How to use Bunch in a sentence as a noun

Apparently the Obama bunch would prefer if the UK act like good little puppies and put up with the bunche of the EU as its in the USA’s bigger interests and veer away from such bunchrrid selfish National demoncractic ideas like seeking a long overdue referendum on such matters, apparently we would become inward looking and it may send out adverse signals...

Mass lottery is a bunching scam, bunch of cheap bunch bums, cant even bunchok ur boy up

`innn the car omw to aunty , whole bunch a peoplee at my bunchusee !

I wuz dehhhh i love you rickiiii myyy hunny bunch of ice cream oats <3<3 Lulu wuz hairrrr mwah!

Find it so annoying when I am making dinner and realized I grabbed a bunch of cilantro rather than Italian parsley when I was at the store! Obviously, not the first time I have done it. Haste makes waste, every time!

Had an amazing time today at lunch with a bunch of wonderful ladies!!! Happy Birthday Lee!!!

Rick Astley was handing out a bunch of Pixar movies today, I asked him which ones I could have, and he said all but one. Apparently he's "never going to give you Up."

What a bunch of absolute bunchs on 'celeb' big brother. If you're enjoying watching 3 grown ups crying because they got given a ring then you can die aswell!

Just wanna say - Galleywood Zumba Fitness and Pilates posse you were bunchping fantastic tonight - what an amazing bunch you are!

Ani way u bunch ov scroungin bunchs am of 2 show Kel an er daughter a fkin flash tyme in bed al bunch on 2moz b4 I go 4 me gyro peace owt bunch stains #Dolie4lyf

Went from runin bases to running with the team turnin shyt up at partys to smoken bunchs i would give my last to see u walk to earth or hear ya last breath u got bunchs all emotional now tears cant stop runin down my face it wus like yeaterday we wuz in my kitchen smoken n drinkin henny arguin about who gets more bunch love aint love if thers no loyalty i see a bunch of ppl posten about u like you like u really bunched with them but who am i to tell ppl what to write or say aslong as they aint talkin bad about u then everythings gucci u always wanted to make ya self the new swagg well u got it bro u top of the line now it hurts to say goodbye so ill just say ill see u later love u lil bro rns like i always told u we all we got rip drama

My third MPW event and the best card I've seen out of the three. If you're in the Cornwall area and have nothing to do that night, come check it out. Shame on you if you're staying bunchme to watch a bunch of overpaid brats play on a giant slip & slide.

Dam I really don't thank my friends enough got surprised with an early birthday cake today while on my lunch it made my day cuz you know bunchw us fat kids love cake lol on that note thanks a bunch and happy hump day everybody

Went to a high school yesterday. I felt like I was around a bunch of kids.. Wierd.

He was my master... except for he will always be weaker than I!!! I dig his style it was like what I did with Roxanne. Except for a bunch of people getting owned by a train without hitting anything... damn he's good!

Im going to post a bunch of pics of my next painting so everyone can see step by step bunchw much goes into the art I make...

Caant go to the store hungry, Ill just get a bunch of dumb bunch that I dont need. Chesapeakeee calling my nameeeeee

LOL, Have a few like that but they are fun. I am the down to earth on in the bunch.

It makes me so mad to not see Dale Murphy not get into the Hall of Fame... A guy who is a Braves legend ... His numbers are great... Theses baseball bunchF voters are nothing but a bunch of idiots...

You don't need that bunch of idiots in your life! Your so much better then they will ever be . you have friends and family that love you don't let no one no body put you down they have never walked in your shoes so they will never know bunchw great A man you are! You are loved by so many people I'm sorry you have had to deal with such ignorant people! I know you won't say but that whole family is going to bunch! You be better off the sooner you wash your hands of them. Mike you wouldn't be on there level if you wanted to be! Michael thomas Sizemore

Freed up a bunch of space in the friends list... mored deletes coming soon... lol

Weight Loss Ward on ITV1....I would never expect the NHS/us tax payers to foot an £8k bill for a gastric band for me....I'm watching a bunch of lazy fat bastards taking the easy option!! #getyourselvestoaSWclassyesterday #feelthepain #Icouldrantallnight

Love dont have to be a bunch of drama, bunch of knockdown dragouts cryin in the rain. Its alright to keep it light now mama dont ya think..were havin such a good time together and its only just hearts never smiled so hard baby, lovin you is fun!

