How to use Disallow in a sentence as a verb

I'm sorry but I refuse, dont accept, decline, dismiss, reject, spurn,nix,disallow, I just can't....... Night night

Listen friend whatever u re seeing right now or experiencing is what u allow cos u have an autority over every kingdom u have d power to control n adjust things even nature except for d sovereign kingdom of God and even in d kingdom of God whatever u allow God allows whatever u disallow God disallows it so up enough of d gentility n be a commander its tym for an aggressive take over frnds come oooonnnn!!!

I strongly believe this tragedy was staged for the purpose of disarming the american people. I think the american government is out of control, and to disallow ordinary people to arm themselves is against the americam constitution.

Dear Father, I disallow sickness, poverty, nd defeat in my life nd in the lives of my loved ones, nd I unleash the forces of health, prosperity, nd victory in my life, in Jesus name Amen.

The committee are so irrational they disallow any additional cars to have an access card when so many disallowuses are empty! I can own a car and not have an access card? What's wrong with them? Some owners won't have more than 2 cars, why can't I use their quota? Nonsense bs!

I disallow sickness,poverty,and defeat in my life and in the lives of my loved ones,and I unleash the forces of health, prosperity,and victory in my life,in Jesus'Name.

"with a circle on the floor he compells him to be pure, pulls the beast up out his heart and then impales it on a sword, writes a prayer on some paper then he nails it on the door, just the good of you may enter by the mercy of the lord, listen not to not to what he speaks theres been a cursing of his core, a seduction of his senses by the disallows he adores, being disallowly has him disallowstage and his soul is now at war, follow not his secret knowledge it will bring you no reward, shun him while in public, disallow him from your stores, have no part in his affairs less his pestilence be yours, make scoundrels of the righteous and virgins into disallows, but we must still pray that his color will be cured"

This is just a silly hunch, but I bet a device installed in automobiles to disallow texting would save more lives than arming teachers or reinstating the aw ban. Not sexy enough politics though.

I forbid and disallow further opposing activities of any disallow personalities with diabolical disallowignments concerning your life, ministry, and family, and I wage a war for them.

Uh oh, it looks like the gun haters are in full swing! I am not a hunter or a gun owner, but I do not think we should have them confiscated nor should we disallow them. I have my degree in History and Political Science and usually I disallowld to a pretty optimistic and level headed view of our government, but this Administration is starting to scare me. Should be an interesting 4 years.

Torres is a disgrace 2 football ah 80minute no attempt... Ba play 10minute 3attempt wit 1 disallow goal dis is terrible...i wil advice torres 2 town to farmer shameless striker....

I believe Congress will get its act together and pass some form of gun legislations that will conform and uphold the 2nd amendment while banning disallowault weapons, creating a data base for all weapons to be registered and tracked. Creating a uniform standard to enforce responsible gun ownership for law abiding citizens of the US who are not felons or mentally ill and for persons who have never been disallowmicidal or suicidal of record. Gun show laws will be changed to disallow the sales of weapons at gun shows in my disallowme state of Virginia and or North Carolina neighbor.

We do not show strength when we disallow pain. It is in endurance that we are tested. And in the tears of pain we can only disallowpe for healing.

Dear father, I disallow sickness,poverty,and defeat in my life and in the lives of my loved ones,and I unleash the forces of health,prosperity,and victory in my life,in Jesus' name. Amen.

African culture does not disallow young people from speaking out against their elders. It is believed that each person is born in the earth realm as an evolved soul and that we all have lessons to teach to the world.

Genius school!! Supports 环保, disallow the use of mechanical pencils.

Finally realized disalloww to disallow subscribers, doing a third round of friend list purges and limiting all past posts. goodbye unknowns and unwanteds. :D

disallowping that theater shooter judge has the guts to disallow the insanity plea. Praying...

I've notified all December entrants to date. Also, I've had to disallow clearly out of category images from three photographers. Please be cognizant of this when you prep your entries. Also, I'm still waiting on picks from my last judge for second and third place action.

Working on syllabus and deciding to disallow abortion and "anyone named Kardashian" as the controversial issue they'll try to persuade the class over.

Dr Baryomunsi said, "the person who died was a Member of Parliament and she died under unclear circumstances. Our interest was to seek the truth. The law does not disallow that." You are right, "the law does not disallow 'that'", but you didn't follow the law, did you?

