Pail in a sentence as a noun

Oh, and a pail of talent and two pails of luck.

Does anyone else also think the water filter in a pail is kindof reversed ?

We used a service for our first kid, and yeah, keeping a pail of soiled diapers around for a week isn't ideal.

But realistically 99% of fires are put out by a extinguisher or a pail of water.

There all we got was raw milk from the cowherd; in fact, even today, my parents send the helper to get milk in a pail from the cowherd.

It's entirely beyond the pail to be able to enforce removal at lawyer-point just because it's damaging their SEO.

But when you start thinking of creative endeavors like grabbing your lunch pail and heading off to the construction cite to put in a hard day's work, everything changes.

Just pick up a pail of nanobots at the store and pour it into the reservoir in your basement that your houses computer handles all repairs and renovations.

I tire of hearing how people will solve the world's ball of fire that is enslavement, brutality, ignorance by throwing a pail of water over it when the real problem is the factory making the lighter fluid.

You're not supposed to; luck is supposed to descend on you and you do great things by chance....There are a whole pail full of opportunities, of which, if you're in this situation, you seize one and you're great over there instead of over here.

Pail definitions


a roughly cylindrical vessel that is open at the top

See also: bucket


the quantity contained in a pail

See also: pailful