Cluck in a sentence as a noun

I've never before heard "lunk" and "cluck" used like this.

How would you assign carp, cluck, croak and confess functions?

In Minecraft, for instance, they cluck like chickens.

With cows that go "mu" instead of "moo", and chickens that go "clo-clo" instead of "cluck-cluck"?

They're both about the same, but considering that "cl" is a sound by itself, I'd go with fuster cluck.

Also, removing the "l" from cluck would leave you with a word that still sounds obscene, making the whole process pointless.

Cluck in a sentence as a verb

So they cluck like a chicken when someone rings a bell because they want to appear cooperative and make him happy.

You can just imagine those chickens going: cluck, this is better than cubicles, cluck, cluck, cluck...To the people who prefer open offices I have two words.

There will always be those people who cluck their mouths and wave their arms about how no way this is super advanced my experience it never, ever is.

Please understand that I don't mean hypnotizing someone to be an assassin or cluck like a chicken every time they hear the word 'avocado'.

When the genome development environments go online, I recommend that we open source the chicken and let a million variants cluck.

That's how you, with your particular disposition that some proportion of humans share, would react if you were teleported to a flying saucer in orbit- shake your head and cluck your tongue.

Cluck definitions


the sound made by a hen (as in calling her chicks)

See also: clucking


make a clucking sounds, characteristic of hens

See also: click clack