Bucket in a sentence as a noun

NPCs that notice you are trying to put a bucket on their heads, for example.

A $2K MacBook Pro is a drop in the bucket compared to paying a 6 digit salary.

When she rejected him, in classic fashion she went from the former bucket to the latter.

From what we know right now, no other changes on our S3 bucket have taken place, and we're going to check the logs to make sure.

We'd also suggest that you use an S3 website bucket hosted in a different region than your ELB.

"Okay, so our deltas are completely ******" you say, "Why don't we just delete the app's entire iCloud bucket and start over?

He's kicked the bucket, hopped the \n twig, bit the dust, snuffed it, breathed his last, and gone to meet the great \n Head of Light Entertainment in the sky.

You can put a bucket under a flowing faucet, and it will collect all the water, but that isn't really integration.

Bucket in a sentence as a verb

Just mark your ELB as the primary and enable target healthchecks, and add the S3 website bucket as the secondary.

For example: 'syruping' - when someone mixes sugar into a bucket of boiling water and dumps it on someone's face.

If you're going to respond to a critique, shouldn't you answer what it actually says?It's unfair to put the article in the same bucket as "UFO stories".

I genuinely think most men are in the better bucket: we aren't offensive, and provide mostly non-hostile work environments.

But that doesn't mean that the ancient Egyptians used to waste hours staring into newly-emptied buckets and baskets in stunned amazement, murmuring "what on earth is that" to themselves in Coptic.

In order to get a nice hash\n distribution of function names across the various function name lengths\n names were picked specifically to make them fit into a specific length\n bucket.

By qualified, I mean that it makes algorithmic inferences about the users demographics and intentions and uses these to bucket these snippets of attention so that they can be priced differentially.

Bucket definitions


a roughly cylindrical vessel that is open at the top

See also: pail


the quantity contained in a bucket

See also: bucketful


put into a bucket


carry in a bucket