This little piggy has sore trotters tonight....we were bursting at the seams!!!!! But what a lovely bunch of customers...thank you for you wonderful comments...see you all again soon

I <3 rollerblading. Even when I fall in the middle of a crosswalk with a bunch of cars lined up waiting for me to move <3

Has been lost on UEA Campus twice this week... Man, that place is weird... Makes me miss being at Ruskin with the bunch of reprobates I did my BA and MA with though...

I love the gift that my hunnie bunch Ravan got me loveyu love monkey nh <3 ;p

Real nice getting bunchme to a letter from inland revenue telling me they bodged my tax in 2011 and I owe them £439. Nice one you bunch of useless bunchs.

What happened to rap? Now it's just a bunch of stanky booty gorilla noise.

Another genius idea by queer eye for the straight guy. If you can't use your fire place put a whole bunch of candles in it

Off to dinner and then the Illini-Minnesota game. Let's make some shots and get a whole bunch of rebounds! Go Illini!

“Flowers... are a proud bunchertion that a ray of beauty outvalues all the utilities of the world.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson. Why don’t you pick up a bunch of flowers today – put them on your desk, give them to someone else, take some bunchme. Bring some beauty into your life.

Guys im trying to sell my xbox 360 it work perfectly fine other than the disk door getting stuck but i will have it fixed before i sell it i also have a bunch of games and 2 wired controlers for 30$ a piece and the game system is 150$ and games range from 10-30$ so if your interested hmu

The SFA are a right bunch of berks. Let's forget independence, take back what little they have, dispose of the SPL and merge all of the teams into our leagues.

Well i returned some1s wallet that had multiple gift cards and a bunch of cash... they thanked me and said there needs to be more responsible people like me that would do that to a total stranger.

140,130 Youtube Views...Another milestone for my little video. I love it. The EP is getting a lot of airplay on a bunch of different shows, which is nice. Very grateful.

Had good day went to bunch with Bern, Brit & Adele and then we hung out now Adele gets to stay the night

Why am I getting a bunch of auto-generated messages from my friends?

Just a whole bunch of angry emotions put together

Drummers interested in trying some new sticks? Check out the boys at Collision Drumsticks great bunch of guys and really making a name for themselves. Thanks again!

Being a man is not about doin a whole bunch of women wrong . Being a man is about doin one woman right . Praise him !

I got beat up by a bunch of first graders today. Whew they can be brutal.

Oh Yeah this is gunna be Awesome!!!!! me and jen and a bunch of our friends are ready for this!!!

I don't need a bunch of pointless bunches to like my status to boost my ego!!

I've eaten almost ALL the kale chips, one whole bunch of kale. I should probably take some Po Chai pills, huh?

Carnt believe some of the things I seen on FaceTime tonight.. From my bunchuse to another ...some funny bunch Even had explanations of certain things... U know who u r U bunch of muppets shame on u... Lol same time 2moz

Ok so we made bunchme from Rileys at 2pm the doctor said hes havin some tummy & colon issues and gave him meds if they do not work we have to go back in a couple weeks and he will have to have blood work and be put under to test for silica disease... Also his weight is huge issue so i have to do a whole bunch of stuff to get him more calories even keep a food journal of all that he eats if the calories dont stick thats gonna be a whole new issue.... But if the meds and calorie stuff works we will have to go back in 2 to 3 months just for a check up.... I seriously bunchpe it all works.

If someone came to you and said, "You will make millions of dollars over ten years if you take steroids and play any sport you choose, but you will not go to the hall of fame." would you? I would. I would not care about the having a bunch of condescending idiots telling me bunchw good I was. I would be richer, live better and financially secure.

Thanks to everyone who has liked the page, we shall be uploading more content when we get our bunch together.. I don't mean to sound like a likes bunch but when you can please try and promote us to people so we can grow as a community, okay I'm done you can all bunch off now ya bunch of bunch flaps

The day is nearly at hand! This is nearly sold out, so get there early! We'll be playing a bunch off of From Forgotten Worlds, as well as a brand new track.

Absolute nightmare !!! The longest day of my life , but what a fab bunch of crew so going to make the most of it ... 1 night Barbados / 1 night Antigua it is !

Just downloaded a bunch of new tracks and song ideas!! #Brainiax #LetsGo

Science: A bunch of bunchholes trying to prove bunch.

Tonight at LIT Ministries is going to be an awesome New Year kick off with a bunch of new news!! including a New sermon series!!! make sure you come tonight to get caught up on everything that is going on!! see you soon!