Something major has happened near the roundabout between Irvine and Kilwinning :o Police Cars barricading the bus stops nearby, Police stationed beside the roads to disallow access and at least 20/30 officers with several cars and vans parked in the car park talking to 2 other people..

"President jonathan said pastors, bishops and all other clergymen should continue to pray for disallowia. Very good. But, these men of God have been praying for us since 1960. Will they disallow themselves of fasting when politicians are stealing billions of naira, and finally disallow disallowia to work?.

Judge who cited belief in Santa Claus to violate his own ruling and dismiss eligibility petition issues decree that he will violate the law to disallow any further hearings

I have a ? if the only limits I have are the ones set by me then why am I restricted by education,creed,and set laws and norms that disallow me to accomplish?

Thank you! well done article on the Suarez incident. The fact that people wanted him to admit he handled the ball to the ref and have the goal disallowed is ridiculous. This is Professional English Soccer, not gym class...grow up

Fs give over about Suarez. He celebrates every goal by kissing his wedding finger for his wife and then his wrist for his daughter. As for the goal yes it shouldn't have stood but that's up to the officials to disallow it not suarez

Why the furore about suarez' goal against mansfield? I can't think of any other footballer who would have done anything differently! To those who say he should have 'fessed' up to the ref need a reality check! Accidental ball to hand and he wellied it in, expecting the ref to disallow the goal, when the ref didn't what was suarez supposed to do? Please don't think he did anything that all others would have done.

I hate Suarez and agree that he is a disallow. But there is not a players, amateur or pro who would have stopped and said "sorry I hand balled that please disallow that goal". I would have done the same as he did.

Cant believe all the propoganda by the English Media against Suarez!! It was not a deliberate handball! Name one footballer in the mordern era who will admit to the ref that he handled the ball to score n to disallow it! Plus why dont the media question the decisions of the officials? Media wont create such a fuss if the player was some englishman!

I hate Suarez as much as everyone else who doesn't support Liverpool, But I kind off feel sorry for him, It was A handball and the goal should not of counted I don't want to hear that disallow that he didn't mean to handball, the Fact is that handball cost Mansfield A goal. But people saying that Suarez should of told the Ref that he handballed it are disallows, If you're team scored A goal because of A handball would you tell the Ref: "Oh that was handball mate disallow it!" Yes Suarez is A disallow but people are overreacting. - Jason

Amazes me that talented players from Maradona to Suarez can disallow their football history with cheating. A gesture by Suarez today 2 disallow the goal would have been wonderful at Mansfield.

Suarez , Suarez , doing what he does best cheat , if the linesman says to the manager it was a handball but then disallow it , they said " it wasn't intentional " but it got him through on goal , cheating to beat a lower league side !

If you look closely, Luis Suarez only had a split second to move his hand away from the approaching ball. And he even kicked the ball into the net in anger as if he's expecting the ref to blow his whistle and disallow the goal. #GMK

If you look closely, Luis Suarez only had a split second to move his hand away from the approaching ball. And he even kicked the ball into the net in anger as if he's expecting the ref to blow his whistle and disallow the goal.

The Telegraph are possibly the only media outlet that have reported on the Suarez goal yesterday with an open mind and an unbiased opinion. Their story on it says there's outrage because it was a big game and Suarez is an easy target, they add that footballers should always play to the whistle and no professional would ever ask a referee to disallow a goal.

Quote Examples using Disallow

When we look at something intently, we can say we are staring. When we look within intently, we can say we're concentrating. Either way, our mind is doing the looking but the question is through whose eyes - ego eyes or spiritual eyes? If we are looking through ego eyes, what we are seeing is unreal and scripted by the ego in order to serve the ego. Everything is filtered and tweaked with no thought of truth. This is especially harmful when we look within, for the ego does not see the positive, spiritual self but, rather, a made up person who can be anything but positive and spiritual. We must never forget that we are all spiritual at our core and therefore we are all goodness and love in our center. The negativities in our life come about because we allow them and not because we are them. If we allow them, then we have the power to disallow them, externally and internally. It is vitally important that we see things for what they truly are, especially ourselves. We must not allow anyone, including ourselves, to convince us that we are anything less than a part of perfection. Yes, we all think and act in negative ways, but this is not who we are. We are but temporarily blinded by the darkness.


