Bustling in a sentence as an adjective

They do what they do because it's a bustling marketplace.

The internal Google+ network is huge and bustling.

The place was bustling with 20-30 young people working on SkyVu's latest mobile game apps.

It's a huge, bustling city - actually, New Jersey's largest city.

When I was in High School it was the city center, so bustling and full of people it was often hard to walk in a straight line.

Five years later, the strip mall with walmart is bustling with business and the other mall is still mostly empty.

For example, the bustling environment will actually _invigorate_, not drain, me, because that's the kind of place I enjoy.

A three minute walk north, east, south or west sends me to a different, bustling commercial district, each with their own distinct flavour.

A pox on the whole damned lot of it!Some days I just despair of all the time I've wasted bustling and jostling, crushed by the sweaty masses in the ghetto.

* There are plenty of examples of tower cities with bustling urban environments and low car ownership.

The situation is a little different because Starbucks is so pervasive, but don't discount the customer draw of a bustling store full of people.

These are bustling, interesting old cities with cool architecture, walkable downtowns, great old gardens and museums, and vastly lower rents.

The most telling sentence of the whole article:"The trickle of shopping bags leaving the store with merchandise was nothing like the steady stream at a bustling Apple store upstairs.

It's not a bustling and booming metro, obviously, but it's not even remotely comparable to what this article describes in Russia.

Having a quiet place to retreat to and work does not preclude meeting in noisy bustling coffee shops and bars - simply walk into any coffee shop or bar near Middle Temple and throw a brick.

Bustling definitions


full of energetic and noisy activity; "a bustling city"