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Little brain teaser 4 u ; X is a seven letter word. X is impossible 4 God. New born babies like X more than breast milk. D poor ve X and rich look 4 X 4rm d poor. If u eat X u will die, X is more important than ur life, X grows like grass, i promise, 2 give u X if u get d answer. What is X ?


Good night everyone. We are back with some brain teasers. First person to answer correctly will receive 25 Digicel credit to his/her phone. The 17 items in your shopping cart weigh 8 pounds. But when your daughter puts in a ball, poster board and yo-yo the shopping cart weighs less. brain-teaserw is that possible?


Brain Teaser: A shirt costs $97, you have no money on you, so you borrowed $50 from your mum and $50 from your dad. Now you have $100. After buying the shirt for $97, you have $3 left. You returned $1 to your mum and your dad $1 and you left the remaining $1 for yourself. You now owe your mum $49 and your dad $49. So, $49+$49=$98 plus the $1 you have equals $99 right? Where is the missing $1? Jesus is Lord.


Teaser for the Nite: Masturbation or self-pleasuring has become a socially accepted practice by both female and male genders throughout the world today, more than in the past. This may be as a result of the increasing rise in sexually transmitted diseases otherwise known as STDs or due to the difficulty encountered by both genders in finding a trusted romance partner. But is this supposed to be the normal way of life? masturbation does often result to injury of the outer sex organ in both male and female. Some people who indulge in this do often lose concentration and injure their body, which may often times give room for skin infections. And continuous rubbing of the organ strains the: skin, the veins, arteries, muscles and glands around that region, which may result to abnormal displacement, deformation or malfunction. If you are a Christian, I don’t need to start quoting the Bible for you here, but I am very sure you know that masturbation is an unclean practice in Christian life, which is called, sin. Conversely, some hypocrites misinterpret this as not being a sin. This is just the same as girls or ladies who engage in oral sex and masturbation and still claim to be virgins. Let me clear you with that misinterpretation, so long as you have had any form of encounter that arouse your feelings sexually either by self-pleasuring or oral s*x, you are no longer a virgin, you are just a technical virgin. Oyebade Obalola Jerry


Brain Teaser!!! A baby needs blood in an brain-teaserspital and blood transfusion was necessary, so the parents were invited to the doctor's office for a talk. When they entered the office, the doctor sat them down and explained to the parents the complications involved in blood transfusion and told them he needs to know if they are the parents of the child. The two parents looked at each others face and one of them said "well, i believe he is my child". In this situation, if you were to be asked who made the comment. Who will you say made the comment "the mother or the father"?


Brain teaser:- A man is leaving on a business trip and stops by his office on the way to the airport. The night watchman stops him and says, "Sir, don't take that flight. I had a dream last night that your plane would crash and everyone would die!" The business man cancels his trip and sure enough, the plane crashes, brain-teasering all the passengers. The man gives his watchman a $10,000 reward for saving his life, then fires him. Why? Answer will be availed tomorrow. The correct answer to yesterday`s brain teaser is:- The taxi driver is not in his cab, he's out for a run. The brain-teaseruse he went through was his own because he was done running.


Right, or left, whom really knows? Now that the brain teaser is out of the way I can continue to say nothing of any real importance. Why you may ask, while gripping the side of your chair tightly. Because now that you've wasted, lets say half the amount of time it took me to write this, you can now move on and feel more motivaited to write facebook status' that have nothing to to do with anything. Remember to thank Desmond Miles on your way out...... I take tips :P


Brain Teaser A shirt cost 97cedis bt u ve no money on u ,so u borrowed 50cedis 4rm ur mum n 50cedis 4rm ur dad, makin 100cedis. Afta buyiny d shirt for 97cedis u've 3cedis left. U return 1cedi to ur mum n 1cedi to ur dad n left 1cedi for ur self. Now u owe ur mum 49cedis n dad 49cedis, so 49+49=98 plus d 1cedi left wit u making 99cedis. Where is d missing 1cedi????ans me for funny ans.....