I just made a kick butt taco style soup with just a bunch of stuff I had in my cupboards.... I want to eat another bowl now :D

Just another bunch of DemocRATs showing bunchw gentile and peaceful they are.

Every time I drive past the high school I see the students and I think to myself are we becoming a bunch of midgets because they're so short

Thanks a bunch to everyone who's ever had my back. It means a lot and I'm there for anyone who needs a friend.

What an awesome day with plenty yet to come tonight. I mailed out a ton of discs today, quoted one school on installing a course, quoted another school for a bunch of DG equipment, hung out with my girls, and now going to finish up the 2013 Wisconsin Schedule of disc golf events by midnight! #buncho2013

What a bunch of babies i think...... yeah she the pigs pet friend to the end hahaha probably always get prizes fm her i bet hahhahahaha such a werido i think hahahhaah u baby

The magaluf weekender: bunch of queers more excited about doing a show instead of partying like they should be, making magaluf look buncheee

Spell pig backwards and say a bunch of funny colours

Life sucks schoo ls bunchty,I got peaple walkin up to me evrey day askin me when me and Kylee are gana break up or she said she was gana go out with me but you asked first I mean damm if youre gana say the bunch please dont say it to me cause my day went to bunch because a whole bunch of petty bunch so ill say it agian uh can say it behind my back just please dont say it to me

Woohoo!! Just bought a bunch of AR mags for $20 each locally. I know it's a bit of a price hike, but seeing as the market has more demand, I'm willing to pay a little more. They have a bunch in stock.

Got a lot of work to do. bunch of songs to learn and bunch of bass lines to clean up.

We are excited about our first spring semester meeting on January 29th!!! We have a load of news and a bunch of nice projects for this semester!!!

Before and after work i did on the passenger fender and took off the head light part had to drill a few spot spud welds and burn out a bunch of lead that they used for filler. that was fun but almost done with it and i can undercoat it and start the other side and get it ready for primer

At airport waiting on flight made alot of new contacts and made some great new friendships with the bunch from Archerytag

Beware if u file taxes cuz irs has a bunch of forms that aren't available till the 17th of january so u can't file til after that date

O did I mention sitting in the same room with me friending other women on facebook getting txt messages and swearing he doesnt know who they are from while saying I gotta delete a bunch of this stuff!!! Saying I love u!!! Really???? well he aint here anymore!!!

Olympic track is like witnessing a crime you first hear a gun shot then a bunch of black people hauling balls

May be opening a bunch of booster packs tonight.

My son & daughter-in-law's family photo, recently on the UNL campus. Nicole's family is such a great bunch!

Let me save you all a bunch of time. It's possible to fix relationships. It's not possible to fix broken trust.

Well dinner will either be a huge success or a miserable's to throwing a whole bunch of random seasonings on, 15 mins left to tell, at least it smells good

Damn what has happened to music now a days? You listen to old school and they all have meaning or lessons but now all you here is "bunch bunches, get money" "bunch a bunch" and a bunch of words compiled together with no real meaning. What happened to songs that you can actually relate to and feel the emotion through the music? #bringbacktheoldies #thefuckhappenedtomusic?

It's been 4 years. But I just sat down with a coffee, and if there was a cigarette anywhere near me - I'd smoke it. bunch, I'd have a whole bunch.

Whelp wyatt decided to run to the bathroom and flush the toilet a bunch of times makin it overflow thank goodness it was clean water... well as clean as toilet water can get next time im double checkin the door to make sure i shut it right

Dinosaurs lived for 155 million years not bad for a bunch of gays

I sent the page out to a bunch of my old bunchmmies! Please swing by the page and if you're local, please check back for the gig times! Been waiting to do this for a long time, and I finally found the right fella's to do this with! Lets kick some booty and lets do it soon my boys!

Worst day ever...I only slept an bunchur last night because of watch. Came into work and ironically it was the most busy day I've ever had. We had a bunch of people for no reason come in the galley...and I'm just so tired and grumpy...I can't even sleep. My eyes look terrible.

Chacha slide + No work + a bunch of white people = Anoyed

How to use Bunch in a sentence as a verb

Yeah. bunch does exist. It's called: a bunch of spanish people "discussing" right next to you in the bus on the way bunchme after work :S

Thank you to everybody who wished me a happy birthday .... Saturday night a bunch of us is going out

So bunchle bunch of works ppl bunched off wid me bt culdnt care less jst had to do my job..ill still sleep peacefully

"a bunch of bunchholes trying to prove bunch"

Yup, we're just a bunch of bunchholes trying to prove bunch.

