Chuckle in a sentence as a noun

I bet Marx would have a chuckle over this.

"When we told him that we were on the Mac team, he started to chuckle.

All of you are giving good advice but I just have to chuckle at how quickly you all proved OPs point.

>They take 73% of the profit in smartphone marketI chuckle every time I hear this.

I had to chuckle at how he nonchalantly just whips up a mill simulator or a Python script for the shape of the blade.

This post is the chef hanging out with other chefs and restaurant people to have a chuckle at those lame tourists who expect to pay $10 for a meal.

Chuckle in a sentence as a verb

I had to chuckle when I read this snippet:"Being small is not an excuseOne common argument to choose Lua is that it has a small footprint.

Of course as a colleague of mine likes to say, "that train has sailed" [sic].One thing I that makes me chuckle is thinking back to the prices paid on secondary markets pre-IPO.

Besides I chuckle every time a guy gives 'engineering education' as a reason to not do something.

With credit to /r/bitcoin, I got a chuckle out of this one: Sorry, due to a major bug in the WWW protocol, our\n website is temporarily unavailable.

You've gotta wait until you can hold a bat mitzvah to hand it off to her?This kind of chicanery is why I can only chuckle when Google announces new initiatives that require significant customer service, like selling telephones or providing a fulfillment system to compete with Amazon Prime.

Chuckle definitions


a soft partly suppressed laugh

See also: chortle


laugh quietly or with restraint

See also: chortle