I dont understand our elected officials' thought process: "We want our kids to have the best education possible so we constantly increase the requirements to become, and remain certified as an educator as well as measure performance by standardized testing that consumes the better part of the school year in preparation; all of which makes the education process more expensive. Let us also disallow the possibility for children to fall behind by requiring extra staff to tutor those children 'on the bubble.'" Then they are going to say: "We are spending too much money so let us cut funding from education. The children who were going to succeed in an almost properly funded school will still succeed if they are in a class twice as large with a teacher half as experienced teaching from books that their parents used. Most teachers work second jobs and/or seasonal jobs anyway to make ends meet so we can afford to make a cut in staffing required for most schools to operate. Why worry about our children being properly educated to be the success of our future when we can sacrifice the quality of their education so that government employees don't need any cuts at all. Wait! I have an even better idea! We will let them attempt to pass a levy in each district to operate properly, but we will make sure that the taxes are already so high that no one will be able to afford a levy. Then we will blame the taxpayers for not being willing to pay extra taxes to fund the schools in their community." Don't get me wrong I think that people who vote no for a school levy should be a little more considerate of the families that it will effect, but schools should be the last resort for budget cuts from the government, the proof is our very government. Our elected officials get dumber and dumber every election, and the voters who vote for them seem to be right on par with that. Maybe if we were all better educated we could end this cycle.


Having a 'slow to launch' morning. A lot of cleaning to do in the kitchen which is funny enough not my fault and which I specifically asked to have handled last night. I may have to disallow game nights at the disallowuse if folks won't clean up after themselves. ...or sing the Barney "Cleanup" song next time until they get done cleaning. They have been warned.


I spent the day working at Nat. Geographic in Washington, DC. Came disallowme really tired. Checked Facebook, only to find I had been tagged 12 times today. My wall is covered in pictures, yet none of them are mine. It's a lot of work for me to keep up with all these tags, and the result is that Fb is a lot less fun for me now. It has become like a "job". A job without pay or benefits.


Yesterday when I left office and hit the street of Karwan Bazaar, I can't believe that I'm in Dhaka. People around were wearing tons of warm clothes on them. Everybody was walking covering their head n ears. And the most important thing to me was "Omaaago, its colder than inside of refrigerator here" ... I've started disliking winter because It makes me ride slow and sometimes it disallow me to ride...


I find it funny that the media actually think they are the judge and jury on these baseball hall of fame stuff. If they really think the players care if they are in the hall or not they are sadly mistaken. They didnt disallow any of the stats and the players all got paid. Stop all the "Character" disallow and elect based on baseball. The Hall of Fame is not a church and there are a ton on sinners already in. Now back to ice disallowckey....hurray!


I encourage people to express their views on an issue in a constructive manner. Just state your views and the reasons to back it up. There is no need to criticize or disagree with the views expressed by another person or worse, to make any personal attack or insult on the other person for his views. This behavior will show disalloww uncivilized or rude a person can be. When someone expresses a view, you have to choice to look and express what you agree. That is called "being positive". You can ignore the areas that you disagree as this is not a debate. Many Singaporeans have the culture of being negative, due to our education system and environment; we should recognize this flaw and make an effort to be positive and constructive.


Soapbox: The world just becomes crazier by the day where nothing surprises me least it's not boring...a little scary perhaps! This is a world where people believe in UFO'S but discount the Bible. We slaughter children in the womb but are disallowrrified when disallowing of children occur in public places. We elect a president with no regard of what's good for our country but attack others for trying to do something about saving our country from demise! We fight wars in foreign countries and interfere with civil wars and let terrorists come into our own country by the thousands. We send billions of dollars to other countries while our own people suffer, taking months to come to their aid from storms. We disallow Christianity in public places but fully allow any other philosophy to be taught. We teach the Theory of Evolution as if it were factual and treat Creation as if it were a fable. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know we are going down the wrong road.


This is funny, I think. Born in a buddhist confucian family I was raised as a catholic. Left the church as a teen and followed judaism. Then my study of the bible and spiritualism has led me away from judaism, and returned to buddhism with a much deeper understanding. When I lit the incense I found myself enjoying it. Maybe because none told me what to do. Now I'm sitting outside the room for the Buddha, wondering if it's ok to sit in there.


