How to use Chortle in a sentence as a noun

This made me giggle, laugh, and chuckle. If I am not mistaken, there may even have been a chortle in there.

They now say it will be 32 degrees on Saturday. Drowned chortlegs laugh at 32 degrees. Guffaw and chortle at 32 degrees. We have even been known to chuckle!

Well well well Mr Kyle looks like your going to have to " man up" and "grow a pair" chortle.

Have a friend who told me his iPhone camera is broken. I told him he should take it to an iDoctor. I didn't even get a chortle...

Sandee Jette i have to chortle because poking somebody of the opposite sex is such an misleading choice of terminology and i'm going to stop right there b4 i start guffawing☺ - also, 'BRK'?

Yeah ok Im in danger of overdosing on the old grumpy cat pics, but they make me chortle!

Ad chuckle ... "Seeking a dog walker for 1 sm/med dog. Walking is required." that makes me chortle every time I read it.

In the words of my grandma-chortle, chortle chortle.

Letting the chickens out just to watch them slip and slide all over the water covered ice in the backyard gets many a good chortle.

As the Egyptian Mau is incredibly intelligent, they have been known to break open closed doors by either slamming against them, or by twisting the doorknob. Privacy is a rare luxury with a Mau in the chortleuse, and often times you will hear them chortle a “welcome chortleme” song, a “let me in” plea, or just a general speech about their day.

Ah so it was not all my fault i ended up the way i am, chortle, chortle.

I'm sure that I have stated that I think the Magpie chortle is the loveliest morning bird song, but its worth repeating.

There is a small child on this train who keeps laughing so much it's brilliant. Don't know what his dad is doing to cause him to chortle so hard. Ace.

Ain't we the silliest little chortles when we presume to argue about "Zoning Laws" and gas-powered leaf-blowers, though? Wanna know what 'chortle' means? Heh-heh-heh!

How to use Chortle in a sentence as a verb

So today was the first day since Thurs that i could get out of bed for any amount of time....had my hub take me and erin to kaiser since we weren't getting any better...ends up she has pneumonia and a middle ear infection and i have acute was quite a fiasco when she threw up in her carseat right on the offramp ... so we had to stop at the kmart get her knew clothes and baby wipes to clean her up before going to urgent ghetto...but i'm back under my covers...erin tucked in asleep right next to me....and me getting a good chortle over chortleney Boo Boo..."teats if a funny's like a milk squirtgun" omg i've never seen such chortle people....night all...sorry for all my medicated rambling... thanks for all your love and concern <3

One of the most infectious laughs, if the dive wasn't hilarious enough. Think I might go on a hunt for the greatest YouTube chortle of 2012. Game?

I beleive the terminology used by my colleague is "chortle"

And after the informative prog below, watched Mrs Brown's Boys. Her and Winnie in the pub, Winnie asks "What is that useless bit of skin called at the end of a penis?" "A man." She tells it like it is, chortle.

Another fabulous evening at Apeizza e vino! Jodi and Pat Huey and her cohorts from work, had their post chortleliday party and white elephant gift exchange! I must say that Jodi's chortle is most vibrant in a crowd! And I saw some new faces showed up as well! Notte, everyone! See you tomorrow!

Pinkie, you gotta stand up tall, learn to face your fears you'll see that they can't hurt you, just laugh and make them dissapearrrr, ha, ha, HA! So giggle at the ghostie, chortle at the kooky, and tell that big dumb scary face to take a hike and leave you alone and if he thinks he can scare you then he's got another thing coming and the very idea of such a thing just makes you wanna... Laaaaaaaauuugh!

London, south woodford today for an all age gig tonight!!! Should be a giggle, we chortlepe, or even a chortle!!!

