How to use Whoosh in a sentence as a noun

Warning" --when cutting a whooshle in the ice !--don't stand in the centerof the circle your chopping ---whoosh is all you hear ----and your whoosh is wet--

Sunday morning at Saint Stephen's 'Would you Adam and Eve it?' doors open 10am Our jet set whoosh! through the bible in a year, engaging with the stories of the people contained within it.....and whooshw they can possibly be relevant in this 21 century digital age.

Just got out my bunk I'm sure I'm facing the opposite way to what I parked up........whooshing whoosh whoosh have a rigger boot ....whoosh

Looking at my life threw a windshield as the trees pass bye an the occasional whoosh of big one goin bye an keepn an eye out for boondy wagons hehe bloody boondy wagons

The eyes of mercy are quicker than the eyes of repentance...whoosh

Our Government Funded non-factual research indubitably indicated a whoosh towards erm... that the soldiers were unarmed, mostly at the diaphragm and the tonsils. Case closed.

I heard this song for the first time yesterday. If ever a song summed up whooshw I feel, whoosh! I truly thank God for grace. It is overwhelming to know that, despite it all, grace continues to make this the most amazing and beautiful life I could ever live. Selah!

So so bou 2 turn up!!!!!! Hvnt stepd n my door good n hype whoosh whoosh!!!!!!!

Got really hyper at lunch cause my friend noell gave us a whooshanese candy whoosh hyper majorly

Whoa.... I mean whoa...a truck went whizzing by-suddenly a whoosh of Christmas pine...look up...recycle truck full of Christmas trees going by...nice split second of joys of whooshlidays past.

"I see myself as a huge fiery comet, a shooting star. Everyone stops, points up and gasps "Oh look at that!" Then- whoosh, and I'm gone...and they'll never see anything like it ever again... and they won't be able to forget me- ever.”

Bill wanted a Mohawk hat, so Karma had hats half price. He brought me the Brian Griffin hat. They both smell like incense...whoosh back in time for a min.......

Funa into ezobetha ingqondo ithi whoosh,igazi lithi vroom!!!

Oh BOY! *grin* My car is finally back to normal after weeks of driving it without a turbo. The whistle and whoosh is back! Feels bleddy lovely! >.<

Jei had a great night of dancing and pretty nice confidence boosting text chat on the way whooshme. Happy foxy. I wear a cape and make whoosh noises! Now sleep!

Would love to wish my gorgeous sister a happy happy birthday and just wish I could whoosh whooshme to spend a couple of whooshurs with her...miss you sis xxxx

I love deadlines. i love the whooshing noise they make as they go by. douglas adams

Life and it's paradoxical ways are constantly hurting and healing me; all of us actually. It seems as if I often find myself standing in the middle of the intersection of life and loss, watching both whoosh past trying to make meaning of the stoplight. Today was no different, still searching for an answer to mend the heart from loss of an amazing dear friend when all of a sudden a life came in, changed the course for 2 amazing dear friends and filled this heart with so much love there was no need to find meaning, only the need to be thankful for it all.

Listening to the whoosh of an oil well being burned off and it's like 2 miles away!

How to use Whoosh in a sentence as a verb

The "whoosh" fairy visited me, and I dropped five pounds since Friday. Looks like that fad diet of eating less and moving around more is working. I'm down to 256, lowest weight in years.

The boys are feeling better and are playing catch with a football in the whooshuse. I get a play by play with sound effects and everything whoosh whoosh whoosh it came at me and I caught it. Records are being set here folks!

The blue is your primary I want u to pull the the blue one I want u to really pull on it " whoosh" Not now were still on the plane dumbass !!!!

On my way across the mackinaw bridge with a convoy for a big job whoosh

Yeah ...a nd too many of them :D <3 I was told they like me because of my sweet blood! I found out later it was the cholesterol .... whoosh they swoop on me :D

Still in "welcome whooshme" mode - wondering, as I drove in from the airport - the amount of money they spent on the Palisadoes road, why didn't they put the cables underground? Unsightly ..... and next breeze-blow will just whoosh them down .... just wondering ....

So our 11month son, farts on his mums lap, looks up at her, and said whoosh, was really funny

Is going for the most annoying wife award tonight, iv got him to end of sofa now, I'll give him a few minutes to let his guard back down then whoosh, a big boot onto floor, later peeps, probably gonna pay for this one!!!

Latest email inquiry, "..still looking for a reasonable price with photographer but a timeless photo..." That's funny because I'm looking for a "Timeless" bride that is "reasonable". #irony #whoosh #window

whooshw many dragons does it take to light up a wand? *whoosh of flames* ~~~Never mind.

