How to use Blunder in a sentence as a noun

Caught napping again, this time costing life of 2 young soldiers. I just do not understand blunderw can we be so relaxed towards Pakistan intentions. This has certainly not happened for the first time and sure this will also be not last. Serious question on defense establishment as well, for me its just not only political blunder.

I made a blunder...but ke not all is lost. A new start njengaloku kusuka umnyaka...infact all work for de good for allthose who trust in Him. A year of new begginings.

Indian govt should take a strong decision against the Pakistan. we should not believe Pakistan if so it will be a blunder..

Why does it hurt so bad To lose something I never had To have these feeling sand nothing to do Just sit around and wait for you... Why is it so hard to move on Knowing what we had is gone Is there a place where happiness is Even though there's still a fizz... In my soul when you are around Your name is a beautiful sound Now all I can do is wonder I lost it all in one little blunder... By not telling you blunderw I really feel trying to act like its no big deal....

Finally we will notice one more passage more remarkable, if possible, even those I have cited. In the 20th chapter of the Revelation we have an account of the total restraint of the blunder and consequent suppression of evil for a thousand years, what a blessed era of peace and righteousness that will be! And blunderw desirable that it should continue, and that evil should never again curse the earth! But lo, wonderful to relate! At the end of the thousand years, Satan is loosed out of his prison, and again goes out to deceive the nations, and peace is banished from the earth, and war and slaughter ensues with terrible suffering and destruction. According to the orthodox idea of the origin and final effects of evil there would seem to be some terrible mistake here. Either Satan was not watched close enough, or his prison was insecure, or there was treachery;— some awful blunder, or more awful crime, has been committed, to let the blunder loose when once he was well secured,— surely it would seem from the orthodox standpoint.

I said it the moment that Benitez was being hired that it was a humongous blunder. I think all Chelsea fans saw this, he has proven us right. For goodness sake, he has never won the premiership before!

Y wld invanovic did dt blunder wc has put chelsea's chance in jeopardy. Benitez shld warn ds guy against back passes.

Like I said I don't trust Rafa at Chelsea, the way they played yesterday its like they where bought buy the batting tabloids of Europe, blunderw come Branislav Ivanovic do such a blunder receiving that pass from goalkeeper and let it go like that.

I don't know why people celebrate their birthdays. I mean, it's in no way your achievement, in a very few cases, it might be your parents' achievement, but in the current scenario, most parents wonder what they had for dinner that night 9 months before you were born that resulted in this blunder. Celebrate anniversaries, that still makes some sense.

How to use Blunder in a sentence as a verb

It will be a big blunder if blunderbuss isn't grammied

Gun view is we need to rid our society of these death machines...all of them..not even our police force or military should have them, our greatest blunder as a civilization was to ever invent the firearm.....

Dear loved ones, please know that I will be reaching out to you in a more civilized fashion than Facebook. Forgive me for this blunderrrible blunder of sharing something significant on a social networking site. All I can say is: The pressure! The pressure!

Made my first coaching blunder tonight and cost one of my kids their match. Fortunately for me, he's such a class act and took it like a man, forgave me, and said "let's move forward." Young men like him make me proud to be a coach and strive to be a better one! The Eagles are spreading their wings and getting ready to soar!

I, as a founding father of PPP,the ruling party of Pakistan,warn India war lobby NOT to commit the fatal blunder of attacking Pakistan as on Pakistan'security,depends not only regional but world peace. The path of peace and Bandung spirit,and the universal doctrine of the right of self-determination for Jammu and Kashmir, is the key, only path of sanity and statesmanship and the only way to avoid nucleur armageddon.

Had the car towed to my we wait to see what the heck happened.....I did make a small blunder earlier this year with a mix up...but who knew? Must read labels ....must wear glasses when reading small or large print labels....must read labels better... hmmmm

Even Einstein's biggest blunder was not that bad. Thank you for being patient. Good to be back.

I have always been saying it that rafa benitez is not a smart manager. He benched demba for complete 80 minutes, why? Truly, we lost the game as a result of two defensive blunder committed by ivanovic but rafa should have pulled torres out in second half. Rafa is nothing but sturbon old fool.