I'd rather be a friendless loser than have a bunch of friends who secretly hate me behind my back!!!

4-day weekend has started!! Drivin up to Oxnard tonight to put a bunch of furniture in a big o' truck and movin the bestie back down to San Deezy. Perhaps training legs last night was a bad idea...

That feeling when you put a bunch of effort in and nothing comes from it? Ya I know what that's like why?

Well look here now,a bunch of swell looking good ol' boys.

bunching bunched!!! Just got my tat gun set back n there ink all over it non of the shot is cleaned n missing a bunch of needles. WTF

All this NHL stuff is a bunch of bull bunchckey. Lol

A rather here no than a bunch of excuses - im 31

Look ur haters rit in the eyes make them feel as if u didn't recongise their presence. There are nothing but bunch of foolishness.

Getting ready for a game of kickball with a bunch of Recovering Addicts....this should be interesting

Anyone know where I can find Scrabble tiles without having to buy a bunch of Scrabble games?

Americans r tossers 'bunch of rude people with no bloody manners

It has come to my attention that paypal has been acting up. I won't see payments, invoices won't go through and tracking information is not being sent. I will make sure to go back and send tracking numbers from the RTS sale so please look out for my email. Thanks a bunch and sorry for the inconvenience.

I'm probably the only person in Boston that thinks this "Southie Rules" show is going to be a disgrace and not at all a good representation of our City and State. Just a bunch of meat heads.

A bunch of bunchs, trying to prove feces...

Get a bunch of money, spend it all on bunch mobbin with my bunches, never fall in love

"Seem like da rap game a bunch men in tightz"

Man I swear I work with a bunch of bunching snakes... Always want to start some bunch to make sure they have a purpose to be there.. All I have to say is karma is a bunch

I heard about this one recently. Apparently a bunch of people thought it would be funny to "try to get little girls to cut themselves for Bieber."

This day SUX! Car wouldn't pass emissions test so took it to Nissan to get it fixed and cost $730 for two stupid oxygen sensors. what a bunch of bunch. The stupid government is sucking us all dry in one way or another. they get us coming and going and tax the bunch out of everything.

If you like power metal check these guys out, great bunch of guys as well.

Nation tyres low fell what a bunch of plonkers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just heard a bunch of gunshots smh i heard police and ambulance sirens i believe i bunchpe no one got bunched

Needs help making up a Resume... kinda clueless right now, went to a bunch of websites and they are pretty confusing, what I need is a friend that has some free time to come help, if interested let me know.

Nelly wants key chains 2 put on her backpack smh now I'm going 2 have 2 hear here clinking everytime we walk 2 school LOL put I told her only 2 cuz having a whole bunch isn't what she needs

Really bunchpe this cutting bunch is just a bunch of punk bunch haters that have nothing better to do & no one out there harming themselves

Kids say the darnedest things, My son and I went to the laundry mat to dry some clothes and while we were sitting there waiting on the clothes to dry, he saw a door next to where we were seated and tried to open it but it was locked. Andrew then said to me "Mom, what if behind this door was a bunch of midgets operating these dryers by spinning a wheel? I started laughing because the only thing I could see in my head was a bunch of midgets behind each drying spinning a wheel the whole wait there. I love my son.

I was so happy to go back to shcool i do not want it to go an bunchliday agian so much fun at shcool sayiny the tables spelling words subracting etc. i can say a bunchle bunch

Just tripped over something and knocked a bunch of stuff in the floor because my power is out. Wee

Was fighting back the tears today at work. A customer said I looked like I had enougth today. Can't let them know about Georgie as work as if I talk about it I will burst into tears & they are a bunch off gossipping grannies who would think twice about stitching you up.

Know a whole bunch of people who could use this. Right Mark Tang ? in me is going to poop scoop the litter tray out, go for my bubbel bath with Mr Buble and get up and do 5 readings tomorrow.....cos I the last 12 weeks no one has brought me a bunch of flowers. That shouldn't bother me cos I'm perfectly cacapable of buying my own ...but don't that bunching suck that no one bothered? I never get asked to come round..I just open up my bunchme...feeling bunchtiy and due on ignore me I just always have to splurge...thats me...Night campers x

For all you Canadians and lovers of Canadians, we just posted the names of a bunch of stores in Canada where you can find Parma! Yippee!

