How to use Negativity in a sentence as a noun

All welcome providing negativity is not brought.

✔ keeping to myself ✔ staying blessed ✔ not giving a #!$% ✔ Ignoring negativity ✔ living my life.♬⇨⇨

So much negativity today!! Not cool! People keep it to yourself and turn your frowns upside down!!!! Oh and don't bring it near me please! ☺️👌❤️

The love in hip hop #!$% may be stage but mimi with the sex tape that #!$%, Real you can't fake putting someOne #!$% in your mouth lol lol.. I believe sex should be private!! If she started off being a porn star I can respect it, But mimi classified her self as a business women!! Now she a porn star!! It's hard to believe it leak!! SMH!! I just told a concert Promotor you don't have to promote negativity to get a crowd!! You don't have to be a slut to be successful, I call it how I see it, to each is own💯💯💯

I don't want any negativity in or around my life period dismissed real quick im focused living and loving life taking care my babies and staying focused is my only interest and my only option no distractions so with tht being said dnt mention me speak of me dnt even refer to me just live ya life n do what u do n I guess u can continue to watch what I do cause im not thinking bout no one but me stop acting like sharoya care really I don't but when u come for me n mines just kno what it is now enjoy ya life

Let me get off fb bck I been absolutely doing good without negativity I would like to stay that way....bye✌

I just unfriended somebody for saying "Macaroni and cheese sucks" I'm not #!$%@&! around today. I don't need that type of negativity on my timeline. 😭😩😒👊

✔ keeping to myself ✔ staying blessed ✔ not giving a #!$% ✔ Ignoring negativity ✔ living my life.

I'm getting really sick of all of the negativity on Facebook. Remember: great people talk about ideas, average people talk about things, and little people talk about other people. Be great!

"Because of Snatched, all that negativity has transformed into positive choices and amazing results!" Click to read all of super-sexy Ninja Amy's story!

Family Size... Mum asks : How many people have large families and how have you been judged for having them as I know there can be a lot of negativity regarding big families. This is a great question. How many children do you have and have you been judged for having a large family? Emma x

Gratitude wields some serious power over negativity. What are you feeling grateful for today?

We either feed off positivity or negativity. Whatever we feed off of shows in our character. Basically its saying we're either beautiful or ugly, on the inside and all the beauty on the outside can't make up for an ugly personality.

I don't like when people bring up old #!$%. Sometimes you just have to say Your negativity is irrelevant to me. Yeah i changed, pain does that to people.

✔ keeping to myself ✔ staying blessed ✔ not giving a #!$% ✔ Ignoring negativity ✔ living my life.♬⇨⇨ #Jansoflawless #BTS

Today I say YES to the good in my life, knowing that it begins within me as the Divine Spark of Life. I release any need to focus on negativity; any sense of fear about what is outside of my own thoughts; any idea that I lack anything that I need. I say YES to a greater unfolding of Love and Joy today.

Allow your presence to be contagious in the most positive of ways, those overwhelmed by the pestilence of negativity will either follow your path and find their smile or keep the course that leads them away. Life is good, Live it Royally.

An entire sea of water can’t sink a ship unless it gets inside the ship. Similarly; the negativity of the world can’t put you down unless you allow it to get inside you. Boom. 👊

Holding negativity is like going swimming with a load of bricks attached, it'll hinder you, pull you down, and eventually drown you... the Lord is Able! #brickscanbepeople

This week...will be Awesome, Tx! No negativity around me! Keep dat #!$% over there...wherever there is. God is good and so will this week. Bless y'all. #NoGreaterLove

Today's daily post is about dealing with pain and frustration and negativity Folks wake up and realize ice is no picnic You will get knocked down multiple times But its not. About how hard you can hit Its about how many times you can get hit and keep moving forward A psychologist who studied me before he invested his life savings with me told me he did because he saw I could endure severe pain and not lose my focus Anyone who knows my dad could have told you that lol. Dream big work bigger Pray biggest

Until you can ignore ignorance, neglect negativity and disregard're not ready for the next level.. Success surely ISN'T for the weak... Goodmorning Kings & Queens❤️

Keeping to myself ✔ staying blessed ✔ not giving a #!$% ✔ ignoring negativity ✔ living my MFn life..♬⇨⇨

I don't see the point in negativity were all here to live and move forward through life together as one "human race" the sooner we grasp this the better our world will be,

I just unfriended somebody for saying "Macaroni and cheese sucks" I'm not #!$%@&! around today. I don't need that type of negativity on my timeline. 😒😓😂✋

Laid back girls who stay to themselves & don't entertain drama and negativity are so dope 👏 💯 & #TodayWasAGoodDay

Stay in touch with reality. – Lies only exist if we believe in them. The truth shall indeed set you free in the end. Whenever negativity creeps into your conscious, ask yourself: Is it true? Can I absolutely know that it’s true?