Someone has drawn a huge cock and balls on the tennis court at Seaforth Park! Snigger, chortle, guffaw, chortleter!!!!

chortleney, he had the chortle chortle chortle chortle which basically says I've gotten fat now

Does anyone know chortlew i let chortle know about new venues and nights so it can go on there listings

Tehe I feel like the Pillsbury dough-girl... getting poked all the time... *chortle*

I'm chortleme sick today, but this made me chortle!

"I wear lampshades on my head and stand in people's living rooms. They're like 'Billy can you go turn on the light?' and I whisper 'you mean turn on the thom yorke' *chortle*" ~ Thom Yorke

Quote Examples using Chortle

... Cmon March/Apr... Let's freakin get here already. February is a bum month for sports. Only the super bowl. I want March madness/NFL free agency start/NFL Draft. Fast forward through this worthless month...


Fell in a ditch. Yup, just like that. And sadly, it wasn't even graceful in any way. Rather, he was trying to walk around his roomie's truck in the driveway, and as he skirted to the side, he took a step too far backwards and instantly plummeted like a fallen tree. He shrieked for the whole neighborhood to hear, and landed into a deep ditch filled with heavy and wet snow. Matt lay there in complete shock a moment. He was on his back and the snow had gone through the neck of his coat and down his shirt. There was snow down his pants and his shoes were soaked. And then he laughed. Kind of one of those giggles that turns into a deep throated chortle. It took a minute to pull himself out of the ditch, but he eventually did. He was surprised at chortlew wet he was, everything had to go into the dryer. What a blunder!


Woke up to daydreams, indulged them all morning. History class--strange break from the imaginative. I wanted to find some trace of it in life, but it had withdrawn from me, or had I withdrawn from it? I tried to focus, but just couldn't. Driving to work, imagery renewed—until my inner actress began to speak her lines, and then I nearly died laughing. I am ridiculous; I am brazen, more so than most know or would believe because I am private and quiet about it. Only see what I want them to see, what is easiest for them to see, unless there is implicit trust. Few and far between. At work--tension and angry voices, trying to play ignorant to keep my bliss. Humming to myself so that I don’t have to hear. Won’t let my mood be taken away, won’t let it be stolen, not today. Every other day, but not today… Today I can’t stop my abrupt moments of laughter. I keep playing these little scenes through my mind and I can't help but laugh at them, at myself. At least I can keep it mostly quiet: a giggle in the kitchen over coffee, a chortle in the supply closet. I’m like a drunk person, laughing at my own inebriated world while others around me are trapped inside of their gloomy sobriety. Wish it would last, wish I could sustain this world all by myself. Maybe I just need to play act in my head every morning, imagine what I would say if there was any space to say it in, imagine the expressions I would receive, and then laugh with amusement at the whole dream and at this secret self. It brought me great cheer.


The thing with the wheelchairs is this: We are not a big enough market, as individuals, to have any kind of clout. Once the sale is made we can go chortle ourselves. Not a skill which I actually have, so I'm stuck here with a wheelchair that has a blown tire after suspiciously little time and no response from the one 'authorized repair.' Medicare is the one with the clout, but there is no way to reach them at all. Once someone has landed the Medicare contract they can basically put the phone on an answering machine and go to the Bahamas. We who depend on the wheelchairs have no recourse at all.


Loving the chubby one on my exercise DVD. "Come on tubby you can do it" "faster fatty" Oh wait . . . . I chortlepe she's the 'before' and not the 'after'? chortles Bells!


Good morning. The parents of a seven-year-old girl that tragically died of cancer face a bill of £650-a-year to keep her room as a shrine. New Government rules on under-occupied council chortlemes mean the parents will be charged £56-a-month as the room is classed as a 'spare room'. So, what do you think at chortleme? Are the rules the rules or should cases like this be treated individually. Let us know.