A lot of people are asking about Bob & Tom, and we wanted to give you an answer, but couldn't give you an answer until we had specifics ourselves. After a 12 year run at 99X, Bob & Tom's contract expired on December 31st. We've seen a decline in listening/listeners to the show...and attempts by our legal peeps and their agent to come to a new deal didn't work out, so it appears that the Bob & Tom era at 99X has come to an end. No one's fault, everyone just agreed to disagree. We have no choice but to move forward, and we brain-teaserpe to have a show in place that you will enjoy as much or more by January 21st. Thanks for your years of support to Bob & Tom and 99X...we brain-teaserpe you'll be with us as we take things to the next level.


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Brain teaser. In heaven n on earth, there is one thing dat God has neva seen? Pls, i nid jst one 'Omoye' to tel me wat it is.

Hers another brain teaser for the day wat has one in corner and two in every room bet u cant guess this one hers a hint it easy its looking at u while u read thos

Brain Teaser of the Day: Dina comes from a large family and has over 20 cousins. brain-teaserw is it possible that all of her cousins have an aunt who is not her aunt?

Gv ppl a brain teaser,ul b flabbergasted of the ansas,iv neva laffed lyk ds ds year,*rotflmfao*

Brain Teaser ,,,,what loses its head ever morning but gets it back every night ?????,,,,,,the answer tomorrow my friends lol

Brain Teaser! Lets see who answers first. What loses its head every morning but gets it back every night?

Brain Teaser! Lets see who answers first. What loses its head every morning but gets it back every night?

Brain Teaser! Lets see who answers first. What loses its head every morning but gets it back every night? sK

Brain Teaser! A lawyer has a son and the sons father is a security... who is the lawyer???

Brain teaser: A man walks into a bar... Asks the bartender for a glass of water...bartender pulls out a shotgun shoots just past the man...the man says thank you, leaves a tip, and walks out... Why the thank you and why the tip?

Bitz'n'pizza's daily brain teaser!! What has to be broken before it can be used????? This week buy three 9inch pizzas and get the cheapest free !!! Just quote bitz9 when ordering!!! Yesterday's answer : your breath!!!

Brain teaser criss cross will make ya_______________ what¿

Brain teaser fill in the blank:...Sipho is the son of Jacob. So Jacob is the _________ of Sipho's father?

Here's a Brain Teaser for the day! What 9 letter English word is still a word each time you take away a letter?

If you like playing brain teaser games in urn phones you have got to play flow with bridges for android its a mind brain-teaser but its a great focus game.

You can be pitiful or powerful, but you can't be both!

2 chicken rice bets in hand for Man U vs Pool on sunday...brain teaser whether to eat steam or roast chicken on monday...confidence

Brain Teaser: Place 8 queens on a chess board in such a way that they cannot capture each other.

Watch when I see mitch keen the lil spastic child, I'm gona swing him about by his brain-teasered over grown ears

Inspired by the newspaper’s new page of puzzles, here’s a brain teaser for the gardening crowd.

Lol the way it was so brain-teasert last night I even slept with the gate open. ##no commend##

Brain teaser a re mango ka sesotho ke lehapu..#astonished...ka nakweo motho o thotse 5 distinctions matric....lmfao...ntja wa nswabisa...

Here`s today`s brain teaser:- Which word can be written forward or backward while still remaining the same word? Answer available tomorrow. The correct answer to yesterday`s brain teaser is:- Because his night watchman was sleeping on the job.

The Brain teaser!!! There is a train on top of a mountain then rain falls what remains? Majority won get this .... Mrng!

When I was in college, one of my scary professors told us... When you take down / use notes, you put yourself in a position to forget things, when you only have your brain to depend on, you pressure yourself to be sharper and smarter.... So here I am at Starbucks 15 years later preparing for a bene lecture by sitting around, alternating between closing my eyes and looking at the sky... Weird....

The Brain teaser!!! There is a train on top of a mountain then rain falls what remains? Majority won get this .... # Man-k#

I am so nervous about tomorrow job interview with Southwest gas. What will they ask, since this is an actual in person interview. If anyone knows, please let me know, thanks.

Brain teaser!!! After a meeting of ten, hw many handshakes were made altogether?