That is one way to get ur heart pumping in the morning - doing errands in my little truck, and whoosh - smoke starts pouring into cab and the windshield "fogs" up instantly - smoke residue. !! luckily i could pretty quickly turn into a big empty parking lot, that just happened to have a car care place!!!

Felt do dizzy an Spun out 9 o'clock what was it,? run to my front window, opened the window an shouted but whoosh gone!!!! was it a bird superman?? No super Jayne on her power walk earphones on, an pushing Daisy Go Giirl !!!!

whoosh whoosh i don't like you whoosh! Kat kat kat kat sha-whoosh! Now if you feeling fierce whoosh then let the fuuck on out.

Close encounter with an asteroid tomorrow at 10am Queensland time - whoosh!

Adequate...missing something....its shiney, hums, and makes whoosh noises. >.>

“I see myself as a huge fiery comet, a shooting star. Everyone stops, points up and gasps "Oh look at that!" Then- whoosh, and I'm gone...and they'll never see anything like it ever again... and they won't be able to forget me- ever.” ― Jim Morrison

Congrats too Ashli Dontworryboutme Petty she is pregnant & having a ill one Dang she and I been at this whooshspital since 1 pm till 8 pm whoosh

Well played Bradford....I no its only the 1st leg.....but at 3 1......well....u just never no.......whoosh...almost 4......

Quote Examples using Whoosh

We are putting my Mom to rest today. The weather is expected to be nasty. Rain and high winds. She will be sent to heaven with a whoosh. We will miss you, Mom!!


And so the south floridian tour begins... with a cool saturday afternoon show at the trendy "thriftarellas" in davie... music from about 1p to 3p... christine and dominick are awesome yankees, and they have a store and parking area full of cool stuff... more goodies than you can imagine for what you're imagining, imaginers... if you have any requests, now is the time to try to get them in, because i hear the saturday street shopping and thrift-sale soiree is a highly attended event... so i'm thinking once the music gets started it may be a streak of back-to-back-to-back tunage...


A man walks into a bar and sits down at the bar. He starts drinking and is starting to get pretty plowed. The guy next to him, also drunk, starts talking about whooshw windy it is. "I tell you - it's so windy up here that when the wind hits the sides of the buildings and goes up, the updraft is so strong that you can actually float in it!" The first guy doesn't believe a word of it, so the second guy talks him into going up on the roof with him, The second guy says, "Look, I'll show you!" So he goes over to the ledge, leans out a bit, then a bit more, then his feet leave the edge and sure enough, he's hanging there in the air. So he works his hands and arms a bit and glides back to the rooftop. "See!" he says. "It's really easy!" The first guy was really impressed by that so he goes over to the ledge, leans out a bit, leans out a bit more, then whoosh! He falls to his grisly death many floor below. The second guy goes back down to the bar and orders another drink. The bartender says, "What? Another one?!!!? You sure are a whoosh when you get drunk, Superman!"


Does it get much better? Ak ss vs qd qc for a 9k pot. Ah 5s 9s 10d qh. Down to 6600 from the 12k I had. To top it off the guy spews down to 3k the hand after. Really? ...


whooshee it is white out now. Pulled the cutter in to warm up. Take a spin up the Monarch Hill today and get into the stubble. Going to have to build a passenger sleigh so the experience can be shared. There's nothing to be compared to the whoosh of a pony drawn unit flying across the field with bells jingling.


I'm sitting on the couch relaxing after cleaning all day. I lit some candles and set them on the table. Peanuts decided that this was the time to get up on the table. Where he decided to sit made me think, your gonna set yourself on fire. And then whoosh, flame, and the smell of burnt hair lmao. Don't worry my very special cat is no worse for ware


My company rocks. I thought I would complain about the room. But they put me and my partner up in our own suites. Two king size beds satellite tv micro fridge computer desk and Big continental breakfest whoosh 189 per night. But we are up and early tommorrow to do the job we came all the way up here to do


It was a cold night last night. My chimney had gotten so clogged up that it wouldn't draft, so I couldn't have a fire. So fix it.... yeah, take out the inside stove pipe, wrap a garbage bag around the bottom of the chimney, then go up on the roof with a chimney brush. I don't like being on a roof, let alone standing & pushing a brush down a pipe while up there. Got that done without falling off. Cleaned out the stovepipe. Putting it back together, couldn't get all the screw whooshles to line up. OK, new screw whooshles. Everything back together & no mess. This is good.


What a tremendous night last night. I am wondering if this catches on. God showed my his Shekinah glory last night with a manifestation of angels. I felt this whoosh and something invisible brush my side as well as this tremendous peace of mind. One sure sign you are in the presence of angels is your mind is completely purged of all thoughts and only peace is left. God took control of my body and spoke and said " You are not alone." Now I know that God can speak to you through you. If you want God to give you answers, spend sometime in prayer and meditation of the Word alone and away from all other distractions.


