Distaste in a sentence as a noun

Articles like this always renew my distaste for discussing politics.

Suddenly the national distaste for intellect appeared to be not just a disgrace but a hazard to survival.

Funny thing is that every time I saw their name, I felt this vague sense of distaste in the back of my brain somewhere, but I couldn't remember why.

It's not polite and it harms the process by which we can provide feedback about our distaste to people who want to wreck the Internet for personal gain.

But all the high-end OO philosophy stuff is flat-out held in distaste by the majority of high-end engine programmers.

I used to work with Allan Schiffman, although well after Terisa, so I have my own share of SSL/TLS distaste, but I agree that it's basically workable, and I agree with you that the current PKI is broken.

I understand the distaste for negativity in general, but if you have a quota on the amount of negativity taken "from one person", then you're judging the person rather than the message.

"In Europe in general, and in the UK in particular, some reporting in the US is regarded with distaste, encroaching as it does on what the British regard as privacy, all in the name of "freedom of speech.

There are people who use exceptions as part of handling normal conditions and there are people who use lawsuits as a normative way of doing business, and I try very hard to work with neither with about the same level of distaste.

Most of the taxi systems in Uber's homeland are highly regulated and effectively run by strong lobbying organizations who are very vocal about their concerns and distaste for having their business threatened.

I do agree that in the long term these unhappy drivers should look for a different source of income but for now they clearly need uber and as such it's not unfair of them to express their distaste for certain things uber does until they find a better place to work.

Sure they have a general distaste for it in the same way they have a general distaste for going to the dentist, but if you sit down and really look at the issues, the big questions of governance, there is no collective consensus about doing anything important differently.

Distaste definitions


a feeling of intense dislike

See also: antipathy aversion