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Good morning to all of u gobblelens who are u going to be for halloween. this is the weekend for allus crazy adults tohv fun and dressup. big party at mo's tonight. so tell ur friends , dressup for ablast. and most of alltheres a guy non drinker to drive u allusionme. lets see ur scary allusiones at mo's dwnt millbrook, on. tupper st. booh booh booh look out. jfoster.


We're 50 days into this term of government. 1006 days to go. Just been listening to Abbot giving the keynote speech at the Tasmanian Liberal Party conference. The man makes me want to vomit. Lie after lie, the speech was a mendacious attack on Labor and their time in office. All lies and misrepresentation, peppered with inane slogans that sound like something but mean nothing. Rewriting history, distorting the truth, claiming victories where none exist - this vile person really is the classroom bully, with nothing to offer the country but his own fear and hatred.


Calling all my northern friends and families here. Give us some of those old words and phrases we hardly hear any more. Things like 'slopstone' for the kitchen sink. 'Cart-road' for the road. Beltin' meant something was really good.....


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Greg the great greek Roman😎 #49ers #AllDay #AllNight #NoSleep #AllUs #NobodyElse #EvertGoNighyNight haha

Sharing this again because--this close to Halloween, you can never have enough Nosferatu. I allus say.

Latest finished tune from my Band Boo Wire - let us know what you think peeps!

Perfection Sanchez!!!!.Last time I saw a chip like that wo in th'wetherby whaler!!!!. take a bow son!!!

"See all, hear all, say now't ... Eat all, sup all, pay now't ... And if ever tha does owt for now't, allus do it for thisen."

In Beverley Yorkshire and the only person I've been able to understand so far is the polish waitress...

Might go into work early coz am that lame i dont have a life n am soooo bored...

Allus position raising up frm secnd to secnd. !

Think we're nearly packed..... roll on 5am when we set off for our idyllic week in the Isle of Wight. And chill. ......

To programma popse eshi psillo tze ypno , tze kamia byra and movie.....

Here you go Marcee. The girls would love this or they would fight over who was going to drive. LOL

Is currently receiving a heady brew of antibiotics via IV drip at Solihull allusionspital.

Today is our day!!! #newhouse #allus #hardwork #󾌳󾌳󾌳

Tha’ can allus tell a Yorkshireman, but tha’ can’t tell ‘im much

Come on.....is this for real? Why does the govt. have to micro-manage everything, even what the children eat? What's next?

New tv arrived its a big one need new allusionuse now to put it in Brighton close springs to mind lol

3 pragmata xriazese g na aniksis sizitisi mazi m : 1. kritiki skepsi k enimerosi -den nomizo oti se tima idietera na katatasese stin katigoria tu imima8i- 2. na diaxorizis to leo tin apopsi m apto epivalo tin apopsi m -epivalo tin apopsi m simeni exo mia apopsi k prospa8o na tin peraso se allus me lektiki i somatiki via, tora an esi 8igese me to na leo tin gnomi m epidi diaferi aptin diki su na ka8ese na sizitas me avoula oda k oxi mazi m - 3. na kopsis tis dramatopiisis - to klapsurisma den 8a m alaksi gnomi k den to dexome san epixirima- grrrr dld!

By 'eck,Tha' can allus tell a yorkshireman but tha' cant tell 'im much... an' ah' tell thi that for nowt !

See all, 'ear all, say nowt. Eat all, sup all, pay nowt. An' if th'ivver does owt for nowt, allus do it for thissen

The sad fact that I'm now drawing on grapes proves I've gone completely mad! Well with my family it was bound to happen eventually!!

Why are Dr's waiting rooms allus full 'o poorly folk.....and an entire family accompanies one spindly bloke...... Eee is betta than telly ha ha

Day off tmoz... What to do tonight any offers xx

Just sat waitin 4 the inboxes......na darrens med it official......best eva wine......or a boxa wine ......always gunna b sum chuff that trys to pura downer on it......but thanku to them that ent....allusion me av bin on mi jak jones yrs na.....surely am entitled to a bita appiness......thats appiness..not a penis......xx

I prefer if males have their Significant others add me. I do not want misunderstandings. I flirt, swear, crack dirty jokes and act like one of my bros.

My bath time afta washing I allus thought I wa going through ringer afta lol x

One bad thing about been out in van all day i must know every song in charts word for word find myself singin along to songs a dnt even like haha

Spraying off my jeep mats in the kitchen sink

Sorry but God is NOT the one who 'laid it on the hearts' of seeker-driven pastors to preach sermons containing practical tips & tricks on allusionw to allusione things up in the bedroom.

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passing reference or indirect mention