How to use Lash in a sentence as a noun

How can we use lash in a sentence 4 a 6 year old.

Mngkinn krna trlaluuu dlammm lukaa di hatimuuu hingga kau takk prnahh mmafkannn aq hingga kau bri aq penyesalan yg indahhh #lash child "penyesalan yg indahhh

Merii aarzoo meN rahi hai tuu mere dil-o-jaaN meN basi hai tuu tujhe kaise dil se judaa karuN mere dil ki khilti kali hai tuu kyuN soNch men doobaa huN, kyuN jaan pe aayii hai mujhko to pataa thaa ye, Ulfat meN judaaii hai! meethi se yaad teri hai teekhi si baat meri hai tum jo na kah sakay ho wahi kadwi baat meri hai... dilo ka logo nein bazar laga rakha hai ishk ko jaisey karobaar bana rakha hai khelna dil sey jalan hai k sukhan apni surat pey ishtihaar laga rakha hai apni hasarat ka hai maatam kaisa ek ek lash k das tumney kharidaar bitha rakha hai dard hasil hai jo pakizah hai is tarhaa tumney kyu nilaam laga rakha hai apni hasti pey sitam yaad hai ab tak tumko aur sitam tumney wo sab khud pey saza rakha hai koi koshish n karey dil ko dukhaney ki jahhan ?? dil ko tumney kyu saman bana rakha hai LafzooN mein fasany dhoondty hain ham loog LamhooN mein zamany dhoodhty hain ham loog Tu zehar hi dy sharaab keh kar saqi Jeeny ky bahany dhoondty hain han loog

I love naomi wilso with all my heart she my reals sister i know her sice she was 8 we were young n till tis day we have agued tho naomi an i never had lash she can hit me even if she wanted to maannnn ilove you my true sister gurl we ride together 4 life <3 <3 muttt brains allways got ur bk bittch

The pro-life movement would do itself a huge favor if - rather than lash out with the obvious - it pauses, takes a breath, and think.

Many take my kindness for weakness. Nah nah you must be mad. Yuh rass must want some lash nah. Hmmm

OMG there must have been a few concussion s, broken bone and whip lash injuries have been warned

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Nazren usse milau to sharminda na karde izhar karun to inkar na karde meri lash k pas na bithana use yaroo darr he wo chhukar mujhe zinda na karde...S..A...

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Paskan mbijetuar nje miz ne keto dit dimri Edhe thjesht po me bezdiste keq fare Kete her nuk i gjuajta me shupulla se zdoja me i lan shenja nfytyr Po thjesht e terhoqa nje her per krahesh dhe e lash te ikte Ajo reagoj -pzzz zzzpzz Nuk jam i sigurt a me shau a jo Po gjithsesi ato robt ku ti ket kush m'shan pas shpine...

Nazre usse milau to sharminda na krde. Izhar karu to inkar na krde. Meri lash k pas na bithana use yaaro Darr he wo chhukar muje zinda na krde. Pun33t

α fast horse needs only one lash of whip,just as" α quick student needs only one word of wisdom" ♍я̲♌ϊ♌g τ̲̅ȍ U̶̲̥̅̊ all !♥̨♥̨♥̨♥̨♥̨♥̨♥̨

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Woke up ds morning n felt I needed 2 watch a horror or action movie somthn abt thz 2 turnz mi on#lash raised hah

Isha tu najt me grun ....djalin e kishim te vogel e ajo e ngrata u munojke ta vnon ne gji....por femija nuk donte e mora shishen ja musha me tomel ja lash e u raatu e pi tham grujes kujt ka mi njxha ku djal tu kdhu ka une nervoz ty......ele ku uqum mas shishes

Penny: this is an eye lash curler. Amy: mmm I don't know it. Looks like something tinker bells gynecologist uses. Penny: well for her sake I hope it's not captain hook." #BigBangTheory #HillariousEpisode Tiffany Jefferson

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Went to bed with a migraine last night and woke up this morning and I think I had an eye lash in my eye all night because this morning feels like my eye ball is scratched and has water coming out if it like a tap making my nose run as well hate my eyes being soar

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Just booked a week away in the trailer tent for August. Please don't let us have to storm lash the tents down again this year!!