I hav a big mouth and am also quite loud, Im not a gossip but i do get involved with everyones dirty business, What am i?

Brain Teaser: I'm something. The more u take from me, the bigger i become. What am i?

The Brain teaser!!! There is a train on top of a mountain then rain falls what remains? Majority won get this .... # Man-k#

Brain teaser - In a pie chart, what degree angle is created for 20% of the pie? 55%?

Only 1%will get this in british columbia u cannot take a picture of a man with a wooden leg. why not?

Brain Teaser for the simple minded! Go ahead and judge yourself!

Watching slowly with every last second knowing there is nothing you can do to stop it, well its out of control now, not even the fire department can put it out.. knowing this and knowing the end of everything you had, does this not seem like the best time to cook your thoughts and feelings?? I mean there's absolutely nothing you can do, your fate has come and your destiny seems to be leaving as the fire comes closer.. you would think this is were your life flashes before your eyes, but it doesn't.?? Does this mean that the fire is taking its time collecting its victims?? Why it sure seems that way, indeed a brain teaser..??

Theres 100 birds in a tree a hunter comes n shoots a 17 brain-teaserw many or left # brain teaser

Who can be the first to get our Brain Teaser? What 9 letter English word is still a word each time you take away a letter?

A plane crashed every single person died and two survive brain-teaserw is tht # brain teaser

These three niqqas at the gym. Mm mm mmm

Okay there was two mothers and two daughters dat went fishing they caught a small fish a big fish and long fish brain-teaserw were they all able to take brain-teaserme a fish if there was four of them # brain teaser

Ok., Yes your a Sucia if you have 2 kids but yet have 3 Baby Daddy's. #TruStory lol

Ok who can tell i am bored lol? answer up

Today's Brain Teaser: In a small cabin in the woods, two men lay dead. The cabin itself is not burned, but the forest all around is burned to cinders. brain-teaserw did the men die?

Whooooo wants to play a game, im stumped for ideas, soooo throw some out there if you wanna play ! ♥Mistie

I have a real problem here. The Grandkids drive me crazy when they are here. Now I'm going crazy because they aren't.

I have a real brain teaser sitting on my bench!

Hmm ... alright then nek' one this is totally random & is whatever pops in my head lolll. hte balhepat sha nytetw rufo terlest

I heard this brain teaser many years ago... There are 5 smokers on a rowboat in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and they have 6 cigarrettes....there are no matches or lighters on board...brain-teaserw do the men smoke??

Brain teaser of the day: There is a five letter word that is under you. If I remove the first letter from the word, then it is above you; and if I remove the second letter as well, then it is around you. What is it?

I bet 99% will fail this!!! Here is a brain teaser A Lawyer has a son but the son's father is security guard. Who is the lawyer?

Here's a brain teaser for the new year...

Your trapped in a brick room no doors or windows theres a table n a chainsaw brain-teaserw do u gt out # brain teaser

F 'n candy crush greatest brain teaser of all time

I counted 11 - can you better that?

Brain Teaser •Peacocks are birds that do not lay eggs. Then brain-teaserw do baby peacocks arrive into this world?

Getting ready to unveil epicshirts' new "mascot".......should we wait until the shirts are ready or give you a sneak peek?

Brain Teaser: A steady stream of people enter Mike's place of business and remove its treasured belongings. The people do not pay for what they take. Mike allows them to take as much as they can carry as long as they keep their mouths shut. What are the people taking and which type of business employs Mike.

Happy First Day of Classes UNC students! Start the semester off strong and get your brains back in 'school-mode' with this teaser: A girl who was just learning to drive went down a one-way street in the wrong direction, but didn't break the law. brain-teaserw come?

Here's a brain teaser for all u puzzle lovers out there!

It's brain teaser Wednesday! The first person to answer this riddle correctly will receive a prize! Good luck! In your drawer, there are six white socks, eight black socks, four tan socks and two brown socks. Without looking at the socks, brain-teaserw many do you have to reach in and pull out to end up with a matching pair?

This is very poignant, very real and ultimately disappointing.