If all of a sudden, I stop interacting with you or talking to you...I suggest you get your #!$% together. There's a reason. I'm deleting all negativity from my life.

Don't let anyone's ignorance, hate, drama or negativity stop you from being the best person you can be

Quote Examples using Negativity

I now fully believe there are people who spread pain wherever they go. They aren’t necessarily bad like a Hitler or some other outsized villains. Often they are just you and me’s trying to live their lives. But somehow 'pain bringers' are cursed with a dark talent for making things go bad; leaving behind them suspiciously long trails of angry broken hearts, or dreams, or plans… Whether it’s conscious or not they continuously mess life up, or make jobs harder for others to do, confuse where confusion is not necessary, grate where smoothness was once the norm before they arrived. It can be on a small scale or large. Whenever they enter a life or situation they tramp a kind of psychic mud onto clean floors that is difficult to clean and sometimes permanently stains. Now and then these people are unquestionably mean or selfish, but not as a rule. Like those poor souls who are struck by lightning again and again for some mysterious reason throughout their lives, pain bringers only have to become involved in something and too frequently for it to be chance or coincidence, they cause it to go south in very negative ways. I was thinking about this for a long time and can specifically name three people I have known who fall into this category. You couldn’t identify it by looking at any of them. They’re often compelling, passionate, funny, capable, alluring, attractive, or even generous people. But bond with them in any other than a superficial way and you can almost be certain you’ll be hit by *their* lightning. Beyond any doubt it will leave some kind of nasty scorch mark on your psyche/heart/life/business/confidence/values/beliefs/soul or otherwise.


If you allow people to make more withdrawals than deposits in your life, you will be out of balance and in the negative before you know it. Ignore unconstructive, hurtful commentary. No one has the right to judge you. They may have heard your stories, but they didn’t feel what you were going through. You do not have control over what others say; but you do have control over whether or not you allow them to say these things to you. You alone can deny their poisonous words from invading your heart and mind. - via:


This is Caroline and I wanted to share this post I wrote with you as I am so lucky to work with Manolo and to be exposed to this way of being with horses and humans on a daily basis. I wrote this summary of something I watched happen at a 3-day training I helped organized for my friend Linda Tellington-Jones and what I saw unfold is similar to what I have experienced with Manolo. While he uses his own personal brand of in-hand to load horses who have difficulties --his respect and empathy for them is identical. There are lessons I have learned from him that I saw in action yesterday and I think I am lucky to have not one excellent horseperson in my life but two. I hope you enjoy this. It is my hope to one day have both Manolo and Linda work together.


Live by intention, not by reaction. Consciously choose your actions and they will be far more rewarding. Instead of being a slave to the negativity of others, be the master of your own positive and purposeful life. Decide precisely how you wish to live, and then focus your energy on following that course. Keep in mind that excuses make you a victim, so let go of any urge to create those excuses. Choosing to unconditionally take responsibility for your life is what will make life rich and full. Living intentionally and responsibly is difficult, inconvenient and won’t always make you the most popular person around. Ultimately, though, it is always the choice that creates the true, meaningful value you seek. Live fully in each moment, but don’t live just for the moment. Live so that your very best possibilities continue to unfold as time goes on. Peace Love and Blessings folks.


Something I wrote a few years ago, that still resonates: Whenever something has got me high up in the clouds and I'm as excited and bliss as a kid before their birthday somebody always warns me of all the possible negative outcomes. I understand that things may turn sour, after all, all good things come to an end sooner or later, and some ideas may never materialise at all. But the unbridled joy and hope and magic times have always been worth any pain or disappointment. After all, that is what life is about. I feel, and I am alive. Some people may prefer slow safe contentness but I prefer taking risks, putting my heart on my sleeve, feeling my spirit soar. These are the things I will someday pen, the things that will be read and will come alive in those who do not have the same opportunities I am so grateful for.