Apne pyar ka ehsaas tujhe ik na ik din jaroor dilaunga mat tang ho mujhse bhut jalad hi tujhse badi dur chla jaunga, meri lash s lipat kr tu pukaregi mera naam paglo ki tarah tere ik aansu p jaan deta hu mai magar us din teri cheekho p bhi taras na khaunga, Aaj mere saye s bhi dur bhagti h na... Kal tu hi mujhe tu hi mujhe hath jod jod k mnayegi magar main laut k na aaunga jite ji to mera pyar ki kadar jaani na tune marne k baad smjh aunga, bas meri lash p roti hui apne ap ko smbhal lena tera y ehsaan kbhi bhøol na paunga, tere liye jaan d skte hu y khne wale bade aashiq mile honge tujhe magar mohabbat me jaan kaise di jati h sanam teri kasam aaj tujhe dikhaunga, kitna mushkil h pal pal kisi k yaad me marna meri jaan, khud mar kar tujhe apni yaad me tadpne ka y hunar jaroor sikhaunga...............,.,

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Erdh dita e koha, Qe pej sod repin e lash Edhe pse shum, Sprova pash,per rep kejt i dhash Knaqnu inatcor, Se ma zanin sma nini

How to use Lash in a sentence as a verb

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Hey biatches, whos up for a tongue lashing????????/

Gam-e-hayat ka jhagda mita raha hai koi..! Chale aao ke duniya se ja raha hai koi..! Koi azl se kahedo ke ruk ja do ghadi..! Suna hai aane ka wada nibha raha koi..! Woh is naaz se baite hai lash ke pass..! Jaise ruthe hue ko mana raha koi..! Palat kar na aa jaye phir saans nabzo ki..! Etne haseen hatho se mayyat saja raha hai koi......!

"ek tamanna rahi use pane ki, kosish bekar rahi use bhulane ki,meri lash pe lipat ke rone dena use yaaro, badi hasrat thi" use " sine se lagane ki.

.................On the premise of sounding rather harsh or judgmental in a certain way, i found it appropriate to lash out at a long time buddy who actually pulled out his cousin's job application from a certain firm,reason; coz the cousin's dad kosanad with his dad donkey years ago, so this fool now is fighting his dad's grudge wars? Do young, modern, exposed, learned and dynamic guys still do this kind of nonsense? Some guy once sang, "an eye for an eye will make the world blind"

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Bedtime again lolz plez let 2mro be a gud day fo me,i dont wana lash out at nebody wif ma claws lmao Gdnite pplez :-P

Anyone want stay tanning and lash brow tint or any waxing this morning had cancelation again 07580054943 x

Another particularly strong performance on the lash! Now off to my freestyle lesson after about 2hrs sleep! This cud end badly...

Kbi pthr pr phul khil jate hai Kbi anjan b apne bn jate hai Is katil dunia me kisi lash ko kafn b nsib nhi hota to kisi lash pr Taj Mahal bn jate hai.

Mohobbat na hoti to gazal kon likhta..kichad k ful ko kamal kon kehta..pyar to kudrat ka karishma hai..warna..ek lash k ghar ko tajmajal kon kehta..

Sham udas hai raat bhi udas hogi, subah kafan mein lipti meri lash hogi, ae mjhe dfnane walo, kabar mein uski tasveer mere sath hogi...

Have any of my lady friends had graft a lash done in Hobart? If so where and how did you go with them?

Wo dhudhte rhe hame idhar-udhar, sayad unhe hamari talash thi, aur afsos ki jis jagah par the unke kadam, usi ke niche dafan hamari lash thi?

Wo dhund rahe the hame idhar udhar" "Shayad unhe hamari talash thi "Par afsos jis kabr pe the unke kadam" "Usi me hamari lash thi."

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Great got eyelash extensions n they are so annoying!! Now I have bald eyelids cos I accidentally pulled my eyelashes out lol #!$%!!!