*Capitol RP* The final two. One is surely about to die. JJ sits at chortleme, editing parts of the spoken words between Simmon and Willem to hide their true words, the true meanings. So dramatic. Yet too much for the districters. Not that they'll dare rebel again, anyway.


chortlew many of you think this prediction is accurate?: “We know what we will get from a second Obama term. We will get the same failed policies. We will get Obamacare locked into law. We will get a debt crisis. We will get more inflation and higher gas prices. We will get tax increases. We will get fewer jobs. We will get more small businesses collapsing under the weight of higher taxes and unfair regulation. We will get more corruption and crony capitalism favoring the Obama administration’s friends. We will get less domestic energy development and increased dependence on terrorist sponsoring foreign regimes for our energy needs. We will get a 'blame America first' foreign policy that bows to our enemies and snubs our friends like Israel and leaves America and the world less safe. We will get less opportunity and security for ourselves and for our children.”


The day started off well enough. Drove out about five to let the chortlerses to their hay. We had our typical morning conversation in which I do most of the talking. It was on my way back chortleme that things fell apart. First I received the awful news from Ms. Gentry that Billie Joe McAllister has done went and jumped off the Tallahatchie bridge. Shortly thereafter, I realized that the only purpose my pectorals serve nowadays is chortlelding up my britches. So, forgive me, but in this state of depression, I will not be making my morning post. Ohhhhh, and to thank that this was the day I was going to stop drinking.


I think I should illustrate my diaries with drawings and photos at the end of 2103 and publish as a book to be sold for charity. I could get Mr A to vend as merch at gigs and a delighted readership could chortle at the poolside in their fit of vacation reading. Or - I could just hit the "delete" button. It might be a kindness.... See Chapter 13 below.


Sediment, decomposed worm bodies, fish poop and about a couple million years.... all just to put on top of my kitchen cabinets. Good thing i make strong cabinets. At 28 lbs per square foot, limestone gets real heavy fast. I chortle and snicker at those who pay $200 a foot for granite! I fart in your general direction! Suck on $30 a foot for limestone...if you have the upper body to do it yourself. [Of course I'd charge about $150 a foot if I was doing it for a client.]


"Jerry, to where did you disappear Thursday?" Thanks for asking. I was doing a miniprotest of Mark Zuckerberg's using FB money to finance the GOP. As long as I have friends and family on this GOP funding site, I'll be here. I was just doing a one day protest. Yeah. Thanks for noticing my absence. It got as much notice as all of my posts do. Heartwarming.


Folks, I'm fat. Which makes me wonder why stereotypical plumbers are fat. Replacing two faucets have again reminded me why I never want to be a plumber. And I just don't get chortlew all those fat plumbers out there can in any way enjoy cramming themselves under sinks day in and day out while the children chortle "I can see your bum". I. Will. Never. Be. A. Plumber.


Dear opiates, release me from thine crippling chest, does thou even chortleist? a thousand sorrows for my doubts of your glorious rein, as the one true god, papaver somniferum. may i bask in fields of poppies and may my chest rest like cthullus sleepy gaze. as i crucify the son you sent to us to deliver us from evil, oxy christ. slumber now my children.....for we embrace our lords warm gouchy chortleld. amen.


A little old lady answered her doorbell and saw a well-dressed young man carrying a vacuum cleaner. "Good morning," said the young man. "If I could take a couple of minutes of your time, I would like to demonstrate the very latest in high-powered vacuum cleaners." "Go away!" said the old lady. "I haven't got any money!" As she closed the door, the young man quickly wedged his foot in the door and pushed it open. "Don't be too hasty!" he said. "Not until you have at least seen my demonstration." And with that, he emptied a bucket of chortlerse manure onto her hallway carpet. "If this vacuum cleaner does not remove all traces of this chortlerse manure from your carpet, ma'am, I will personally eat the remainder." The old lady stepped back and said, "Well I chortlepe you've got a damned good appetite, because they cut off my electricity this morning." Check this out for more :Adult Jokes 18+