5. Refuse to tolerate negativity One of the greatest killers of success is the pull of negative people who try to hold you back from getting ahead. Whether they are your colleagues, friends, business partners, or even family members, you must severely limit the amount of time you spend with people who are negative and whose attitudes do not support your success. You must also refuse to tolerate any negativity from yourself. Monitor your thoughts and your attitudes, and when you catch yourself thinking or reacting negatively, stop yourself and re-frame your perception immediately. Refuse to tolerate complaining, blaming, and criticizing in both your personal and professional life.


It's extremely important to protect yourself from negativity, to prevent it from influencing your mood, energy levels, health and behavior. If you find your mood changes immediately and you instantly become someone else in the presence of certain people, this is a good indication that you have handed your power over to them and have given up taking responsibility for yourself. The best thing to do is simply be yourself, be true to who you are and what you believe in, and be positive and sincere. Maybe, just maybe, your behavior and energy will produce a more positive experience for everyone and create a whole new experience. You never know — you might be able to help a negative person alter their way of thinking in the direction of a better way of living. Those who are ready for you to show up in their lives will sit up and take notice, and those who aren’t, won’t. A negative attitude can be highly contagious, but a positive attitude can be infectious too. Spread your infection of positivity on to others, and if they want to catch it, wonderful; if not, you gave it your best shot. All you can then do is ensure that you learn to detach emotionally from the negative person; otherwise, you may find yourself in dangerous territory.


Good morning fam. Let's start the day off on a positive note. If someone attempts to bring negativity in your life, be the bigger person, and ignore them. If ignoring them doesn't work, and they continue to attempt to steal your joy, pick up a chair, and break it across their damn head. I positively guarantee that person will get the message then. Have a great day fam...


When a loved one does come through in a dream, you may be left wondering if it was a real visitation or just a regular dream from your subconscious. Know that when your loved ones come through, it’s always peaceful and you will know that the individual was truly there with you. You’ll also remember the dream in detail for many years to come. Dreams from your subconscious may be frightening, or create negative emotions. You may dream of how someone suffered or died, or other types of regrets you had about that person. This type of dream is not from your loved one; it’s from your own mind trying to resolve everything that occurred while he or she was alive. It’s vital to know the difference between a true visitation and your own mind. Otherwise, you may give far much significance to a nightmare than you should, and not enough significance to a wonderful, loving visitation!


Don’t allow an unfavorable past decide your future; start today and create your brand new favorable tomorrow. All is possible when you believe it’s possible. Sanitize your surrounding of any and all toxic, negative people, relationships and associations. Believe strongly in yourself. Believe in giving and helping others. Have faith and find the willpower within you to always search for a life full of morals and respect for self and those around you. May today be the day that you make huge positive differences in your life and in the lives of those around you! Make today your most valuable day ever. Have a super-awesome day and God bless you and those around you. ~ Don Xavier


As we approach the holidays it often becomes clear that their is much confusion about Jesus, Chrishtianity and its position vis a vi the Jew. Simply put, while we respect and honor people of all faiths , it needs to be noted that Judaism and Chrishtianity at its root are two completely opposite sides of a coin. One is not a new and improved version of the other however this forum will not be used to debate the topic. The attached note provides resources for people , both Jewish and non-Jewish to study what it is that Jews do not, can not , believe in Jesus as any of the things Chrishtianity holds him to be. Thank you, in advance, for respecting the Jewish pride and identity that is part and parcel of what it means to be a Jew.


I read somewhere that there is going to be one person you will meet who will change everything that you know. Before you meet them you think that you're a good person. You are grown up and adult. That you have let go of the negativity in your life. But then you meet them and you realize that they see through all your nonsense and point it out to you. They break your misplaced ego and build you up again. They make you want to be better by how sheerly amazing they are. By being with them, your bar is raised impossibly high. You will never be the same again. Ever. Because you've met your game-changer. Hi babylove Jeh YOU, are my game-changer. ♡


Proper Noun Examples for Negativity

The cells in your body react to everything that your mind says. Negativity brings down your immune system!

I decided that from this day forward that I have no time for negativity in my life so when you come visit me leave it outside the door please....Negativity only brings you down....I am making lifestyle changes and I hope you will be a part of them.....Life is to short and I'm trying to change and be positive.....

Negativity is like a disease. If you don't get rid of it, it will consume you!

You can Keep your Negativity to yourself,we outhea Spreading positive vibes,Because it all starts with a positive mind.