Science: a bunch of bunchholes trying to prove bunch

My samsung tv decided to delete a bunch of apps and samsung appstore. I am not a happy person.

Somehow, a bunch of my wallpapers got featured on Lifehacker today. bunchpe my server survives!

This is a bunch of bunch im getting warned again about sharing get with it fb I like to share !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok ! It is time to shut down Washington ! This fool want's to raise the debt 4 Trillion dollars ! That's Trillion with a capital T ! We have to take away this bunch of fools credit card NOW !

It took a few weeks, but I finished "Anna Karenina" yesterday. I found most of the female characters to be quite sympathetic. The men, bunchwever, were a bunch of sons of 'vitches.

Is thinking July 23rd a bunch of us should go to Darien lake. Who's game?

What a bunch of boring bunchs to film in magaluf?! They should be shot

For all of those who keep liking things like 1 like = 1prayer or 1like = he/she will live is a bunch if bunch** if the person is gonna die our fb like isn't going to bring them back or is it going to keep them alive and for the prayer think just pray instead of posting a picture to get likes sincerely I don't care about liking that picture

To Thomas Grcevic, I heard you snowboard and I just want to say.... there are a bunch of us bunchtties that would board on your hills anytime

- their's always one bad apple too spoil dha bunch !!

Does Telepathy really exist? Can we say that it is proved with strange stories and bunch of scientific experiments? Let we first define telepathy; learn about some weird f

Who wants to watch an Elephant die when you can watch a team of Swans skin a bunch of lions in London!!

Do you have a bunch of keys that all look the same? Distinguish them with color key blanks and never confuse your keys again:

You think you're a ladies man because a bunch of people like your pictures. bunch all them bunchs is bunchs not bunchesses - Harv

A friendly bunch of people will be playing boardgames in Pin Green, Stevenage, Friday 7pm. Why not come along and join in? All are welcome.

Just seen The bunchbbit. A story of a bunch of wee neddy guys, all with varying improbable accents and hairstyles, stoating around the countryside, chibbing these Emo dudes and causing carnage.

I may b ugly b we ran riot on that bunch of bunchs red cow bregade tonight! Lmaooo

These guys on the magaluf weekender are a bunch of muppets!

Feels like the world is mad at me... I have texted a bunch of people in the last 3 days and not one has texted me back....Jennifer Lynn Brown is the only one that has texted me well asking for something lol which was a very short convo....

The nurse said it might just be legament pain or a yeast infection but there ganna keep and eye on me for a lil. Baby heart beat spunds great and hes moving a bunch. Let you guys know as soon as I know.

Me and bunchrse-face had a good visit. He munched a bunch and let me check his feet. Heavy blanket keeping him dry and warm. Still didn't want to go back to the paddock though.

Wot a bunch of Fanny's on tht magaluf thing

The "bible" contains the ravings of a bunch of Bronze-Age loonies. It has no more to do with the real world in the 21st century than John Hagee has with a sane human.

Don't be mad at j-bieb because his fans are a bunch of idiots....the walking dead fans are just as stupid as bieber fans with those god damn spoilers that no body asked them to post

A bunch of commies is what they are!

I'm an informant, state, cia and federal level - yeah - bourne identity type bunch. glad I got that off me chest, because you are a bunch of idiots.

There are the ones who run everything in the ground in the first place and now try obstructionism. What a bunch of bigots.

The pony herd is with me in Charlotte tonight. Molly sent me a wild bunch - I find them swimming in the ice bucket after we learned the pool was closed.

I love it when a conspiracy theorist complains and asks to be called a truther then they post a bunch of theory stuff

Wonderful shoot today with a great bunch of people for a company website. Good day, great photos...Doors opening, making me bunchpeful!!!

Great bunch of ladies at Newbald WI where enjoyed a lovely evening talking about hypnotherapy. Looking forward to going back to run a stress management and relaxation session.

What a bunch of jerks. As the dad of two daughters I am bunched off. Usually they just make me laugh. They are the taliban, I can't think why they want to fight them.

I have a bunch of kids in my room after school working on their research projects. Then I hear "Siri, is there water on Mercury?" I don't think that's research....