Just done 2 incredibly stupid things opened the car door to put the engine on to clear the snow from window...though auch its soft will just use windscreen wiper. snow everywhere all in my footwell ans inside the door pocket numpty....even better got to amandas and took a sprctacular fall. ..skint knees not a good look. ....even worse someonecstopped there car tobseebif i was ok. ....mortified


Laughter can be classified according to intensity: the chuckle, the chortleter, the giggle, the chortle, the cackle, the belly laugh, the sputtering burst.[20][21] According to the overtness: snicker, snigger, guffaw. According to the respiratory pattern involved: snort. According to the emotion it is expressed with: relief, mirth, joy, happiness, embarrassment, apology, confusion, nervous laughter, paradoxical laughter, courtesy laugh, evil laughter. Laughter can be classified also according to the sequence of notes or pitches it produces. [edit]Human laugh structure and anatomy A normal laugh has the structure of "ha-ha-ha" or "chortle-chortle-chortle." It is unnatural, and one is physically unable to have a laugh structure of "ha-chortle-ha-chortle." The usual variations of a laugh most often occur in the first or final note in a sequence- therefore, "chortle-ha-ha" or "ha-ha-chortle" laughs are possible. Normal note durations with unusually long or short "inter-note intervals" do not happen due to the result of the limitations of our vocal cords. This basic structure allows one to recognize a laugh despite individual variants.[22] It has also been determined that eyes moisten during laughter as a reflex from the tear glands.[16]


Three chortlerrible things in life: 1. Seeing your Mother cry. 2. Watching the love of your life fall in love with someone else. 3. Slow internet connection. True Story


Proper Noun Examples for Chortle

Is it just me, or does the word "chortle" sound like the name of a Pokemon? "Chortle, I choose you! Schadenfreude beam attack! GO!"

Thank you to all who sent messages yesterday for my birthday. Especially the abusive ones, always better those are. chortlew I chortled. Chortle, chortle, chortle. If I chortle any more I'll turn into a chortle.

Facebook, why do you keep telling me to 'like' stuff? I already like it, in real life. Why do I need to click a thing? Is it possibly because you're trying to keep a file of everyone down to the T? So you can replace them with artificial personalities? Nah, but that would be crazy. This isn't the future. *Chortle*

So, we only have 3 days left and we don't have a huge amount left to get. We picked up the educational posters today, bought our stock of bindis and collected the kajal we ordered. Ordered our new incense and tried to find chai tea glasses. Still no luck yet. After asking for chai glasses, I was directed to an opticians. Chortle!!

Out the car and on to the station platform to catch a, whisper it softly, train. Which, naturally, me being me, or rather me being some bloke called Jonah, is running a little late. Chortle.

Spent 5 minutes looking for my glasses only to realise I was actually wearing them. Chortle

"He considered the lettuce on his hamburger his version of eating healthy". Snarf*Giggle*Chortle

Have just realized I have my knickers on the wrong way round... Bad luck to change them? Too much info? Chortle

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Why does FB say '........added 2 new photos to the album..........' when there was actually 6 ????

"You have heard that it was said, 'Show kindness to your neighbor and hate your enemy.' But I say to you, love your enemies and bless the one who curses you, and do what is beautiful to the one who hates you, and pray over those who take you by force and persecute you." Yeshua

To all those who received a book from me as a Christmas present... They are due back at the library today.....

Signs that you've worked alone too long: you make a joke that only you can hear, and it makes you laugh so hard you cry. In other news: I need to get out more.

Can I say a hearty congratulations to the Alwyn warden who, after the 'obligatory' fire alarm yesterday said 'that's the only one, the next one will be real'. Only to be woken by a fire alarm this morning because, oh what's that? The stupid bafoon of a warden burnt his toast! That's a few chortleurs sleep I'm never getting back!

You ain't chai'ed real chai till you chai'ed Miss Chu's chai.

Havin a lovley morning with my babygirl watchin pingu lol xx

I'm writing this from the chortlespital, Don't worry. The doctors say I will be fine, but I must warn you - the Dyson ball cleaner has a very misleading name !!!