Udah di remove qo .... #!$% anjing lash buat kata'' Itu

Mohabbat na hoti to gazal kon kehta, kichad k phool ko kamal kon kehta ta, pyar to kudrat ka karishma hai warna. ek lash ke ghar ko "tajmahahal"kon kahta......

Koi ilzam laga kr to saza de hoti Fir meri lash jala de hoti Itni nafrat the to pyar se dekha kyo tha mujha pehla hi meri aukat bata de hoti..§

A fast horse needs only one lash of the whip, just as "a quick student needs only one word of wisdom"

So buying bum is considered cheating by women, they want to know if ever u have a habit of buying abantu aba phelayo! hahaha! #someone is in a lash!

Jindgi nhi mujhe pyari tumhari bina hr mehfil me tanhai tumhare bina man jao to jindgi meri kadmo me tumhare or na mano to kisi or k liye nhi lash bhi meri

BeAutiful mawning peepz, it's another day of ur mawning drive show 4rm da girls papa, 2 day topic on ur mawning drive is BAD life: no need 2 cry now fake eye lash fake nails u meet a fake guy 2, u luking so scandalous, #!$%@ u put on ur mily skeet 'n skintight tinking u are d'best #!$%@ in d' world u are no but a slot so ke ur head up

Quote Examples using Lash

I am truly in awe when I hear people share about their self-awareness about their drinking. Or am I a bit deluded and selective with my own truth? I don't think so and I don't feel so, in my generation of drinkers, and the generation before me, alcohol was always part of the scene. And it seems these days, it is more so? Not really, what I do see on TV, are reality documentaries showing the harm done over and over. In my day there were no such documentaries, all the TV journalists were probably out on the lash, just like me. And being aware of Alcoholics Anonymous? I had no clue about AA at all, or through those decades of drink. And I still wonder how aware people are of the fellowship of AA, until they need it…


Dosti hamari aesi ho........... subha teri sham meri ho........... din tera raat meri ho.......... hasi teri udasi meri ho........... jab mot aaye mare dosto kabar teri or lash meri ho............... awe..........some...........frinds..................


Vazhdoj te mendoj brenda kokes time gjithqka qe me ke then genjej i zgjuar vetem per te bindur veten se kjo nuk ishte veq nje enderr sepse ti ishe mu aty dhe un duhet ta shfrytezoja ate shanc por u frikesova dhe e humba serish momentin eshte gjithqka qe mund te mendoj ti je gjithqka per te cilen mendoj. A eshte zemra jote e marre a eshte dikush tjeter ne mendjen tende me vjen shum keq,jam shum konfuz vetem me thuaj,a mos jam von ? A eshte zemra jote e thyer si ndjehesh per mua tani s'mund ta besoj qe te lash te ikje kur kur duhej te te puthja... Qdo mengjes kur dal nga shtepia ime gjithmon kerkoj per ty te shoh saher qe i mbyll syt qfar do te bej..., dhe te gjith shoket me thon qe jam duke humbur shum pesh por ne syt e tu un e pash qe ti po me shikoje eshte gjithqka qe mund te mendoj ti je gjithqka per te cilen mendoj. A eshte zemra jote e marre a eshte dikush tjeter ne mendjen tende me vjen shum keq,jam shum konfuz vetem me thuaj,a mos jam von ? A eshte zemra jote e thyer si ndjehesh per mua tani s'mund ta besoj qe te lash te ikje kur kur duhej te te puthja... Kur qendroje atje vetem nje rrahje zemre me larg ne po kercenim dhe ti me shikove mua sikur ta dija at'her se do te ndihesha keshtu sikur te mund ta perseritja nuk do te te lija te kurr te shkosh.


Zun hu vanne le akash heri janu.......... vetna ta ai nau aba lash heri janu... timi ta achel mahal ma 6u re kahelai jhupadi ko bas heri janu...... ghati thado gar6u duniya le timlai k vandai 6 ash pash heri janu..... khamos akha le chhitij tira heri lieako ek jhoka sas heri janu...... timi magauli hira ra moti mai le mage ko ek gas heri janu......


