Ambitious in a sentence as an adjective

Our desk merged with the rest of the firm's shitty culture when he was fired for being too ambitious.

By 1980 we were starting to see a glimpse of the world we now live in, where the ambitious people are all free agents.

Posting an "Ask PG" at 3 AM Pacific time seems frighteningly ambitious to me.

It's the equivalent of"This open source project is very ambitious and planned in good detail.

If you have researched your market this should not be that hard.\niv.\tTheir online footprint indicates they are ambitious.

It doesn't seem right to bring an entire ecosystem of ambitious and wonderful people a story of failure.

Most types of ambitious male business people are a lot more vulgar and perverse than the technologists.

There seems to be a relative lack of employers in South Carolina for talented, ambitious people.

Beyond LinkedIn, check Twitter, Quora, blogs, news articles, Facebook, etc. and make a judgment call on whether the person appears to be ambitious or not.

Starting a private space organisation is ambitious. Starting a new operating system business is ambitious. Starting a CRM variant in which the customers manage their details for you is...

There is so much "discretion" [3,4] afforded to regulatory agencies that the threat of fines and seizures over bizarre interpretations of the law by a Carmen Ortiz-style ambitious regulator is never far from your mind.

The $32 million fundraising goal might seem overly ambitious, but it's actually more realistic than it appears at first glance, because at $600+ per unit the campaign needs only around 50,000 buyers worldwide to be successful -- or a bit over 2% of Ubuntu's enthusiastic user base, which was estimated to be greater than 20 million in 2011.[1]PS.

Maybe the hugely reduced barriers to entry into the technology sector that resulted from cheap computers and good programming tools would lead young and eager people of brilliance to found ambitious companies to finally -- aren't we all sick of being exasperated by the mediocrity of culture and politics in the past 20 years?

Ambitious definitions


having a strong desire for success or achievement


requiring full use of your abilities or resources; "ambitious schedule"; "performed the most challenging task without a mistake"

See also: challenging