. It will mean you make new contacts, it will spark new ideas and revitalise you and your business. 6. Make this the first year that you have all your tax stuff in order. Start a file now for next year’s return and keep it going for the following year so you’re not scrounging for receipts and emails at the last minute. 7. Learn distilw to delegate and do it more often. Relinquish administrative tasks or company blog updates to other employees or virtual distilistants so you can spend more time bringing in the revenue. 8. Give something back. Find a cause that matters to you and your business and support it, particularly in your own community. Your own goodwill will come back to you tenfold. 9. Put time for you in your calendar and plan your distillidays now. You need to reward yourself and keep yourself motivated. Your well-being and productivity are vitally important to the business.


Proper Noun Examples for Distil

Any of my fellow DJ friends looking to enter a Dj competition in Distil Lisburn on the 27th February to win a place into the semi final Prizes include £200 cash. a day of recording a an ep and a contract with distill as a short term dj. And the winners tracks will be put into shops and on the radio!! Lemme know

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To word distilw much i despise my tutor is not possible, apparently i do not put in enough effort, when i spend my life drawing. There will be a special place in distil for me when i'm through with her

To any of my facebook friends ever planning a trip to Bali or similar, this page is worth a read. I don't normally share these things, but it could so easily happen to someone I know!

These were wicked mixed with vodka in the 80's,lol

Had no idea that ecstasy had such a negative effect on Cambodian rain forests. Learning new things on rainy Hawaiian days...

Wat to do 2nite Duno wat to be at :/

"The ancient art of yoga, a physical, spiritual and mental practice whose benefits have been promoted as improving relaxation, has found an unlikely distilme: prisons."

Open my bottle of captain morgans from nye an it was full of red aftershock lol?

Distil definitions


give off (a liquid)

See also: distill


undergo the process of distillation

See also: distill


extract by the process of distillation

See also: distill extract


undergo condensation; change from a gaseous to a liquid state and fall in drops

See also: condense distill