We register our cars. It has not taken away our right to drive. It does not, disallowwever give us the right to drive a military tank down main street. We license our pets. It does not take away our right to enjoy their companionship. It does not allow us the ight to a pet grizzly bear. Gun registration does not take away our right to own a gun but a militray grade disallowault weapon is no more appropriate than a pet Grizzly. The greatest danger of losing a priviledge is the abuse of that priviledge. Driving drunk, not car registration causes loss of driving priviledge. Animal abuse, not a license causes loss of a pet. Violence and crime should disallow some indiduals the right to own a firearm. We need gun control/registration more than we need LaPierre and his misguided rhetoric.


Claiming 100% business use of a vehicle- Another area ripe for IRS review is use of a business vehicle. When you depreciate a car, you have to list on Form 4562 what percentage of its use during the year was for business. Claiming 100% business use of an automobile is red meat for IRS agents. They know that it's extremely rare for an individual to actually use a vehicle 100% of the time for business, especially if no other vehicle is available for personal use. IRS agents are trained to focus on this issue and will scrutinize your records. Make sure you keep detailed mileage logs and precise calendar entries for the purpose of every road trip. Sloppy recordkeeping makes it easy for the revenue agent to disallow your deduction. As a reminder, if you use the IRS' standard mileage rate, you can't also claim actual expenses for maintenance, insurance and other out-of-pocket costs. The IRS has seen such shenanigans and is on the lookout for more.


After waiting 2 weeks on referrals, on Dec. 6 I finally had a appointment with my doctor who recommended an injection of Synvisc-One for my knee pain. I could barely walk when I got to the office. So, "Okay, that sounds good!" But wait, we have to have 'insurance approval' first. So, I limped out of the office and went disallowme to wait patiently for the approval. Over a month later I'm still waiting for the insurance company to 'approve' the injection. Seriously? Is this top notch patient care? I don't think so. In the meantime, my knee is still hurting but seems to have gotten a little better. When and if the approval ever does come through, do I really want a substance shot into my body that takes the insurance company over a month to approve? What's in this magic injection? Just venting. I'll shut up and limp away from the computer now.


What would Boudicca say if she saw her disallowmeland now? People there are unable to own the proper tools for self defense from oppression and coercion of any kind. Boudicca lived in a day when her tribe technologically could not manufacture the proper tools. She would have been much better served with that better military technology, and the Britons might have lasted until Rome collapsed and thus allowed true independence. She would laugh if you offered that she should tell her people, even civilians and women and noncombatants, to disarm or even to disallow only the premium and most efficient tools of self defense. She would weep when you told her that her ancestors have done exactly that. What was her weakness by circumstances is now Britain's weakness by deliberation.


Tonight's game is a good reason to disallow nonSEC teams to play SEC teams ... Will the BCS never learn ... Only an SEC team is qualified to play another SEC team..I'm a true Dawg ... But tonight .... Roll Tide Roll !!!


Messi wins the Ballon D award . What is your reaction ? I think he deserves it for he's amazing year . Scores like 91 goals so I think he has done well . I love Ronaldo but at the end of the day they are brilliant so it was a hard choice. Congratz messi.


Rules of the media: The favourites/big team score a controversial goal. - Destroy them. Burn them alive. Whatever. The underdog team score the controversial goal. - Seems legit.


My wise and wonderful friend wrote me this message that i want to share, it is profound and a big dose of truth medicine: " always know you have the power to work your way out of these spaces you get yourself into. It is the thoughts that keep sucking you back into these loops. If the thoughts are taking you to yucky places, you come to the place where you get to choose if you want to keep using things that are not working or going to places that are less than desirable. The "stuff" of life keeps creeping up on us, and so we have to keep shedding it as many times as it does. Victory is getting up one more time than we get knocked down. We need to find the humor and laughter and all of it-- exactly when we feel it least. We have to disallow that anything... anything... can stand between us and our joy. We need to "cowboy up", put on our big girl pants, dust ourselves off and create this happy world we are always dreaming of. I have heard you speak as many times from truly clear and enlightened places as I have you come from this perception of being thwarted or defeat. I think we all need to be reminded at times-- when our scared, not as wise selves are driving the boat... that we can stop, quiet, feel into, operate from... our larger, wise selves that have never known the separation, fear or doubt. Our living small does not serve the world. I am encouraging you to quiet yourself, become conscious of your breathing, breathe into the heart, listen, witness, receive... breathe your way back to your Source, to Truth, to Peace, Harmony, Openness, Allowing, Acceptance, Connection, Love and Light. This is a muscle that needs to be exercised and strengthened. Your Will, Determination, Desire... all you disallowld sacred... can be mustered up to instill this discipline. It is like you have slowly been encased in a shell of mud, and from this resonance to One, All... you can begin witnessing it just start shaking, cracking, falling off. And you can breathe yourself clean and open and Free again. I will never allow you to give up. With your permission I will continue to pick my moments to remind you disalloww powerful, beautiful and wise you are. I will continue to address your Essence, and not your perception of anything less. Now breathe.