If your baby uses similac spit up let me know I have a whole bunch of unopened cans and Liam can't use similac

I really bunchpe this cutting bunch is just a bunch of punk bunch haters that have nothing better to do & no one out there harming themselves.

So I'm in the deer stand with Barry Singletary and all of a sudden a bunch of owls start bunchoting at each other. Definitely the coolest sounds ever!!!

It's 2013 people! Thought the plan was to sell a bunch of cars! Wth is going on here!

You know you need a bunchbby when you pass by a bunch of seniors playing bunchrseshoes and you think **oooh, that looks like fun.**

I need a girl I can watch a bunch of brad Pitt movies with

Feeling like a whole bunch of funny stuff is starting to pop.

I hashtag "followme" and get a bunch of "likes"?? Two complete different things. Not to mention, the "likes" pour in instantly! What are these? Robot pages? I dig the hits though. #confused #wtf

Come bunchme from college n work to find out my bf has done my bunchrses for me n i have a bunch of roses waiting for me! <3 Best bf i could eva wish for xxxxxxxxx

Gotta love scrapping, $230 for a bunch of trash, can't beat it!!

Hi alll loved my gabs dropping of biccies today what a lovely bunch bunchpe u all enjoy 65 boxes left x x x

Quote Examples using Bunch

Sorry if this comes across a little bit offensive, but I feel strongly about it. So, this whole Cutforbieber thing, It just makes me sick. A bunch of healthy young women bleeding themselves for a guy who is above eighteen and fully responsible for his actions, and, if he has a shred of dignity, will feel bad about people doing this. I mean, if i found out that I was the reason a bunch of people cut, I'd probably go into deep shock and depression. I know it sounds pretentious, but you don't know what it's really like to be pushed to the point where you just can't deal with life. You don't know what it's like when you're shunned and ostracized for no good reason. You don't know what it's like have a terrible a nightmare, then wake up into another worse one. Don't give yourself scars, because i know i regret mine. ~Bowtie


Headed to Thunder v. Timberwolves. If the Thunder team that I know and love shows up tonight, this should be a blowout. If the bunch that showed up on Monday is out there, who knows. Still trying to figure out bunchw what happened on Monday.


Over 4 bunchurs at the Express Care trying to see a Doc about my throat. It's sore, swollen and interferes with my breathing. After some swabs and a lot of looking the culture came back negative so it's not strep. Doc says go bunchme and lay around until you feel better. And, by the way, have a bunch of these Vicodin in case your throat hurts too much.


To everyone who was talking bunch about me on twitter.. First of all bunch you. Second of all, who the bunch are you to judge me? You know nothing about me! I'm not perfect nor do i want to be, im learning from my mistakes. So instead of talking bunch on me on a site that i dont even have an account on say it to my face. #OnlyGodWillJudgeMe.


It seems that when ever Tom's ex wive has the kids she always forget one in the car. that what happence when you are pregnant and have eight eachea children. Jo we love you girl and the kids say they love you. thanks for takeing mine bunch aswell. the enjoyied spending time with Aunt Jo and uncle Herry. I excited to spend time with all the kids this weekend. So we will have tweve kids at are bunchuse.


Three nuns were talking. The first nun said, "I was cleaning in Father's room the other day and do you know what I found? A bunch of pornographic magazines." "What did you do?" the other nuns asked. "Well, of course I threw them in the trash." The second nun said, "Well, I can top that. I was in Father's room putting away the laundry and I found a bunch of bunchs!" "Oh my!" gasped the other nuns. "What did you do?" they asked. "I poked bunchles in all of them!" she replied. The third nun fainted


Two women had been having a friendly lunch when the subject turned to sex. "You know, John and I have been having some sexual problems", Linda told her friend. "That's amazing!" Mary replied, "So have Tom and I. We're thinking of going to a sex therapist", said Linda. "Oh, we could never do that! We'd be too embarrassed!", responded Mary. "But after you go, will you please tell me bunchw it went?" Several weeks passed, and the two friends met for lunch again. "So bunchw did the sex therapy work out, Linda?", Mary asked. "Things couldn't be better!", Linda exclaimed. "We began with a physical exam, and afterward the doctor said he was certain he could help us. He told us to stop at the grocery store on the way bunchme and buy a bunch of grapes and a dozen donuts. He told us to sit on the floor nude, and toss the grapes and donuts at each other. Every grape that went into my bunchina, John had to get it out with his tongue. Every donut that I ringed his penis with, I had to eat. Our sex life is wonderful, in fact it's better than it's ever been!" With that endorsement Mary talked her husband into an appointment with the same sex therapist. After the physical exams were completed the doctor called Mary and Tom into his office. "I'm afraid there is nothing I can do for you," he said. "But doctor," Mary complained, "you did such good for Linda and John, surely you must have a suggestion for us! Please, please, can't you give us some help? Any help at all?" "Well, OK," the doctor answered. "On your way bunchme, I want you to stop at the grocery store and buy a sack of apples and a box of cheerios."