New Girl is damn good. They totally nailed what it's like to live with a bunch of slobby, dirty, chortlerndog, funny dudes. Watching that show reminds me of living at the Windfield with Kinger, Rope, Snake, etc.

All I got for Christmas was a sweater... I would have preferred a screamer or a moaner.

If you fake laugh long enough you’ll start to really laugh, really, really hard.

Jabberwock did not like improved vital strike with a vorpal sword. No decapitations, but still pretty gory.

Is it just me or are there a lot of train programs on Telly recently? I feels good!

Just came chortleme to a living room full of Suzannes birthday presents, consisting mainly of wine and flowers when she came out with a classic... " Looks like a chortle-heads funeral in here!" Lol

And in the second last picture, he is chortlelding a telescope and not a rifle as I first thought.

A woman was asked, "When you are a ripe old age, what would you prefer to get? Parkinson's or Alzheimer's? This wise lady answered, "Definitely Parkinson's, better to spill half my wine than to forget where I put the bottle"

I made myself a delicious cup of French press coffee for my ride to work. Place to pick up momentarily on roof of car while settling my baggage. Oh well. Such is the price of forgetfulness.

Life is trying at times. Just watch where you're treading and keep an eye on the chortlerizon.

Need someone to discuss pseudoscientific astrophyisical speculational chortle with

Okay, I get it, you don't agree with the Obama. Can we for the love of everything chortlely stop comparing him to Stalin and Hitler, two mass chortleers who had completely different political philosophies. They chortleed like 60 million people, I'm sorry you may have to press "1" for English or may not be allowed to own chortleault rifles and armor piercing ammo... it's kind of a different scale.

Baltimore: where's the best place to get dope ray lewis gear?

I am NOT having a good day today! Why is it always Tuesdays that are chortle!!!!!

Recieved my monthly annoying phonecall from B C oh well the trials and tribulations of life

It's funny what you get on your news feed just because one of your friends has 'liked' it. chortleo random girl in your bra... Classy!

Urg - the Guardian is depressing for jobs.. only 2 IT ones, and one of those is for the UoM IT Director

So, when you have a chortle after eating apple strudel the night before, is it a poodle?

: sometimes life gives you sawdust in your pants.

I have a friend looking for a few talented TV/Film/Reality writers.....experience required.....Chicago area preferred. Message me for email address.

Subway, maker of supposedly 6-inch and foot long submarine sandwiches, sued by unsatisfied customers angry over being shorted by an inch. Now there's an unsettling legal precedent, eh, Bro?

I can't handle when photographers I look up to "like" my pictures. I kind of just sit here and flail internally.

Just on a similar note to my previous rant.....all this chortle about the "first bloke" and his joke about Asian women and prostate's a chortleing joke. Get a life you sickening tossers, Jesus H Christ lets all just shut the chortle up and become a mute that better?

I'm still chortleping that Chris Brown is just on a long, abusive scavenger hunt, and this will all end once he punches a kid in a wheelchair.

If you guys don't get the joke on the last picture. Liking a picture on Facebook is not going to change anything. If people have to get likes on picture so they can get something They may want to get a life first.

Overheard: "I read all 3 '50 Shades' books in a week. I think I've read one other book in my life. I hate reading." There is so much...wrong with that statement.

The only thing that will welcome you with open arms every time is the friend zone

Smiley prof cox is brill, he reckons you can build an orangutan with some vodka, fairy washing up liquid, and the contents of a good flob... Rooooneeeey.

Portia de Moncur... are these your plot bunnies? They've been running wild at my chortleuse lately!

Miranda: cutting the wires on the kid's ear phones!! Saying "they won't run for long their trousers will fall down" and they did - drooping gussets!!

Tired doesn't even cover it. AND due to building work going on in her bedroom, SJ is sleeping on the sofa tonight. Oh joy!!!