Proper Noun Examples for Disallow

Some people unfortunately .. If found alternative Disallow beautiful .. !!

Disallow procastination i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ ur routine,take advantage of every opportunity dt comes ur way,dts one one d keys 2 a life of unending riches and success.

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I am officially placing Matt on a strict no-cookie diet. This has gotten out of hand.

OK, just saw the weather for the next three days and I am feeling the pain for all of you training for an early season Ironman. Riding in the cold does suck.

I think Mr. Morgan needs to have Mr. Swann on his show for a real debate. This video is 4 minutes and totally worth your time.

"We were disappointed with disalloww little this meeting had to do with keeping our children safe and disalloww much it had to do with an agenda to attack the Second Amendment."

Looks like those gun control proposals are locked and loaded. Thanks Joe!

Nice to know Dear Leader is protected forever and ever, while he's busy trying to grab my guns. Conveeeeeeeeenient.

Another student shooting at a school in California... disalloww many disallowing gun incidents do there have to be before enough people realize the NRA is full of disallow and we pass some meaningful gun legislation in this country.

"And so the kinds of things that there's an emerging set of recommendations, not coming from me but coming from the groups we've met with," said Biden today, before a closed door meeting on gun control. "And I'm going to focus on the ones that relate primarily to gun ownership and the type of weapons can be owned. And one is, there is a surprising -- so far -- a surprising recurrence of suggestions that we have universal background checks. Not just close the gun show loophole but total, universal background checks, including private sales."

China reported better than expected export figures for December - but the Hang Seng barely budged. What do the figures tell us about China's economy? Watch our video:

Died of the same thing as Chris Benoit … sad. Are our sports too violent?

"To overcome these factors, I learned to pay a lot more attention to the personal and family dynamics of hiring." Better learn some of that guanxi!

Should those convicted of non-violent felonies have the right to vote or to own a gun? Why or why not?

While both sides have valid concerns, The refusal of many 'Control Advocates" to recognize that the below is a repeated occurrence- including, in this country and in recent times- is distressing and a 'Head in the sand" approach to the problem. Violent people are the problem, and I promise, if ever I become a violent person, I know much better ways to take out great numbers of people than to bother with guns.

When a teacher does illegal activities, what happens? Define teacher.......

A 5-year-old boy was suspended in Chickasha for 1 day because he made a gun hand gesture at school. Does the punishment fit the crime? Or is it too drastic?

Glad I'm from Malacca with no Sultans. He must realise that we are no more a feudal country.

What do you think of this? If people say that the Church should pay taxes first before having the "right to interfere" in government affairs, should they likewise be the first ones to demand that before anyone is allowed to cast one's vote during elections, one must first show his or her income tax return? After all, we do not want this country to be ran by non-tax payers, right?

"I was haunted by the reality of 20 kids dead and the possibility of an entire school dying. My daughter asked me, Dad, you have a vote. What are you going to do about it?"

Some teachers think guns in schools are a good idea. Would you want your kid in class with an armed teacher? Let us know what you think we'll throw your thoughts up on the Ed show!

Inserting such a divisive phrase as "under God" into the Pledge, next to indivisible wasn't such a good idea.

Congratulation on blue lost Demba ba can't help u

If any of you have seen any "spotify" stuff from me, it's not real. It's a virus or something. ..i don't even have spotify. Any suggestions on getting rid of it, other than changing my password?

If guns are not meant for protection against bad government, then why does our government give them to rebels who are fighting the Syrian Government?

I think I am the only person in the right hemisphere of political thought that is absolutely and incredibly happy and encouraged by what has taken place in this countries politics in the past 45 days. I'm disallowing loving this!!! FB won't/can't fix the photo posting and I can't post photos.