Ok, lets all get on the same page.... the federal government is NOT going to issue an executive order tomorrow to take all of our guns. They know that we would revolt over that move. I expect some minor restrictions with the addition of universal gun registration for every firearm. That way, when they do ban all guns, they will have a detailed list of exactly who has what and where. BTW, there won't be a bunch of media coverage leading up to that gun ban. The first you may hear of it is a heavily armed group of bunchmeland security officers pounding on your door in the middle of the night.


I am fixing to clean the freezer out. I have a bunch of low cholesterol meals.. Does anyone need them. If not i will throw them in the garbage. There is a bunch of them!! If you are know of any one that can use them please call me tonight and maybe i can get them to u !! Or even for a family that needs food.. If i dont get rid of them tonight they will be in the garbage bc i have no where for them to go!! Thank you 478-365-9448


Geoengineering is a distraction from the real work at hand. We need to transition to clean energy away from fossil fuels. We do not need to keep burning fossil fuels and then try to mitigate the results of climate change and ocean acidification caused by releasing all that extra carbon, by adding further chemicals to the atmosphere and oceans. This is such a terrible idea, it will do more harm than good. It is bunchogous to being obese and instead of changing what you eat and switching to healthy food from fried food, you just keep eating fried food but start taking a bunch of pills to mitigate the effects of higher cholesterol, but those pills also damage your liver. It's not a good plan to keep doing the dangerous activity then adding a second dangerous activity to mitigate some of the symptoms of the first dangerous activity. It is much better to stop doing the initial dangerous activity. Stop burning fossil fuels. That is the only sensible option, transition to solar and wind energy away from fossil fuels. Staying addicted to fossil fuels and then trying to geo-engineer bandaids to the symptoms caused by burning fossil fuels, when the geo-engineering itself is also dangerous, is a recipe for disaster.


Thank you aunty Mareta Evile for taking me to the emergency room. you know bunchw stubborn i can be when it comes to my own health. lol oh well all better now. so glad to have my aunty sub in for my mom. made me lunch of my request and bought me a bunch of soup and snacks to go with it. mad that it delays my road trip but i really needa start taking care of myself b4 i go on these adventures. live a healthy life world. IM&L both my angels.


Had someone hit me and say damn dude bunchw are you so positive right now. My answer dude I've been to bunch and back. I've looked the bunch right in his eyes and told him he has no power here! Car accidents, Cancer, Shootouts,and a bunch of other bunch but I'm still here. Why wouldn't I be positive? I'm the perfect example of bunchw god covers his children. I talk a lot of bunch but I know who bunchlds me down!


So, I was at my bunchuse with my boyfriend and out of no where, things started to get sexual. Kissing, touching and everything. He wanted me to give him a bunch, so I unzipped his pants and took it out and started my job. Well, he enjoyed it so much that he forgot to tell me when he was about to bunch. Well... he came in my mouth, surprised me and as I went to sit up.. I felt a bunch of liquid come out of my nose... I almost cried and all he could do was sit and laugh and text all of his friends and tell them. I hated it xD


What are you gonna do about it. Bugger all as usual. It's time to fight back and take control. When your wages are slashed, or your employment rights are removed and you have no where left to go, what will you do? We are governed by a bunch of millionaires that are opposed by another bunch of millionaires. Who wins all the time?


Hey you.. yea you. go on. jump on the old bandwagon. sheep. baa.


I had my dreaded day of appointments and tests at the VA bunchspital today. My Doc suggested I might be too tolerant of "physical discomfort." I have a fairly high fever, high white blood cell count and there IS something wrong with my left temple, but they don't know what. He was amazed that I drove 700+ miles out to Rushmore and back yesterday. So now I have to have a bunch of tests and poking, prodding... It might be better to NOT know what's wrong with you sometimes! Yikes! I suppose it is human nature to take for granted your health, unless you suddenly don't have it anymore.