Mora ne telf te dashuren qepar ne dreke dhe i thashe. Zemer, jam shtrire ne krevat i teri lakuriq. Cfare ore kthehesh nga puna? Ohhh-tha ajo me nje ze te embel. E cfare do te bejme kur te vij aty? Do me lash icik rrobat-i thash. brilo xp


Into the blistering wilderness, the man who walked with kings now walks alone. Torn from the pinnacle of royal power, stripped of all rank and earthly wealth, a forsaken man without a country, without a hope, his soul in turmoil like the hot winds and raging sands that lash him with the fury of a taskmaster's whip. He is driven forward, always forward, by a God unknown, toward a land unseen..into the molten wilderness of sin, where granite sentinels stand as towers of living death to bar his way. Each night brings the black embrace of loneliness. In the mocking whisper of the wind, he hears the echoing voices of the dark calling out his name. His tortured mind wondering if they call the memory of past triumphs or wail foreboding of disasters yet to come, or whether the desert's hot breath has melted hi reason into madness. He cannot cool the burning kiss of thirst upon his lips nor shade the scorching fury of the sun. All about is desolation. He can neither bless nor curse the power that moves him, for he does not know from where it comes. Learning that it can be more terrible to live than to die, he is driven onward through the burning crucible of desert, where holy men and prophets are cleansed and purged for God's great purpose, until at last, at the end of human strength, beaten into the dust from which he came, the metal is ready for the maker's hand.


Nazar usse milau to sharminda muje wo na karde... Izhar-e-ishq karu to muje inkar na karde... Hey dosto usko meri lash k paas na bithana... Muje dar hai ke wo muje chhukar kahi zinda na karde.. By-


Hello friends. Ami khub problem e pore amar story ta post korlam. Amar bari chandpur. Thaki ctg te. Goto korbanir eid-e ekta meyer sathe amar relation hoy. Or bario chandpure. Or sathe amar daily kotha hoy. Kisudin agee amar sister medical-e vorti hoy. Tai take dekte ami barite asi. Barite asay ami or sathe dekha kori. Or bari amar auntir barir pase. Tai aunti ok cine. Amra jokhon dekha kori tokhon amar aunti amader dekhe fele. Aunti amar ma k sob bole dey. R oder barite gie or family keo sob janay. Erpor or family theke or upor cap sristy kore. Or study off kore dey. R ok joto taratari somvob ba die dibe. Edike amake deser bahire pathiye dibe. Amra ekjon r ekjonke khub valobasi. Keu kauke sara bacte parbona. Jodi dujon dujokke ja pai tahole mrittu sara poth jei. Friends apnarai bolun ami ekhon ki korbo. Pls kono baje comment korbenna.


Bojhey na se bojey na, kano buker vetorey rokto kromagoto jomey him hoye jachey? Kano bar bar money hochhey lash kata ghorey jete mon ta uthal pathal korchey? Hater sira katar porey ami bujhtey parchi dhirey dhirey charidik ondhokar hoye aschey, bidai tomader, bidai.. Ami choley jachhi, tinni tor kach thaeke o bidai chaichi aaj.. Amai je aaj jetei hobey, bechey thakar somosto karon gulo aaj mithhey hoye gachey... Jakey bojhatey cheyechilam, se bojhey ni.... Bidai Tinni, bidai.....


Blink Eyelash Extensions is excited to offer a new line of lashes which have a slightly curlier curv. This lash will suit the cients who are after a definite WOW factor. They open up the eyes to provide an amazing new look. Prices are the same - glamour set $100 Extreme set $130. Jenn


Help I can do eye line to save my life. And winged. Or cat eyes. Right who am I kidding. Can anyone good with make-up and eye liner help.... Please


Well hmm today has been a bad end to the night my 15 year old niece is doing the exact same thing I told my parents she would end up doing no one wanted to listen to me why because I apparently have no clue about what im talking about... but that's not the issue at hand right now the issue is my 15 year old neice got bad info tonight about her mom which she asked me and chris about and me and him will not lie to her or her brother if asked and then I had let my mom kno that she asked about her mother our of respect for my mom cus she has custody of her even though at this point in time she isn't living with my mother and is in a group home... but my biggest concern isn't who the #!$% is to blame in this situation it is my neice is she ok and safe I kno how the streets r better then most I ran away a lot as a kid its not a place u wanna be stuck out at expecially in Montana where last I checked there is snow.... so right now don't talk to me about who is to blame worry about a 15 year old that thought the only thing she could do to figure #!$% out was get away so she ran.... hmmm who does that sound like at 15.... I kno I kno me


