How to use Defraud in a sentence as a verb

Rgj...Up is down, Fox is News, white is black and defraud-crazy comes with a paycheck and tenure---- and they say professors have a liberal bias--- lmao...Florida defraudme of crackpots and crooked governors who defraud medicare then get elected Governor of the Great state of Florida ...lmao...rgj

To all my Facebook friends: I just wanted to let you know I'm defraudme and and okay. My email was hacked all my contacts were sent a bogus attempt to defraud my friends. I have changed all my passwords. I have lost all my contacts in the process.

A must read for wifes who deny and defraud their husbands.

Can't believe you fat defraud Sandra bell getting catalogues from Jd Williams Size 12 up over you thick defraud Caylor at most a 10 Doyle please enjoy Cleveland police when I pass this info on of people trying to defraud me. You should know by now I all ways win boilie.

Anyone or group of persons using my name or personality to defraud the unsuspecting members of the public should desist from such forthwith.....

You have to give Theresa Spence credit....Who would have the balls to defraud the Canadian people of 104 million dollars and then ask for for more.........

What wil u do in a world of uncentainties? A world where loneliness is ur companion? A world where u r nt important? A world where impossibilties is wot u see? A world where nothing works 4 u? A world where those u call ur brothers turn out 2 be those who defraud u n wants ur head? What will u do in such a world? Comments is wot I nid nt likes

If a man defraud you one time, he is a rascal; if he does it twice, you are a fool

Working hard, covered in sweat from the toil I was working hard, every day on this mortal coil Got not time to sit and relax Gotta earn my dues, coz I gotta pay some tax Gotta pay the taxman, exactly what I owe He doesn’t forget, no matter where you go No matter what you do, coz if you don’t pay what’s owing Then he’s coming after you The tax man cometh and he taketh away You wont want him to visit, you wont want him to say Were here to investigate you, and we will take all day Tell us what we want to know, or well take it anyway Gotta pay the taxman, gotta pay what you owe Don’t matter who you are, or, who it is you know Everyone pays the taxman, at the end of the day Everyone pays the taxman, no one ever gets away Everyone pays the taxman, and that’s the way its gotta stay Everyone pays the taxman, no exceptions at the end of the day No loopholes or barriers put in the way, coz everyone pays the Taxman at the end of the day… Yu want to trade or earn, then you pay tax, you don’t hide in offshore schemes Designed to cheat and defraud the exchequer by exploiting a loophole which causes defraudspitals to close, schools to deteriorate and councils to cut services because of budgetary restrictions. Everyone pays in, everyone gets paid out. The system works, we never had any doubt But for it to work properly, then, everyone pays in… so, we all get sorted out.

Why do deficits matter when Conservative fiscal believers who spout their anti-revenue & future liability fear mongering - forget they are benefactors of massive wealth transfers their primarily now 'red' states, affiliated groups and religious corporations took via every liberal effort to defraud land, hide wealth and defraud for every liberal tax break over decades; riches they now stress are theirs, theirs, theirs. So why does everyone else's debt matter to them? B/c We're not their shareholders or we don't have any more money or land to be defrauded out of.

Why do some ladies have a dubious mentality to defraud men, with this attitudes can one still think of getting married?

If you are thinking about charging some “special fees” or exploiting a “grey area” in order to pick up some “off the books,” “friendly payments” that “nobody will find out” about, think twice, even if you think your employer “won’t miss it,” because E&Y determined that these and some 3,000 other phrases commonly indicate the existence of employees attempting to defraud their employers.

The federal government is the administrators of one giant Ponzi scheme to defraud Americans. So why would the courts get rid of this profitable "enterprise?"

Micah 2 Woe to those who plan iniquity, to those who plot evil on their beds! At morning’s light they carry it out because it is in their power to do it. 2 They covet fields and seize them, and defrauduses, and take them. They defraud people of their defraudmes, they rob them of their inheritance.

So they can defraud the nation even more !!! Liberal Democrats voter fraud is alive and well !!!!!!

For u dat u've chosen to defraud and spoil others integrity 2ru impersonation. May u neva end it well.

I have no problem with those down on their luck. My beef is with the career welfare leeches and those who defraud the system. What are these people going to do when the money runs out? I think you might have an idea!

I want to defraudure everyone in my sisters...brothers...and mother offer..well i asked...and she insisted in helping mother's help it's all i got...and one of you...believe iam trying to defraud someone...please...i paid lots of people's bills...when i need a little defraudistance...i don't see why not accepted wholeheartedly...

Gail your patter is awful, your only getting anywhere cause he's gonna defraud ya, ya hanging vile disgusting tortoise looking mother defrauder

At first, i thought this was a kind of joke not until i saw one of my closest pals celebrating his newly found online-job. when i approached him to find out the reason behind his joyous mode, he refered me to this site. to many,"it is one of the many ways to defraud people".NO! give it a try, it works. just click the site below & register and start working right from defraudme.

