Actually in a sentence as an adverb

Ideally, they force the person being squeezed out to choose to quit rather than actually be fired.

There's actually a formal name for this phenomenon.

If they had their way then it would have actually been illegal to jailbreak your phone in order to circumvent this.

In order to tell whether the service is actually responding, you have to make individual calls.

There are rules as to how one can do that Those rules are actually worked out pretty well, and they just would need to make sure theyre staying within the rules.

They lie about download numbers, about download size, about number of software actually installed and about their connexions.

You don't have to be scared: this is routine and, while it doesn't feel like it, you're actually in very good position, both absolutely and relative to many other people.

I never liked the fact that their schizophrenic content releases would appear during a timed window, only to disappear from my list later before I actually got a chance to watch it.

Something I thought slightly peculiar given that he was supposed to be investing his own, significant funds along with B. Plus, I don't believe that he actually did any measurable work during the time period that would justify it based on what I knew at the time.

It will create a positive loop that encourages others to follow and interact with their main corporate account.- Respond before something is actually important.

If you try to add capacity to a system at 100% utilization, it is not going to work.> 5. mongos is unreliable> The mongod/config server/mongos architecture is actually pretty reasonable and clever.

What else can you configure "so easily" I wonder?Then you get into how they are hacking CSS and iframes into the email body, to substitute for Javascript, and actually create a workable user interface.

This one isn't showcased so strongly - this isn't a pressing issue by any measure - but they still took the time to respond to it and make a brief, informative, and actually engaging video about it, without some external "we screwed up, sorry" event.

Actually definitions


in actual fact; "to be nominally but not actually independent"; "no one actually saw the shark"; "large meteorites actually come from the asteroid belt"

See also: really


used to imply that one would expect the fact to be the opposite of that stated; surprisingly; "you may actually be doing the right thing by walking out"; "she actually spoke Latin"; "they thought they made the rules but in reality they were only puppets"; "people who seem stand-offish are in reality often simply nervous"


at the present moment; "the transmission screen shows the picture that is actually on the air"


as a sentence modifier to add slight emphasis; "actually, we all help clear up after a meal"; "actually, I haven't seen the film"; "I'm not all that surprised actually"; "she hasn't proved to be too satisfactory, actually"