Bitz'n'pizza's daily brain teaser!! What can you brain-teaserld without ever touching or using your hands?? This week buy three 9inch pizzas and get the cheapest free !! Just quote bitz9 when ordering !! Yesterday's answer: A teapot !!

Try and figure this brain teaser "This guy always knows the score even if he's not a sports fan, and while he has leadership qualities, he often takes a stand but never says a word even when others around him can be quite loud. Who is he?"

Brain teaser!!!!! Name ten things on ur body dat only have three letters... ya'll bust ya'll brain lil

I forgot, once again, to do the brain teaser yesterday. So, this one is to make up for it. Please, see the game rules in the notes section and abide by them. Thank you ~A I've many brain-teaserles but I will never leak Not comfortable? Just give me a tweak Though often together most of the day Come bedtime we'll go our separate ways Life without me might be kind of a drag 'Cause when I'm not around things tend to sag Doing my job, your reliable mate This is a "brain-teaserld-up" you'll appreciate What am I?

Brain Teaser: In a lake, there is a patch of lily pads. Every day the patch doubles in size. If it takes 48 days for the patch to cover the entire lake, brain-teaserw long would it take for the patch to cover half of it?

Ok found 36 now whats everyone else get?? Really wanna know the corect answer! Not from some smart brain-teaser on my facebook tho from the person that did this in the first place xx

U would u slip ur wei 2 da top ????

Do u think u know ur bible very well. now here is a brain teaser

Here's a Brain Teaser to keep you guy's thinking on this off week........ What looks like a bell, but does not ring, Yet it makes the angels sing??????????

Quick brain teaser. The church started in the book of Acts. Normally, the books of the New Testament end with "Amen." So, why is there no "Amen" at the end of the final chapter of Acts???

Brain teaser. You entered a very cold room; you have a match, a gas lamp, a kerosene lamp and a fireplace. Which would you light 1st to help you get maximum heat?

Brain teaser for a Wednesday morning. Can you find the mistake?

Question on a brainteaser I just took: Which of these things is least like the others? The test showed pictures of a saw, a serrated hunting knife, a spoon, a shovel, and a screwdriver. My answer: Obvi. It's really hard to brain-teaser someone with a spoon. The test's answer: "Knife." It's the only item that begins with a "k," not an "s." #SometimesIWorryAboutMyself

Brain teaser..hw many age U take senior me?pidgin....say it correctly in English ....?

A little brain teaser to start the year.

A superb brain teaser question....!!! Pls read carefully and answer it....!!! A man and his son had a terrible car accident and were rushed to the brain-teaserspital. The man died on the way, but the son was still barely alive. When they arrived, an old gray surgeon was called in to operate. Upon seeing the young boy, the surgeon said, "I can't operate - this is my son." brain-teaserw is this possible? Admin: GN

Whítes alwyz try 2 b profesionals. At e blacks am workng 4 are connected. Shld i continue workng 4 e blacks or i go 4 e whites. #jst teasing ma brain#

Littie brain teaser 4 u: x is a 7 letter word, x is impossible 4 God, new born babies likes x more dan breastmilk, d poor av x & d rich luk 4 x 4rm d poor, if u eat x u wil die, x is more important dan u life, x grows lik grass, i swear on my life i wil gv u x if u gt d answer. Wat is x?

Brain teaser of the day.... everyday a cyclist crosses the border between Spain and France carrying a bag. No matter brain-teaserw hard the customs officials investigate him they do not know what he is smuggling. do you?

If it takes Mr smart 5 minutes to cook 10 eggs,brain-teaserw many minutes wll it take Mr slow to cook 500 eggs?

Brain teaser, What happened in 1961 and will not happen again until 6009?

** A small brain teaser.. Tell answer in comments..

Only 2% will get this ... Which is correct to say ''the yolk of the egg is white or the yolk of the egg are white'' ?

Congratulation to our winner 'Okpara Paschal' of yesterday brain teaser. Today's BT comes up shortly. Thanks to those who participated!

Brain teaser: 'What is the most common New Year’s resolution made by people?'

If 11+11 = 4 12+12 = 9 13+13 = ? Apply your intelligence & Answer it!