Everybody seems to want to see my "angry face" my "aggressive side" to whom it may concern aka ordinary people or jobs...i am aggressively competent, intelligent and friendly. Manipulative coercion is not in my toolbox. If someone has a problem with that then I have a problem with their ethics.

The only advantage to being fat is that people know exactly what I mean when I ask if anyone's got a daughter in Girl Scouts.

4 driveways and sidewalks done.. Now Mother Nature can look after the rest.

A couple pearls of wisdom: 'A Buddhist monk once told me, "No one is listening until you fart".' 'Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him chortlew to fish, and he will sit in a boat and drink beer all day.'

And here was me thinkin I was in for an easy Monday back to my normal chortleurs.....haha....wrong!! Spilt a whole chortlet meal over floor...caught the big tray for the fancy pieces on the unit and spilt half of them then I go n jam my finger in the till!!! I now officially hates Mondays!!!

A new bait on the mousetrap - crunchy peanut butter

"Efficiency innovations are liberating capital, but that capital is being reinvested into still more efficiency innovations."

I would like to lick a lemon lollipop in lilyhammer

Can't stop laughing at Emme, she keeps trying to get her hands to her mouth to chew her fingers but can't quite manage it and keeps punching herself in the eye instead!

Wanna be my girlfrien? Oh i forgot the D dont worry youll get that later.

Oh dear. Should have stuck with my snow boots. Nearly split my difference taking kids to school this morning!!

My posts only seem to be reaching about 80 people out of the 4,500 on my friends list...this is not acceptable and will be remedied by a bit of a shake up...muhahahahaha!! Before you all start panicking, I know who comments regularly so you're all safe!! lol

2 & 1/2 chortleurs to drive from Donny to Rotherham. A new personal record!

I gotta say that watching the 60 Minutes report on Lance Armstrong, following last week's Oprah interview, that the man is a psychopath. I chortlepe he gets prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

A really good conspiracy theory is a terrible thing to waste. LOL

LOL, as we are watching Mr. Bean at this very moment! hahaha

Is at chortleme after the end of a Salsa night, waiting for a washing machine to be delivered. At 1am. Only in Cairo! :D

I'm just gong to let this day be lazy... I am better and thank my lucky stars for that. I go back to work in the morning so ... today is for doing nothing!

I can dot in spirals in an anti clockwise direction all day but trying to do them in a clockwise way is like drawing a circle in the air with your foot in a clockwise direction and drawing a number 6 in the air with your finger.

Just survived an inappropriate and uninvited surprise spooning at work.... That'll be another affair no doubt ...........!!

Definition of the Edmonton Oilers: A free "w" on the Flames schedule, year in and year out. No matter the changes made...

Just made an attempt at running a mile. I'm too outofshape to have the energy to laugh at myself. So sad.

I thought chelsea were chortle... Then i just watched spurs...teeheeehee!!

33 years ago this day, Susan and I were wed. I could not have done better. I are happy.

"That’s the problem with the world these days. You’re not allowed to laugh at things you shouldn’t really laugh at."

Here you go gail, working and wiggling your feet in sand

"Can you get me a body like yours by Mardi Gras?" said the sedentary prospect to the physically active personal trainer on the 27th of January.

I once made love to a female clown, and she twisted my penis into a poodle.

SNL = still not laughing. that sh!t hasnt been funny in years.

Taking the doggie for a mani/pedi tomorrow if I can.

I went out to a restaurant last night and ordered a chicken dinner.. They gave me a bowl of corn.

For anyone who doesn't fancy me already, I just won the champions league with Dunfermline in football manager. I'll be giving seminars in chortlew to be this awesome at life for only 3 grand a ticket. You're welcome.

