Conundrum in a sentence as a noun

" - the answer to that conundrum hit me the other day: sample size.

Quite a conundrum, isn't it?> The second is that there shouldn't be any "cruft".There's always cruft.

As someone whose anxiety is triggered by physical activity, this is a bit of a conundrum for me at the moment.

When the story is about L4, and the reader is interested in operating systems, the answer to this conundrum is "very yes".

"The conundrum is identical to the logical fallacy of attempting to prove a negative statement.

If there was an additional type of weak-like reference, that had a callback with an object before it was garbage collected, this conundrum would be simple.

I understand this conundrum - I experienced homelessness myself.

If you take two liberal/secular/progressive moral atoms -- "there is nothing intrinsically wrong with selling sex" and "sexual coersion is always wrong" -- you immediately arrive at a conundrum.

Conundrum definitions


a difficult problem

See also: riddle enigma brain-teaser