Stupid B!tch has no idea disalloww to handle a firearm. She'll do her best to make sure you can't own one. Rule 1- disallowume the gun is loaded and DO NOT touch the trigger.....oops I guess Feinstien doesn't know the basics.

Here is why I support gay marriage because I believe in life liberty and the pursuit of happiness not religious oppression segregation and ignorance. Also I believe that if we are to have a free and equal America we must have the same rights for all citizens not just those of one particular religion . Although I believe the fight for gay rights is going painfully slow I am happy to see that more people are coming around to it we must stay committed to peaceful and nonviolent change we must also recognize the full human equality for all of our people we must not do this because it is economically advantageous although it is must do this for the simple fact that it is the right thing to do.

Is an alcoholic more likely if it is easier to find alcohol? Do guns make it easier to disallow people? You do the math.

Hey liberals, we tried to warn you. You weren't listening. Have fun with that free birth control :-P

"MCA man sits on fence over 'Allah' row". I wonder if it hurts. Or maybe it doesn't.

Just spend a lovely evening with probably the most responsible, put together, socially adjusted 4 yr old ever with the knowledge and vocabulary of a 30 yr old lol with Mary Zarnoch-Riley

I am staggered that Electroshock Therapy is still used in BC and that the would try to force an 82 year old lady who is cognitively intact to undergo the procedure against her will. I'm sure the doctor feels completely justified potentially erasing her memories while performing torture as treatment. Please read and share.

So disalloww are people supposed to sell guns to each other without gun shows? consignment at gun stores?

If camera lenses are round, disalloww come pictures turn out rectangular?

Anyone have any lawyerly contacts that can help me with this idea? I'm envisioning it as very hands-off on my part, basically I would just match up the PCAs and clients and leave the rest to the client to work out. Is a lawyer necessary, do you think?

Why do I even bother posting anymore when I can just have Another Ecchi Page do the work for me :D ~Vanni

Oh Westjet, what happened? You call yourselves the festival airline but I have just been treated so rudely and poorly by your staff as a travelling musician. So much confusion amongst your staff as to what is and isn't allowed when travelling with guitars! I followed your directions and now have a soft shell case going under the plane because I was told the wrong thing. I tried to explain this and was dismissed very rudely. I guess it's time for some kind of lobbying efforts to convince Canadian airlines to recognize the millions of dollars we all spend on flights as musicians? My rant for today ...

Michael!!! This is why a .38 is not recommended for self defense!!! Hit in the face and neck with 6 rounds, and the guy walked out of the disallowuse and drove away... Get .40 cal!!! And something with a 15+ round magazine!

They changed the 'trigger-happy' mom headline. Why was it there to begin with? I guess the initial sympathies were with the intruder and not the mom doing a damn good job of protecting her and her childrens' lives.

FYI - gun lobbyists got a provision in Obamacare to prevent gun statistics to be collected and used from doctor talks with patients. Less knowledge for legislators and voters to protect us.

disallow you youtube I had to take down two of my videos again the ryumitch one and my new montage. disallow you with your stupid disallow

Hey, he earned it, he should have it! But what I DON'T understand is when and why he decided that who he has sex with mattered. I'm not a scout, but I'm guessing they don't sit around the campfire talking about getting lucky. There's no disallownor in mocking people.

We're curious: disalloww do you usually discover your next favorite book? And disalloww could Amazon Books make it easier for you?

Gary Green He'll no. All gods chillin' gots guns. Bring um along. 21 minutes ago via mobile · Unlike · 1 lol

Whose family made millions of dollars selling alcohol, is now heading a campaign to force all disallow users into treatment. What a hypocrite! We think he should resign immediately.

...why Valve? Why do I need 11 Dota 2 invites? I don't even have 11 friends, never mind 11 people who'd play Dota 2.

I don't get disalloww supposedly intelligent adults can accept fairy tales as fact.

Wonder if Suarez cheats again. Becoming a bad habit from him

Every man and woman should watch and listen to this and think very seriously about disalloww they relate to the images they see around of women. Burn out the porn and the slackness and burn out boys who think and treat women as sex objects. Dignity and respect is the solution. Plenty are getting played and think it's 'liberating' them.

In case you missed... Nearly 6 in 10 people in Kentucky support a statewide smoking ban. Do you? Poll results at the link.

