Brilliantly in a sentence as an adverb

My cousin, a brilliantly smart teenager, kept telling me, "I'm terrible at math.

I now tend to think about them differently because I believe we hit on a brilliantly simple scheme that can express a lot of different use-cases.

Just a brilliantly written story with incredibly deep and realistic characters.

The guy's a machine of intellectualism, most things he turns his mind to he de-constructs, encapsulates and then explains brilliantly.

"dmv" is a nice example where it's works brilliantly, but those ambiguous queries are pretty rare, and hence the more bread and butter stuff is still really driving most of the quality.

The graphs are brilliantly clear to me, but I have a background in electronic derivatives trading and so am used to staring at wiggling psychedelic surfaces for hours on end. Nanex's audience is algorithmic securities traders.

This is a meticulously researched, marvelously analyzed, and brilliantly synthesized order done by a judge who has a keen grasp of not just the facts of the case but of those that really matter.

It was really an eye opener for me. I always loved history, but all the arguments people made about why we need to study it never really resonated with me. The stuff about "not repeating the same mistakes", "not re-inventing the wheel", "learning from the past" just never made much sense to me. The real reason to study history, as it was brilliantly presented in the course, is not to learn from the past, but to get liberated from it.

They've basically exploited Google's engineering resources brilliantly and have been ruthlessly competitive.

Brilliantly definitions


with brightness; "the stars shone brilliantly"; "the windows glowed jewel bright"

See also: brightly bright


in an extremely intelligent way; "he solved the problem brilliantly"