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At army headquarters in Rawalpindi, Pakistani generals decided they had better stake a claim to Siachen before India did. Islamabad then committed an intelligence blunder, according to a now retired Pakistani army colonel. "They ordered Arctic-weather gear from a London outfitters who also supplied the Indians," says the colonel. "Once the Indians got wind of it, they ordered 300 outfits—twice as many as we had—and rushed their men up to Siachen. SaLaR


Sometimes I sit up and think about you, and I don't know why. I know very little about you and I can't help but wonder. You hardly notice me, maybe cuz I'm a little shy. Everyday I see you happy with another guy and my life swirls downward into a blunder. All I want to tell you is I want to be with you, and I can't do that. I need you in my life. Every time I've tried to tell you I've fallen flat. Who knows, maybe someday you will be my wife...


For serious affairs that bear directly on oneself, if one does not take care of things by making his own judgment his foundation and breaking through headlong, matters will not be brought to a close. In conferring with people about matters of importance, there may be many cases when your affair is thought lightly of, or when people will not speak of the real circumstances. At such times one must use his own judgment. At any rate, it is sufficient to become a fanatic and choose to throw away one’s life. At such a time, if one thinks about doing things well, confusion will soon arise and he will blunder. In many cases one’s downfall may be brought about by an ally who is trying to do something for one’s benefit, or one may be blundered by his friend’s kindness. It is the same as when one requests permission to become a monk.


10.. 9.. 8.. 7.. 6.. 5.. 4.. 3.. 2.. 1.. Woosaaa... Nope still ain't working for me today..


Fq: Just curious to see what other moms think about this. My son is 10 and a half weeks old. I've noticed that after his first feed in the morning and before his last feed before bed, he's extremely fussy. I was told to give him some rice cereal. So we tried that. At first he seemed to enjoy it then he started crying when we would try to give it to him so I was told to try some baby jars of fruit. At first I hesitated but it got to the point at night where he was having crying fits that made me cry so I whipped out the bananas 2 nights ago. All together he had about a teaspoon each night then 30 later I'd give him a bottle with breast milk and formula mixed together. He fell asleep just after 11 and slept till almost 7!! So last night I did the same thing and again he slept through the night. Looked up in the Internet if it was okay and I saw so many other moms bashing a lady that did almost the same thing. Just looking for some feed back. That's all. Thanks


Yeye lala . . real madrid mantp. . wkty shlt subuh.


Ivanovic messed up chelsea real bad. What a defensive blunder. He just gave away 2 cheap goals to swansea strickers. I think he sold the match. He and torres must leave chelsea, even d coach for not bring on demba ba on time. I can't believe we lost match.


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Hate when i see u and know u but just cant place ur name x_x

Why is there an indian song about getting suck with Fevicol?? I mean theres an indian radio at work and this song comes on a million times whats the point of this song anyways??

Best known for the song, "I'm Not In Love", this 1975 breakout album by 10cc also has several other great tunes that never made it to the charts or the radio. Another of the many curses of choosing to buy single mp3's over miss a lot of very cool music!

From a comment by Andrew Ndambuki, "Punchlines are so 1999, rapping is about rhyme structure and delivery and flow now." whats yo say?

If you're going through blunder ~ Keep going . . .

Infantry and Rangers, the only real family I have or need...

Hight of stupidity : Reached station early morning only to realize that the ticket I have is not for 10 Jan 2013 but 10 Feb 2013. It seems I keep on beating my own records.

Think maybe the expression ... "Like a Boss" ... applies?

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes! Unfortunately I'm having to celebrate it working in Chicago but your posts have helped it be a special day.

Stop ignoring me! I hate being ignored! At least have the decency to send me a blunderty blunder off text! :D

Not quite sure why men get hung up on blunderles. It really irks me that men who think just because they have Pastor, Reverend, Bishop, Pope or whatever they may call themselves believe they are the only ones who have the authority or know everything about Gods word and dont listen to or discredit any other who doesn't. On that day many will get an eye opener for that pride. To finish, you people who also will not listen to anyone but those well guess what you to are naive.

What are your impressions about the super eagles game tonite,can this team advance from the group and possibly earn a semi final ticket please guys talk to me

Ma heart is in pain,,,,,,,,,,,its lyk smwan amedunga na sharp needle,,,,,,,ooouchh so painfull

Blunder definitions


an embarrassing mistake

See also: bloomer blooper boner boo-boo botch bungle flub foul-up fuckup pratfall


utter impulsively

See also: blurt ejaculate


make one's way clumsily or blindly

See also: fumble


commit a faux pas or a fault or make a serious mistake

See also: boob goof