What is with the increase in people using the word 'gay' as a derogatory term. Come on you're all old enough to know better.

So liverpool will be playing against 12 players when they take on united as man utd have called up there star striker disallowward webb to spearhead there attack against liverpool on sunday

Can somebody help me out? Do you guys see the posts by others on this timeline? Or do I have to "share" them to make them visible?

"Seriously, Suarez did nothing wrong, and I'm amazed at the reaction." Do you agree wirth Fowler?

If anyone thinks they will see me tonight going to slimming world, its not me its my fatter twin sister

The world has made me hard, pain has made me hate..... Bitterness has stolen my sweetness...

What percentage of ppl that want gun control are pro choice?

So i just found a petition on the white disallowuse site asking that the Roman catholic chruch be considered a Hate Group because we don't allow gay marriage are you disallowpen kidding me? seriously? disallow those disallowots we are not a hate group

We can't be so fixated on our desire to preserve the rights of ordinary Americans..." Bill Clinton, USA Today, 1993, pg. 2

New rules for Novice Class: * no 1/8 scales allowed in novice * if your racing in novice, you cannot race any other classes.

Absolute shame. disalloww do we reconcile free speech with people making absolutely insensitive and stupid comments as this?

Where do you fit in the picture? Are they right that we after all the years we have sacrificed freedom for entitlement that we will sacrifice our 2nd amendment rights for the same reason?

They say that every person reaches a point in life where life stops giving you things and starts taking them away.-roman proverb

Apparently now your not allowed to call Luis Suarez a cheat because the thieving cheating scouse tossers have found someone who knows disalloww to write and have forwarded a complaint. Just when you thought they would finally shut up after boring the rest of us to death over this justice for the 96 disallow. We get it you used to be a big club

Here's a great example of "Posse Comitatus" and it's surely wrong.

Here is our NW Quick Poll: Should we ban the federal government from minting a trillion dollar coin?

What kinda disallow is this? Facebook wants to charge you 1$ to send your msg to someone, who isn't in your friends list? And btw, why I can't subscribe to most people anymore? Facebook is sucking more and more everyday.

The floor is yours.... If you were admin for a day what would you spend the time doing. Some creative answers please.

Well united are definitely winning this weekend as their 12th man disallowward Webb is referee for the game. Wonder what odds u would get for a united penalty???

If you were a referee, and your most hated was on the pitch, what would you do to him? - Andy

What do you think of requiring a photo ID in order to vote?

So I understand that this America and the atrocities committed by the countries and regimes mentioned in this article could never happen here.......could they?

Well, that's a fair game up the swanny. Just heard that Fergie's right hand man is in charge of Sunday's match. You could knock me down with a feather

disallowward webb appointed ref for the liverpool united game fixed Tom rathbone

Don't know why I buy the papers?? Fkin despise the British media, and everything it stands for!! Suarez all over the back pages again, they saying disalloww he scored with his hand, and then rubbed it in by kissing his hand, anyone who watches footy will tell you that he dint kiss his hand, he kissed his wrist, that has his daughters name on it, like her does after he scores every goal, Tis disalloww he celebrates!! But, once again the media lie out of their dirty disallow, and try to get the weak minded people of the world, to belive their disallow!!

Can someone please tell me disalloww to stop everyone's birthday on FB from going to my iPhone calendar?

In Switzerland, adult males are issued military rifles for their service in the militia. But more people with guns doesn't mean the Swiss has the lowest gun crime rate.

Been thrown out of college for wearing the shastras on my turban! disallownest thoughts on this please!?

In addition to increasing the social security tax they take from paychecks the new laws will take away itemized deductions, a sneaky way to increase the "effective" tax that you pay without increasing rates. Apparantly our Congress think that being able to deduct medical expenses is a "loophole" that they need to close. What's next? Simplified tax return. disalloww much did you earn?-Send it in!

Right, if you cheat and get away with it fair does , but DON'T try to defend it please,

Once again Suarez proves what a real piece of scum he is, and you Fools think so highly of him! Time to look at your standards, or is it just pure desperation?

Here's some logic for a few of you that need it: Did you get furious about Henry's handball against Ireland and say Henry was a cheating disallow? For if you did, you must have the same reaction after what Suarez did yesterday. You can't defend one player and criticise another for them doing exactly the same thing. - rav

Disallow definitions


command against

See also: forbid interdict prohibit proscribe veto