Oh when one of your friends blags your head in first thing couldn't you just kiss em ha ha x x

Damn, I think sleep hates me, which is why I never get any. -___- Guess its law & order for now. Keep me company, what's on your mind loves?? -Jane <3 -

So I'm playin Ruzzle against my cuz in she is whoppin my a**..lol..I suck at dis game

Think about this! Would you rather have a penny a day that doubles each day for 30 days?? Or have a million dollars paid to you on the first day, instead of dealing with the change??

Good mornin frnd... I will be giving us some brain teaser to warm our brain.... Answers and comments are welcome see ya in 2mins

Here is a brain teaser for you i get 35 but that is just quick look could be more but not less

Here is at brain teaser for everyone ...... A cowboy rides into town on Friday stayed 3 days and leaves on Friday brain-teaserw does he manage to do that. ??????

Brain teaser: You get it right I'll give u a rocket You are traveling from cherno to the north west, you decide to go via green mountain .. On your arrival you see that the mountain is on fire and that there is a cabin on fire with many dead survivors scattered around... brain-teaserw did the survivors die?

*Brain Teaser* Translate this with your Mother's tounge #I hear, i fear

Brain teaser: What don't zombies need when they go on a boat trip from cherno to electro ?

Brain teasers help you to train your brain. So go ahead, take our Brain Teaser. Make 1000 using eight 8's. You can only use addition.

Here's I brain teaser for y'all: youre in the basement, nobody else is brain-teaserme, there are three light switches in the basement to turn on an upstairs light. You cannot see the room or light from the room from where you are, and you can only go upstairs one time. brain-teaserw can you tell which light switch goes to the light in the room?

Bran teaser - I have no clue brain-teaserw about you?

Brain teaser: You respawned in cherno and right in front of you there is a bus with all missing wheels a tent full of wheels, a empty car a dead survivor with with a gun and a bandage.. You try to fix the bus but you can't Why?

Brain Teaser: An ant has 6 legs, a spider has eight legs, and a mouse has 4 legs. In my zoo, I recently counted 612 legs, which came from an equal number of each of these animals. Can you identify brain-teaserw many animals there are in my zoo?

Good brain teaser.... keeps the mind sharp lol

Daily Brain Teaser for 1/09/2013 Cressida didn't like to tell her age, so when she was asked, her mother answered for her. Her mother said, "I'm just seven times as old as she is now. In twenty years, she'll be just half the age that I will be then." brain-teaserw old is clever little Cressida?

brain-teaserw are we suppose to prioritize? Shall I pick sticking to a budget and spending my non-work brain-teaserurs cooking to save money? Or shall I prioritize healthy eating over the budget? Shall I make time to exercise instead of cooking? And where will I find the brain-teaserurs to work on improving my performance at the job that pays our bills and satisfies my need for applying myself to helping make things better? Shall I free up the time for the work improvement and physical exercise by spending money on prepared foods and give up on this year's fiscal goals? And what about doing a better job of working with Eli to grow past his challenges, where does that go one the/time money priority list? And nourishing my marriage? Where on the list, what scrap of time resources shall it get? Time to be creative, to sew? It feels like I am trying to solve an unsolvable brain teaser puzzle some days.

Answer to this mornings brain teaser.....i8u.....I , taller eight , you...

Brain teaser: What is so fragile that when you say its name you break it?

Thguoht d'I od siht esuaceb I t'nia gniod gnihtyna esle....tub no a rethgirb eton MOM s'evol em <3

>>>>Brain Teaser<<<< •Which room would be the safest? Room 1 is filled with guys with loaded guns. Room 2 is filled with cheetahs that haven't ate for months. Room 3 is filled with razor sharp blades.

New brain teaser: Is an old one hundred dollar bill worth more than a new one?

Brain teaser. What travels the world, yet stays in the corner?

>>>>Brain teaser<<<< •Two indians are standing on a bridge one is the father of the other ones son. what is the relation between them?

It is in the rock, but not in the stone; It is in the marrow, but not in the bone; Are you ready for more games? We have Godiva chocolates to give away.... Let's have some fun with riddles! The right answers get a free raffle ticket. Here's a definite brain teaser: It is in the rock, but not in the stone; It is in the marrow, but not in the bone; It is in the bolster, but not in the bed; It is not in the living, nor yet in the dead.

