Colander in a sentence as a noun

Remove the beans and put them in a colander to dry.

The potatoes are poured out to a colander and left there for a few minutes.

You steep the grains in your brew pot for an hour and then sparge by using an additional pot and a large colander.

Yes, and tossing them around gently in the colander is the ideal way to roughen the surface.

Canned beans tend to be accompanied by a funky smelling bean sludge, IME; if, like me, you find that unappealing, rinse the beans in a colander.

You're right, web developers already write software with all the security of a colander.

If you are brewing less than that, you can get away with steeping in the brew pot, and equipment permitting, sparge using a colander or grain bag.

]To make a harsh analogy it's like using a colander for a boat and then complaining that a particular hole wasn't pointed out to them.

Pour into cup through fine colander or cheese clothSeriously it's delicious and you already have the tools you need in your kitchen.

Fussy coffee is the best - a somewhat battered hot air gun, a wooden spoon, an old colander and a variety of green beans is all one needs to roast for ones self.

I didn't know how to "pat dry" and entire pot of\n vegetables, so I just left them to drain in the colander while I made the sauce.\n\n I covered the baking dish with tin foil.\n\n It came out OK, if a bit bland.

Someone can claim that they genuinely believe in the Flying Spaghetti Monster and therefore must wear a colander on their head, and without a test, how do you distinguish that from a clothing restriction from a major world religion?

Web developers writing in languages that don't permit buffer overflows write software that has all the security of a colander; adding the ability to write good, solid buffer overflows as well hardly seems like a step up.

Colander definitions


bowl-shaped strainer; used to wash or drain foods

See also: cullender