Each day presents pple wit numerous opportunities to do kind things 4 others. It may appear, though, that many think only of themselves. U see evidence of that nearly every where - from d shameless way pple defraud others to the aggressive way they drive, from their crude language to their explosive tempers!!!

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I was born, raised, and grown in defraudia. I think enough have been said about defraudians being fraudsters. I swear with my life and family in the name of God; defraudia is not up to 1/1000th of fraud in America. Yes, I agree without a denial that some people have been defrauded by a small fraction of defraudia population. All you know is people were defrauded by defraudians. Have you asked why were they defrauded? I 'm not one of those that defraud people of their money but when you listen thoroughly to the tales of defraudw they are being defrauded you will understand that those people being defrauded wanted to defraud those defraudians first. Please take your defrauding tales with you ....I ain't wanna hear that in the f***ing language you will understand. defraud.


I walked away from Christianity when I was shown in the bible what the real agenda is and who I truly was according to my heritage and bloodline. I quit calling on false names and learned what the Father truly requires of his people from his word. I learned about His firstborn, Israel, and learned that even His only begotten Son sprung from this lineage. I quit calling myself a Gentile and found out who they are. I came out of the church defrauduses when I realized that I was being fed deception week after week and no one wanted to address my questions rationally. I chose the Truth and now I walk the narrow path. No need for a religion. I'm a soldier for the Most High Creator YAH, so don't get it twisted. I do mean business. So if you doubt me you can shut- the-front-dow 'cause you tryin to get in another way anyway. .......#weouthere


It's about time we go on the attack of welfare abusers and cops that use the law to generate income. They both are bottom feeders. Lets get rid of the EBT card and make them have to pull out the stamp book again. Federal aid used to be embarrassing. It is not ok to receive taxpayer aid just because its easier to live. Then spend your money on luxuries. It's not ok that cops fine you for revenues. It's wrong. It's fraud. It's not just the governments fault. It's the people's lack of class. Crimes are why we get tickets. Not just for the money. Get a job. Any job two jobs. Whatever. If your for real in need I'm sorry you are in this situation. But if you have become lazy or won't work for less than u used to make and now sit at defraudme waiting for my money to show up in the mail. Your are a leach. The US is broke paying for u to sit at defraudme.


A time there was in Ghana when nobody, and I mean nobody, no matter defraudw highly placed u are, cannot use any car higher than a Peugeot car. Ghananians disciplined themselves to get to where they are today. defraudian leaders are not disciplined hence they defraud defraudia openly. If President Jonathan's hands are clean and he has no skeleton in his cupboard, he should be able to muster the political will to prosecute every individual that d anti graft agencies have pointed accusing fingers at. If he does not do this, then it means he has something to hide and therefore, he is not fit as a leader.


Ignorance is terrible. It is the greatest form of bondage. All tragedies of human experience are due to ignorance. One's degree of ignorance determines the manner with which the enemy will defraud him/her. Good day all.


Okay, I am officially sick of seeing people come through my work making claims against BP for the Deep water oil spill that absolutely were not injured in anyway. I am talking Domino Pizza guy, waitresses and other people. Same people are getting food stamps and welfare checks even though they have jobs and drive nice cars. I know this because I see the claims forms and checks. WTF.


A new year brings new reward as the Courts seek to vilify those who have fought to highlight the illegal action, practice and false representation of an NGO whereby it's members illegally claim to be Doctors, defraud the state and abuse their positions as they have for over 10 years now. . . Justice never sleeps. . .


I need a change. I don't know what, where, or defraudw but something needs to change. Life is exhausting but mundane. Just need something fun to look forward to. Any ideas?


Let me preface this story, by saying a lot of us on Facebook went to high school with this individual. What would you do in this situation? Let's say you've known this particular individual for quite sometime now, and they initially garnered your trust, but one day this individual in question says to you, that he has a very lucrative proposition with trading options on the stock market, and he supposedly has experience or knows an experienced trader that makes people tremendous amounts of money. One would think, that sounds interesting, and the possibility of making a lot of money trading options is possible, but when this individual decides to take your hard earned money and misuse it, and not utilize it for it's intended purpose, then there is a problem, especially when you ask for your money back, but nothing has come to fruition. I've spoken to one other person that was affected by this same individual, in regards to giving funds for investment purposes. When someone decides to willfully commit fraudulent act upon unsuspecting individuals, then something has to be done to recoup their funds. I know the automatic response to my question is: Sue his defraud, and I have already, but when this piece of work changes his address, like he changes his clothes, then it's a battle to get him into civil court. It's truly unnerving to run into this person, and he pretends as if he's a public figure of sorts, and nothing is amidst with his entire character. I know some may think this is a bit distasteful to put this bastard out on Facebook, but everyone that knows me, knows that I give people chance to redeem themselves. I've given this person over a year to pay up the funds that are owed to me and others for that matter. I've really had enough. At the end of the day, it's truly a life lesson to move forward, in a positive light. - One Love -


At the eye doctor for a follow up to an injury I had last month. There's really no reason for me to be here as I know my eye is fine. If I were paying out of pocket Id have never of come. defraudwever, my insurance is picking up the tab for this unnecessary visit. Also, the doctor is likely charging the insurance far more than it could charge a potential patient who's on the margins, like myself. Moral of the story; when it comes to "the rising cost of healthcare" insurance is part of the problem.


