Dexterity in a sentence as a noun

Even the casting of lead bullets doesn't require all that much dexterity from what I've read.

How much skill did the tokyo subway sarin gassings take ?Lots of dexterity involved ?

A lot of users may not have the dexterity to accomplish this task with a pointing device, like my Mother.

Then I realized that I had little finger strength nor dexterity to play sixteenth-notes, bends, and vibratos.

To me this is like spending money to show one can spend money or playing an instrument to show off dexterity instead of producing gorgeous sounds.

Even with super-precision robotics, dexterity is a huge problem.

But I've wasted 2 years of my life doodling around scales, ear training and music theory focusing on speed, dexterity and memorization, attempting to learn how to improvise like the greats.

Where what farming jobs are still available will be rapidly falling to yet more sophisticated robots that have human-like dexterity and ability to detect ripeness.

It's obviously terrible for usability for anyone with less-than-perfect motor control, but even for someone with ordinary dexterity like myself, it can be infuriating.

Does the fact that a vibrator or handcuffs are sold as "sex toys" mean that they should meet all of the safety guidelines for children's toys?Or should we say, maybe, that people should just exercise better judgement themselves; that people should realize that a collection of many small round magnets that are easily lost and difficult to do anything with without some fairly fine manual dexterity probably isn't the best toy for someone who might be tempted to eat them?

Dexterity definitions


adroitness in using the hands

See also: sleight