Click in a sentence as a noun

The 80% of clicks we were paying for were from bots.

There was a time where a TED link was a must-click and a must-watch.

And the APIs for everything I clicked were... they were paltry.

It's a process they're very familiar with so they're going to skim and click through quickly.

Here's what we found: on about 80% of the clicks Facebook was charging us for, JavaScript wasn't on.

I cannot remember the last time I bothered clicking on a TED link - it must be at least a year now.

Quora has now spent several years training me to be bummed out every time I click on a link to their site.

We tried signing up for a handful of other big name companies, and still, we couldn't verify more than 15-20% of clicks.

Click in a sentence as a verb

Facebook was charging us for clicks, yet we could only verify about 20% of them actually showing up on our site.

And if the person clicking the ad doesn't have JavaScript, it's very difficult for an analytics service to verify the click.

Meanwhile a distracting footer covers >25% of the page, and clicking the intuitive "down arrow"-looking thing does nothing, nor is there an obvious close button.

Most customers often click the default, and I myself do the same thing, since I assume that the default is the best course of action and this led to this issue resurfacing.

What's important here is that in all of our years of experience, only about 1-2% of people coming to us have JavaScript disabled, not 80% like these clicks coming from Facebook.

Things have now gotten to the stage where I flinch slightly as I click on the "comments" link, bracing myself for the dismissive comment I know will be waiting for me at the top of the page.

So if you have any sort of business where people pay you per click, and they expect those clicks not to be bots, then you need some way to say, "okay, I think I sent you 100 clicks, but let me check if they were all legit, so don't take this number as holy until 24 hours have passed.

Proper Noun Examples for Click

Click on the little one, then click through "select a macbook air.

Click definitions


a short light metallic sound

See also: chink clink


a stop consonant made by the suction of air into the mouth (as in Bantu)


a hinged catch that fits into a notch of a ratchet to move a wheel forward or prevent it from moving backward

See also: pawl detent


depression of a button on a computer mouse; "a click on the right button for example"


move or strike with a noise; "he clicked on the light"; "his arm was snapped forward"

See also: snap


make a clicking or ticking sound; "The clock ticked away"

See also: tick


click repeatedly or uncontrollably; "Chattering teeth"

See also: chatter


cause to make a snapping sound; "snap your fingers"

See also: snap flick


produce a click; "Xhosa speakers click"


make a clucking sounds, characteristic of hens

See also: cluck clack


become clear or enter one's consciousness or emotions; "It dawned on him that she had betrayed him"; "she was penetrated with sorrow"

See also: dawn penetrate