How to use Cachet in a sentence as a noun

Some people love this work, they can stay useful and "in the game", but some hate it because it comes with the cachet of being stale and not keeping up with the times.

I realise that "but he was a citizen" holds some cachet with the American national story, but really it shouldn't.

Yes, it's subjective to say "the cachet of working at Penny Arcade doesn't outweigh the negatives of this job, and the fact that the posting tells you up front that it's a **** job doesn't change that," but the author certainly makes a good case as to why he believes that.

He recognizes that a position at Penny Arcade has a level of cachet, but doesn't recognize that that level of cachet is transitive: if someone "can work somewhere “cool” and feel like a part of something big", then good for them.

[1]This visceral feeling of "quality" is what gives Apple's brand such cachet.

Quality of user experience: Can I register a domain without being bombarded for ads for other add-on ****?Social responsibility: Am I supporting a company that relies on horrible and sexist and demeaning ads to get attention?Social cachet: Would I be embarrassed to have people find out who I was using for my domains/hosting?

Whether or not you agree with his assessment of Valley culture, his personal cachet is such that it behooves you to take notice.

I can at least understand it takes a bit of engineering to heave a nearly million pound piece of metal in the air. Twitter just doesn't have the same cachet.

In tech, for example, DIY hackerspace stuff, media art, nonprofits like Copenhagen Suborbitals, etc., all carry at least as much cachet as the startup sector does.

Not to rain on your parade, but in these cases it's hard to make a convincing separation between your looks per se and the cachet in Chine of having a Westerner working for you.

And i guess there's some kind of cachet in not being in the crowd.

Dustin deliberately tried to build up some sense of exclusivity in the "cachet of belonging to a selective group" rather than in the "starting off small" sense.

That way they can be both more comprehensive and often better sources of information than some guy who has a bit of cachet in a community.

Cachet definitions


an indication of approved or superior status

See also: seal


a warrant formerly issued by a French king who could warrant imprisonment or death in a signed letter under his seal


a seal on a letter