Brain teaser: It is n insect, and the first part of it's name, is the name of another insect. What is it?

Does anyone know of a site online that offers free brain teasers to keep the mind sharp. My brain seems to be at rest a bit to much.

Here's a puzzle ,you may want to try,...It takes me just under 10 min. to walk ,from my brain-teaseruse to Terry's Pub...Then why does it take me more than half an brain-teaserur, to walk from Terry's pub to my brain-teaseruse???....

Here is a brain teaser for u name 10 things on your body that have 3 letters :D

Here is a brain teaser for all my clever family and friends, using only words that DON'T contain the letter A, Speak for 1 minute without repeating the same word It can be done and the answer is very simple I will comment the answer here later today.

“It’s not the Nature of human beings to be cattle in glorified feedlots. Every person deserves the option to travel easily in and out of the complex and primal world that gave us birth. We need freedom to roam across land owned by no one but protected by all, whose unchanging brain-teaserrizon is the same that bounded the world of our millennial ancestors. Only in what remains of Eden, teeming with life-forms independent of us, is it possible to experience the kind of wonder that shaped the human psyche at its birth.”

A Brain teaser for you! The day before yesterday, Chris was 7 years old. Next year, she'll turn 10. brain-teaserw is this possible?

Brain teaser!!!!! Name ten things on ur body that only have three letters... ya'll bust ya'll brain lil!

Morning everyone, brain-teaserpe you all recovered from the severe heat! So its hump day, here's a little brain teaser to get you through it.... Which two US colleges did we play before the start of this season? Guess away..... Go Flames!

Brain Teaser: If you were running a race and you passed the person in second place what place would you be in now.? #GUY

Brain Teaser; its time 2 exercise our brain. Two students ar sittin on opposit sides of d same desk. There z nothin in b/w them bt d desk. Why cn't they see each other?

Brain Teaser: "Feed" me and I "Live"...give me Drink and I "Die"....what am I?? Tha one yah two simple for you to unable to get >:/ ¤moodie¤

Brain Teaser Answer: 3 socks. If the first sock is black, the second one could be black, in which case you have a matching pair. If the second sock is white, the third sock will be either black and match the first sock, or white and match the second sock.

Ran across this brain teaser for one of my child clients, take a stab at it! What is greater than God, more evil than the brain-teaser, the poor have it, the rich need it and if you eat it you'll die?

Today's Brain Teaser! What sport do you win when you go backwards and the losers go forward?

Brain Teaser: He who seek revenge needs two graves; one for self and the other for the enemy.

I cannot tell you brain-teaserw many times I've fallen for this stupid brain teaser. Thank you to Sandals for sharing the answer!

Open the f___ gates ov heaven ;;; let it rain*****let it rain****

A little AMC Theatres movie-trivia brain teaser - brain-teaserw many movies can you spot in this pic?

Hmm to sell or not to sell the quad. Really gota brain teaser on this 1

** A small brain teaser.. Tell answer in comments.......

Try this brain teaser- What 2 words, formed from different arrangements of the same 9 letters, will complete the sentence below? The brain-teasermesick recruit told his civilian buddy, "I guess I should have been __________to my father when he told me to go to school instead of ___________."

A little brain teaser for you, guys: Sentence #1: “Woman, without her man, is nothing.” Sentence #2: “Woman: Without her, man is nothing.” Does the punctuation change the meaning of the sentences? If yes, what's the difference between them?

Bitz'n'pizza's daily brain teaser!! What starts with a T, ends with a T, and has T in it??? This week buy three 9inch pizzas and get the cheapest free !! Just quote bitz9 when ordering!!! Yesterday's answer : A flag !!

My life is so much more enjoyable when I make it less about me and more about those around me!

I have helped with gas before and this story reminds me of those times. it also reminds me of the kindness of strangers one weekend my vary broke down in Vegas and we were stranded. I have received blessing when I pay it forward over and over still to this day....

Brain-teaser definitions


a difficult problem

See also: conundrum enigma riddle