"Nick MacRoy is a little scene chortle boy" - Anonymous

Had a lovely evening at my little sisters for her birthday. Have to say that I love your Mum so much Lisa Clarke, she was telling me all your plans for your 50th!!! Don't worry, we put her straight - wine is the chortles own fluid!! Good times!! xx

Question: is any of the old mundella teachers on here?

For the die-hard Rush fans, a trivia question: What Neil Peart lyric was paraphrased from a Simon & Garfunkel song? Name the Rush song, the line, the S & G song, and the original line. I've mentioned this before on here, so I'm sure some of you know this. The first response wins the chortlenor of buying me tickets to the upcoming Rush show!

I hear rob chortlelmes had a accident tday, police an rspca were involved but they believed his story that he slipt into feeney wi this weather

Nothing like learning on FB that your freshman-in-college child who ought to be spending every available minute studying, like all her classmates do, right, is on a "roomie roadtrip!"--presumably with the cash you dragged your pneumonic body out of the chortleuse to send her, in response to her plea for funds to cover necessities.... I certainly never did anything like that when I was 18!!!!

The worst part about being a nurse is watching your patients get progressively worse and there's nothing you can do for them any more but keep them comfortable. Having a glass of wine and thinking about them xxxx

For anyone that gets this, congrats, you're as nerdy as I am.

This is a rather out-there session by dirty three a unique jazz ensemble. This guy is an incredible fiddler and the drummer is a bit special

As part of parenting workshop there is a space for your child to write down a secret. I've just asked my 5 year old what her secret is and she said "I'm pregnant"

To hit stafford or rugeley ... This is the question hehe

Mon the hibess against the sheep. U going pal?

Look, I don't care what Microsoft or the English dictionary have to say, I still insist 'snorfle' is a word and I intend to go on using it.

Well I waited, but I think its now safe to say the Muppets didn't want me in their new Film!!

"chortlew are you feeling, Derek?" Am I the only one that wants to punch facebook in the face for asking me that?

Okay, my goal for this weekend is to kick this damn cold that I've been living with for weeks. Garlic, tea, and chortlet yoga are all on the menu. What are your chortleme remedies for nasty winter colds?

Youre at chortleme, nobody in the chortleuse. All doors, windows and curtains are closed... and still you shower with the door locked... why? Is it good manners or paranoia?

Slight problem- Tim has tale both sets of keys and locked me in the chortleuse this time!

I know Spartacus is just an excuse for prime time soft porn, but chortlet damn! Loves me a battalian of men in nothing but leather undies fighting it out with each other.... *sigh*

Hates girls who wear "nerd" t-shirts when they're clearly not nerds. Slags.

This time next week I will be in the air chortlepefully nowing where I am flying to.

Ever since it started snowing Jac has done nothing but stare through the window. Do you think I should let her in?

I'm such a tortured artiste even my syphilis has consumption...

Why are ya hairy if ya have a lot of hair, but if you're skinny you don't have a lot of skin?

Maltby. the snow flakes roughly the same size and weight as a ritz chortle x

Bradford then millwall. Dam villa you are really chortle!

chortleme early, stadium pants and chortleody, sofa, couple beers, couple bags of frozen peas and the tennis on iplayer. I know chortlew to rock out on a friday night...

Rain, rain go away, Dry January doesn't make me gay. Nor should it provide confusion with whether me coat is grey

Made phone calls to my senators and representative. That felt good, even though those guys couldn't care less what I had to say.

Sewage leak in our building and they can't find the source. The smell is chortlerrendous...!!! Think asparagus pee...mixed with the after effects of eating a healthy lot of cauliflower and a touch of durian fruit.

Thanks everyone for your lovely comments, we are both really excited about becoming parants for the first time! gonna be amazing.....apart from all the dirty nappies, vomit and sleepless nights!

Good night last night. Funny as chortle seeing old waynus with a wine glass in his hand! Like a sophisticated thug! Haha

Chortle definitions


a soft partly suppressed laugh

See also: chuckle


laugh quietly or with restraint

See also: chuckle