Chattering in a sentence as a noun

"None could laugh, though the Ape-man had a chattering titter.

Hey, I was just idly chattering about C and the way people in general often approach it.

It is the practice of awareness without the incessant chattering of the mind.

These random people chattering on forums - I won't mention any names [obviously Hacker News]?

You might as well argue that the chattering masses are subsidizing a viral marketing platform for the consumer goods sector.

Cool, so for the billionth example, makers make something -- good or bad -- that creates a commotion and the chattering class gets to ride the waves.

To a novice this very well may be novel advice looking upon the rest of us chattering away about the next bit of cooltech on the horizon.

In my case that means spending years chattering online on various discussion boards & blogs about whatever interests me. Use argumentative realms & subjects to hone the art of clear concise replies.

That is not simply another shitty Rails site, or tries to skirt around regulations and pretends to be 'disrupting' things?\nOh dear, this won't go down well at all with the chattering classes on HN!

Many of these things are designed to be attention-grabbing and to encourage chattering about their consequences, even if there is absolutely nothing interesting or actually at stake in that.

Unlike a lot of music radio stations, which are just a man sitting in a room playing songs off a computer and chattering between them, Radio 4 has a lot of well-researched, pre-recorded content that would be impossible to broadcast live.

If an audience full of people heckling, smoking up, or chattering to each other would be counter-productive to the presenter's ability to present and/or an individual's enjoyment of the event, maybe you should consider not doing it yourself.

Whenever I find myself having similar thoughts I reread Willa Cather's story, "Paul's Case", here's the relevant part, the very end:"He stood watching the approaching locomotive, his teeth chattering, his lips drawn away from them in a frightened smile; once or twice he glanced nervously sidewise, as though he were being watched.

Chattering definitions


the rapid series of noises made by the parts of a machine

See also: chatter


the high-pitched continuing noise made by animals (birds or monkeys)

See also: chatter