How to use Confounding in a sentence as an adjective

Judging from my experiences, several of these studies may be missing a major confounding factor: the complexity of the problem the code solves. All my longest methods are rather stupid output formatting stuff or if/else cascades that handle tedious by mostly trivial distinctions.

How long do you think the experiment needs to run before the Hawthorne effect you allude to is no longer a confounding effect? 2 years?

You separate your load generation tools from your system under test to eliminate confounding factors of shared resources like CPU, thread scheduler, memory allocator, disk, etc. This benchmark doesn’t do that, which means it’s impossible to distinguish between a queue system which is being saturated with work and a queue system which is out-competing the load generators for CPU. Also, it’s a laptop running OS X. Do you plan on fielding a queue system in a DC built out with Macbooks?

As others have pointed out, the choice of different cities interferes with what you were trying to demonstrate, though the effect size was so huge it was difficult to not confirm it despite the confounding factor.

One possible explanation for the zeal in which this case was pursued may be the lack of confounding factors with respect to copyright infringement, as codified by law. I don't know of course so this is just speculation.

It's bad for the autistic because it lumps a fairly heterogeneous set of children into the same spectrum, confounding our best efforts to get to the true roots of autism. If we're treating too many nonautistic children as "autistic," then by nature, we're diluting the actual pool of people we should be studying and helping.

It's the 'replacing' bit and not being able to see anything familiar or old in the new which makes it confounding.

So not only does a new javascript programmer not have to deal with confounding magic, they can also learn from how Backbone uses javascript, and apply that knowledge outside the scope of the library. I'd never thought of it this way, but I think this is probably one of the most important distinctions between opinionated, magic-y frameworks, and things like Backbone.

- Long term comparisons have trouble dealing with the confounding influence of a long-term decrease in violence in our society, with possible causes from changing mores to reduced lead to parents not resorting to corporal violence to who knows what. - No simple correlation exists between levels of gun ownership and violence in a society.

In these systems, and Gmail, the user is not considered an intelligent, complex actor in the system, but instead something more like a child sitting in a cinema whose only criteria for synchrony is to be repeatedly dazzled by confounding changes to the way it interacts with the system. This is fundamentally wrong in so many ways.

- No way to search by dependent and independent variables, confounding variables, etc. - No way to sort articles by the quality of their methodology, the quality of the journal they were published in, the quality of the researchers, etc.

You could control against these confounding factors, but they evidently have not. Basically, unless the article has glossed over a lot, there is no finding here at all and this is the BBC pretending at science.

In this domain, experimental studies are difficult to design and conduct, but further study to narrow down confounding factors would be useful. What I do know is water purity is sacred here.

The socialization is a confounding factor that's impossible to separate out unless you're willing to do a study where you raise kids in isolation from society so you can treat them identically. And even "inherent" differences are often easily overcome with social solutions.

We don't yet have clear evidence that it's a new propulsion technology, as it's possible that what has been discovered is an entirely new mechanism for confounding measurement instruments, but that does not lessen the scientific value of this discovery. There is new knowledge here.

This means other services may have been affected at the same time, leading to the confounding original title of this bug. - Because of the quota service failure, Chrome Sync Servers reacted too conservatively by telling clients to throttle "all" data types, without accounting for the fact that not all client versions support all data types.

You're confounding usability with "do not need a manual". They're not the same thing at all.

Interestingly, studies on killer whales observe no significant correlation between living grandmothers and grandoffspring survival rates, though there are plenty of unaddressed confounding factors. Humans are the only species where the grandmother hypothesis is supported by data, but the dearth of corresponding data in whales suggests the dramatic disparity in our somatic-reproductive senescence might be more strongly selected for by factors we are not yet aware of.

It is equally confounding on the desktop. But ultimately, I think it was a bad template choice by the author rather than any particular bug in Google Sites.

Once we extract these relationships and represent them in a graph called a causal Bayesian network we can test algorithmically whether a given partition, representing confounding variables, gives the correct answer. The test, called "back-door," requires that we check whether the nodes corresponding to the confounding variables intercept certain paths in the graph.

In all comparisons, you should remove confounding variables. Yes, you should benchmark something you actually care about, otherwise what's the point?

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that confounds or contradicts or confuses

See also: contradictory