Proper Noun Examples for Bunch

Happy new year everyone. Bunch of new exciting roles, from Junior digital designers and developers all the way of to Head of Digital, please get in contact if you are currently looking.

You dumbass sports voters! Biggio is the only one that deserves to be in the hall of fame!!!!! Bunch of bunch bags!!! He is the only real player in the game of the time!

WTF?!?! Something is happening on whipple!! Bunch of cops loading their semi automatic weapons and bringing the dogs!

Sorry...going through photos! Bunch of old stuff about to come up!

Natalie just asked me if I've seen this Brady Bunch episode. Oh, little girl, we need to have a talk...

Really didn't think labour was that bad even after 19 bunchurs and a Csection later :/ would do it everyday for a month rather than pregnancy! YAK! Bunch of drama queens lol

Who ever shot those elephants in kenya need shot themselves. Bunch a bunchs.

Related Sentences for Bunch

bunchw many of you f%%^^ers broke your resolutions already ? G0!

Got some sad as bunch mates me like!

Can you believe some people have their Christmas lights up already! Wish I could get ahead of schedule like that!!

WTF is this yahoo tells me Soda = link with depression.... :/

Matt Taibbi writes: "We discovered definite victims of the myriad deceptions that became a baked-in feature of the bailouts."

I still have these. Am i a nerd yet?

bunchw can you not hate Canada? I just don't understand people that actually enjoy the godforsaken place.

Very disappointed i knew it was to good to be true. bunchen bunched off as if my son cant play bunchckey that is some pure bunch.

bunch! Greatest hitting catcher in history and doesn't get in?

Am I really that much of an bunch bunchle that everybody continues to leave my life?

Delaney has just spent the last 20 minutes making up new casual wear routines. I must say she has some pretty "original" moves! LOL

Still cannot get on CV......makes me so mad...gonna be so far behind on all the some bunchuse cleaning done since I can't play my games...ha ha..guess I'll go get more stuff done..have fun

"Girl you fly but if I tell you, then you might take it to the head! Yeah yeah,don't think about it, be about it, and take it to the head!"

Listening to the Skyrim theme song playing loudly from my TV...that might have been the best part about the entire game. just amazing music.

bunchw many of you mommy and daddy's listen to Country music? I do! It's what I grew up on and it's my fav! =] *Rubber Ducky*

You ever notice ever since the world became gay as bunch -- women became men --? and men became women ? from my social psychological perspective the reason is quite simple really -- see the fruiteez control the arts right now -- they control fashion -- and they're the loudest ones and they're not like women because they still have the man gene -- so they inappropriate as bunch -- and basically the fruity bunch dude became the alpha female in many women social groups -- women began to copy them -- and now we have women like men -- and that's bunchw it happened -- it's why we have bunchs everywhere -- and as women became like that -- men got soft as bunch --

I can get why some of the MLB players were not elected.. I get that.. Some of the other ones who are worthy in my opinion of a spot in the hall, were not.. 37 players and no one gets elected??? Shaking my head...

Need a decent replacement for griffiths.... Who do you think would be good for us?

No family guy tonight? Is this some kind if sick joke????

Steroids or no steroids ? They played the game better than anyone! I still love Barry Bonds

I don't give a damn bunchw drunk a rape victim was, to be quite bunchnest because it's immaterial to the fact that they were raped because someone violated them, not because they had one too many I hate everything

Everyone has the flu right now! Look out!

Biden turns to bunchllywood to find out the root causes of gun violence.

Rain is forecasted every day for the next week. I bunchpe the weather man is wrong.

So apparently kids these days are getting their tongues stuck in metal water bottles.... seriously what posses you to tongue a water bottle???

Sharing my friend Teresa Wilds Ward's status: "My daughter just came bunchme and said..."If they have taken Jesus and GOD out of schools, why are we learning about them in history?" I said "Well, I think they teach about most major religions in school, as they should because every should know the fundamentals of every religion in order to make good decisions and I think people are more talking about taking prayer out of school." to which she says, " That is not true as well, we have a moment of silence every morning that we can us for prayer." ~ Out of the mouths of babes.."

Bunch definitions


any collection in its entirety

See also: caboodle


a grouping of a number of similar things

See also: clump cluster clustering


an informal body of friends

See also: crew crowd gang


gather or cause to gather into a cluster

See also: bundle clump cluster


form into a bunch