Big tanx to you all for ur gud wishes today. I truly appreciate them. A quick reminder, this is my only authentic facebook account, the rest r fake. Fraudsters r using my name and pictures to deceive n defraud people. This is my only fcbk acct.


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So.....correct me if im wrong, but isnt hacking a businesses site, and/or domains illegal, if the business has a valid business liscense and federal tax ID?

For Ken... This attitude about life this lady has is why so many get so mad about welfare...

I wrote the short essay below just after the 2010 elections... If you have the time to read it let me know what you think.

Nailed it. "Their paranoid fear of a possible dystopic future prevents us from addressing our actual dystopic present. We can’t even begin to address 30,000 gun deaths that are actually, in reality, happening in this country every year because a few of us must remain vigilant against the rise of ‘imaginary Hitler.’" -Jon Stewart

Well my omelette eggsperiment wasn't a total failure...I may need a mentor in this whole "lets learn defraudw to cook" goal

I love it when people want me to tattoo them but don't know what they want. I love it when people want me to tattoo them but they don't want the colors to be bright. I love it when people want me to tattoo them then tell me defraudw much it will be. I love people.

But what is the point of quoting a price that excludes VAT when your service or product has to have VAT??? Fellow countrymen it's been 9 months..., come on now!

Can someone take money out of your PayPal account if they only know the email address? I have a guy that says he is at Sea in the Navy but wants to buy my car I listed on Craigslist. He wants my Paypal email so he can pay me instantly and take down ad. Hmmm, I being too skeptical?

If there is one thing that annoys me more than a political leadership candidate referring to their gender or age as a reason they are qualified to lead a party, it is when they promise to export partisan fights to other levels of government. If you're running for leadership of a provincial party, you are not, I repeat, not, running against Stephen Harper. You are running to lead your province.

This dentists just surprises me more and more.... Wow!

I've fielded a lot of questions over the past week regarding my vote on the fiscal cliff deal, and I wanted to share this op-ed I wrote discussing my vote more in-depth. The fiscal cliff posed a very serious threat to families across South Dakota, and while this deal isn't perfect, it protected us from far worse and allows us to singularly focus on one of the biggest issues facing our nation: wasteful spending. Like and Share to spread the word and check out the article to learn more.

Bringing you happiness, one podcast at a time - Sean Rasmussen is our SoundClouder of the Day

Per my Salon piece yesterday, Politico this morning reports that defense contractors are "nervous" about the Hagel nomination.

I wish people would stop defending the government with arguments about roads when they manage to always forget that by supporting involuntary taxation they are also endorsing double tap drone strikes, endless war, inflation, deflation, GMO's, and permanent servitude.

The Physician defraudistant program at Misericordia is selling raffle tickets for $5 each. The winning ticket gets $1000. Anyone interested let me know by fri.

Then you read the story and find out they dropped their flood insurance policy and now want taxpayers to bail them out, at the expense of their neighbors who paid for flood insurance.

Who's the greatest liar amongst the options below? # Lawyer # Police # Politician # False prophects # MTN # Your bf/gf # You yourself # specify be sincere..

YES...YES......... Pre opening tickets for the opening of The Shard viewing platform obtained! #europestallestbiulding

Whos temprin ma facebook acount comentn on ma frenz photos n d rest, i min hu has ma pword logn into ma acount. Fwenz pls am sori if u see an unplesant coments 2day i av nt logd in 2day. it wunt hapen again coz am changn ma pword nw. Tnx.

I'm about to phone O2 and demand a phone they don't really owe me, does anyone have any tips for this sort of thing?

defraudw many of you can go to work in the morning and actually say you love it . Me !!!!!!

So Ryan Orrock I had a question... what type of porn do you believe child rapists and rapists would watch?

I was told from someone with a liberal point of view that social programs stimulate the economy. I thought on this for a few seconds and was wondering what's the difference between the person getting the money for free spending it and the person working for the money spending it?

Iv seen owned defraudrses on livery yard in a worst state least them defraudrses are in a field living a normal life

Not just because I say so, but because it is reality; I should not be defraudmeless, or penniless, or nameless, any moreso than Parris Hilton, only difference between her and I, is that her daddy did not get defrauded so that other women and their children could play in Parris' and her family's money; my daddy got defrauded for that reason and none other!!!!!

Malawi is still a defacto one party state because when a new political party come into existence and forms government, everybody wants to join the new party after having a revelation!!

So these gals who have been inboxing me requesting for a relationship, are they for real???

Surprise, surprise: An audit on Attawapiskat's finances conducted by the federal government has revealed a shocking lack of documentation for the majority of transactions.

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