Proper Noun Examples for Lash

Lash be Long Fairy Beautful eyes for jessica my babygirl, not so small anymore we all grow up. but gorgeous

Sharing one of my favorites from my M Factor Page... Lash by Lancer.... My lashes are growing like crazy because of this amazing product!!!

Hi everyone, Waikato Banging Lashes brings you amazing eye lash extensions for a bargain price. The lashes are clusters and on request individuals. I am a stay at home mum wanting to bring something special to middle class people. Because lets be honest who has $160 to spend on Lashes?? I use top of the range glue which last up to 4-5 weeks if lashes are cared for correctly.

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I'm not joining the creative pay it forward thing! If you want summat made by me come in a buy it from the shop and keep me in biscuits! If you don't use it you loose it!!

Shahzeb Khan murder is a test case for law and order...

#!$%@& twats, take jobs off people then kick them and stamp on them and laugh whilst doin it!

Up n ready for another miserable week. Need something new and exciting in my life, any ideas

Also available month of January £20 Fifty Pounds worth of treatments { excludes full body massage and microdermabrasion}

Curling up into a ball today. If you need me, I'm in a ball so #!$% off.

Kise ger te ki sikva kara kis kis te sikva kara jad apne hi kih den ki sade walon deep mar gaeya sab ne mainu sad dita tan raba tu hi das a jindgi kyun nahi mainu saddi ki a mare apnnea ton v khas hai deep sharma

Khooooooob be holo ghoveie elahi dovomin emtehanam ridim...mirim bara emtehane sevom...

This heat is killing me aye I'm snappy an tired an #!$%

Assalam o alaikum k0i online h? ? ?

Ive been judged! I've got piercings, colored hair, ink! Oh my!!! I must be a dirty piece of #!$% unworthy of anything good! Just a desperate like the next weirdo over. Please!!! If you have heart and can handle a woman of strength and determination and not afraid to fail, this is your girl! When I love, I love with all, when I hate, it's with passion. You get to figure where you want to be! Mind you I'm not talking a partnership sense...I'm talking you!

................... I bought my new BlackBerry torch 9810. wawwwwwwww .....hahhahahahahh

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To the cutest & youngest adorable nephew, as my youngest sister had this child Alhumdw lillah baby is normal & all great to the both

Ampun dechh nie oranx mcieh nginget" aja msa lalu'y.,!!! gxgxgx

Mum:How was ur paper? Akpos:wonderful­,but I didn't know d past tense of"think".I thought & thought & thought then finally wrote "thunk"

Is it possible that Rhinos are really just old, fat unicorns?? .......These are the kinds of thoughts I have when I stay up past my "bedtime!"

Kam mesuar se nuk kalohet jeta duke dhene shpjegime,pasi miqte e tu nuk kan nevoje per to,armiqte nuk te besojne,ndersa budallenjte nuk kuptojne...

Ndi ku minda bt nda bakhwa ne hope, mogoma le one wa pala aah!

Barusan buka dpt penglaris nasgor cheese n resoles.. Alhamdulillah...

Peluk aq lg ibu,, aq yg trluka d pencundangi dunia

Well i have learned, once you start watching wilfred, you just can't stop til you're all caught up. ok i can't stop

This is the time to atack on pakistan and kill all the bastereds there includinga all ministers and soilders

Lash definitions


a quick blow delivered with a whip or whiplike object

See also: whip whiplash


leather strip that forms the flexible part of a whip

See also: thong


any of the short curved hairs that grow from the edges of the eyelids

See also: cilium eyelash


bind with a rope, chain, or cord


strike as if by whipping

See also: whip


beat severely with a whip or rod

See also: flog lather slash strap trounce welt whip


lash or flick about sharply