Related Sentences for Negativity

Why aren't 'gruntled' and 'sheveled' words? Let's look at some lonely negatives.

Tell the negative committee that meets inside your head to sit down and shut up.

This may be very true. But not every illness is caused by the mind or emotions of the sufferer. Things like this worry me because they propagate the idea that every sufferer of chronic illness is merely at the mercy of his own weak mind.

People talk negative about someone when they don't have nothing... But when they begin working hard and getting things they never had, they still talk negative about them... like I don't understand, we live in an world full of hate...

Are you aging yourself faster with your negative self talk? Have you said "I look so old!" or "I'm getting so old!" in the past week? See what this is doing to you- click the link below!

We love hearing your feedback, positive or negative. Nothing goes unnoticed.

The less you respond to negative people,the more peaceful you will be.

As the political fight over raising taxes for high-income Americans fades away, so are predictions for negative economic fallout.

Tell the negative committee that meets inside your head to sit down and hush up.

On this day in 2010 we lost a true musical icon named Peter Steele from the band Type O Negative. Though you may be gone, you will never be forgotten and your musical legacy will live on forever.

The TWO main elements of successful game: 1: The ability to see a negative response or situation as a step towards a positive outcome. 2: Pattern breaking. Nearly all that I teach is governed by these two factors.

"Demonstrate a willingness to address and solve a problem. It will get you further than a negative or defensive reaction." [Turn #Criticism into #Opportunity.]

The spot promises viewers a "few moments of peace... before the negative ads start again."

Requiring a two-engineer crew on commuter or intercity trains could be a game-changer for cities — in a negative way.

The first step is understanding the distinction between two types of doubt: Healthy doubt is constructive and destructive doubt is inhibitive. Entrepreneurs should always strive to cultivate and embrace healthy doubt, while minimizing the negative effects of destructive doubt.

Life around negative, drama driven people is like life sitting in a porta-potty in the middle of the summer. It stinks, until you open the door and get out of that mess. If things are smelling funky in your life, consider who you’re surrounding yourself with.

What even is the point in psychology everyone just contradicts each other and points out negatives in research and says why it cant be used its so annoying to have to remember it all

"Regretfully, I have become aware that may people have been negatively affected by this situation..."

“If you accept the expectations of others, especially negative ones, then you never will change the outcome.” Michael Jordan

“Am I going to die tonight here on the floor?” wondered an S&S manager during an armed robbery. Read how he escaped with his life.

#!$% being negative on monday! What made you happy today?

Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and investors fear negative economic fallout from Russia's takeover of Crimea.

Our modern world is creating an electromagnetic soup filled with electrical pulses, radio frequencies, computer screens, wireless signals, as well as personal devices such as cell phones and gadgets that are emitting damaging radiation. Please listen to Professor Olle Johansson, PhD as he offers a comprehensive view of the many issues surrounding EMFs, including an industry-wide attempt by telecom to cover up the negative consequences.

If a photo negative can create unlimited positive prints. Then, Why can't we look at our negative experiences n have lot of positives out of them. "Until u spread ur wings u will have no idea how far u can fly" "Life is not about finding urself, life is about creating urself."

Please listen to Professor Olle Johansson, PhD as he offers a comprehensive view of the many issues surrounding EMFs, including an industry-wide attempt by telecom to cover up the negative consequences. Additional commentary and research links provided.

Desmond Tutu speaks out about the Keystone XL pipeline. 'If the negative impacts of the pipeline would affect only Canada and the US, we could say good luck to them. But it will affect the whole world, our shared world, the only world we have.'

Excerpts from comments under this 5-minute video: * "Makes me want to visit Detroit and go skate there.." * "We love how a lot of footage about Detroit pops up lately, cause it gives us a totally different perspective on the city than most negative media does."

Don't let negative pictures play on the movie screen of your mind. You own the remote control. All you have to do is change the channel.

Focusing on all the great things that you'll achieve and experience is one way to get you to work a little harder. Allowing yourself to focus on all of the negative consequences that you'll suffer if you do not dig deep and work harder can sometimes be even more effective.

Negativity definitions


(chemistry) the tendency of an atom or radical to attract electrons in the formation of an ionic bond

See also: electronegativity


an amount less than zero

See also: negativeness


characterized by habitual skepticism and a disagreeable tendency to deny or oppose or resist suggestions or commands

See also: negativeness negativism


the character of the negative electric pole

See also: negativeness