Detent in a sentence as a noun

On the 757, and I believe the rest, the mechanical link has a detent.

So it sounds to me like there's no mechanical detent, but you can use glue to hold on the cover.

60, glasses, and can't tell if a button press worked or not because there is no visible detent and such?

Probably the only time I clicked the "no detent" button on my Logitech mouse as well.

The detent was too short and so it was possible for it to accidentally be switched to off.

Look how much trouble General Motors got into over ignition switches with weak detent springs.

That's another advantage of the mechanical knob: a large detent at "zero".

With enough force, the pilot can move it out of the detent and move the controls independently of the copilot.

Ideally I'd have a detent on the other side but I've never had a long enough test routine to warrant figuring it out.

I've had it for months and only just realized what I thought was a physical detent in the trigger was actually adjustable haptic feedback.

If I had to go "off checklist", I'd go: stab trim off -> flaps 1st detent -> stab trim on -> trim to neutral -> stab trim off for duration of flight -> flaps up -> manual flight for the duration.

It's marketed towards shooters, but that detent pin punch is probably the only part of it that is specific to such a need, as it can be removed and replaced with a barrel brush.

Oh, they use encoders with detents, they just can't be bothered to make their software "fast" enough to reliably count every detent even though each detent tick lasts for millions of clock cycles.

Detent definitions


a hinged catch that fits into a notch of a ratchet to move a wheel forward or prevent it from moving backward

See also: pawl click