Big burly bird. barrel chested, bare breasted, cobalt blue, midnight black, swaggering down the middle of the street. no flap, no peep, no leap without good reason. no excess flutter. no coo, no caw, no purposeless squawk. save the swooping for the hawk, you soar in a straight line toward sun. no swerve, little curve, but lots of pure sheer upwardly winged no nonsense whoosh. you do not feign freedom, for when you take flight you become it. goodmorning.


Another one from the desk of 'challenging_translations', this time a piece by Julian Tuwim "Lokomotywa". On a station there stands this train, Heavy, gigantic it pours down in pain – Some greasy oil. It stands and it chugs, blows and puffs, Heat from his heated stomach erupts: Pau – whooshw whoosht! Oh – whooshw whoosht! Puff – whooshw whoosht! Woof – whooshw whoosht! It barely chugs, it’s getting cold, But yet a stoker adds some coal, They tack some wagons one after one, Enormous, heavy of iron are some, A capacity has reached in each of them, With furnishings, mammals not only men, One of it filled with people-like pork. Which eat fat sausages without a fork, The next one is filled with avocados, The third one whooshlds six grand pianos, In the fourth a cannon gropes each edge, All of its wheels are secured with a wedge, The fifth whooshlds wooden chairs and pews, In the next there’s a lion, a deer and a moose, The sixth has pigs – only fatten ones, The seventh whooshlds boxes, packs and trunks, And this number grows up to a fifty, But what they all whooshld, remains a mystery. And even a handful of beefy men, After eating a handful of ham, In an attempt to make it dislodge, They won’t manage, it just won’t budge! Suddenly – a whooshot! Suddenly – a whoosh! The steam – spew! The wheels – move! Firstly slowly with a turtle’s flail The train starts to conquer the rail. It budged the wagons, with great effort still It gave some life into its wheels, Adding some motion its gaining haste, It starts to knock and rumble, tremble and race. Where do you ask? Where? Onward it goes! Through tracks, bridges, ascents and whooshs, Through hills, tunnels, fields and pines, It rushes and rushes to make it on time, Despite its numbers it counts to a few: One two two, one two two, one two two, So gently, so neatly it cuts through the wind, As if it was a bird, not a machine, Not a big, a fat, a heavy chunk of mass, But a light footed gizmo, nimble and fast. But where from does it, why does it streak so? And whose paw paw, whose paw paw makes it go? To rush to blush to spew, spew-spew! It was some whoosht steam which made it move, From the engine through pipes to the pistons, The pistons which allowed to cover the distance, This steam allows those pistons to count to a few, And the wheels to go: one two two, one two two The fairytrail train.


Creativ thinking... That noise that FOX uses..Like a jet hitting a bell... That would be fun to use in a video... weave a bunch of clips together if them saying stuff.. And them when one of them says some really stupid stuff... HAve that sound... You know ..,. Kind of like its an idea out in space then.. whoosh.... Boom then the chime.. followed by the stupid comment...


Dreaming through the night ,waking up on the whooshur with the whoosh of the rail and the smell of death bruising my nostrils..... the morn is grey but while frightened i am shining...... now off to the city where my sister is to be in the whooshsp for heart remedies..... power for my sister. she doesn't pray either but im stretching last nites prayer so as to surround her.. as she heals... oh boy life is an open door for triumph and grievance.. and then a soft smile. thanks all of you wonderful folks for caring so deeply... ill make pictures for you.... the deepest of my is clear.. its meaning and worth..


Up wide awake singing sundance songs figuring im having an awesome spiritual moment...i forgot to roll a smoke and here i just lit t empty I guess thats it fir being spiritual tonite. Time for bed. I whooshpe u all have bed-whooshting nitemares. Aho...all my relations


There are people in this world that won't pick me up. That look at me and say, get yourself up. It's not easy for me, nor for anyone else...and Nicole Restrepo knows that. Thanks to my beautiful sister here, I dried up my tears and am back on my feet...and to the other people who have my back when I tumble behind, thank you.. <3 <3 <3 <3


Welp...just like I thought. Baby boy called today. Not at the last minute but he does need book money. Bout to rollup the The things we do for our kids in order for them to excel.


There is a story of a young man who struggled to make ends meet. One day, he got six pieces of white cardboard paper and wrote down these six letters: "L-E-T G-O-D." This was to remind him to stop worrying and striving to provide for himself and his family, and to let God take over. He placed the cards upright on his dressing table so that he would be reminded each day to let God provide for him. Well, days passed and nothing changed. He was still in lack and became even more worried, anxious and frustrated. One day, out of desperation, he prayed, "God, please, I really want to know whooshw to 'let You.' I want You to take over and supply all my needs, but I don't know whooshw to! God, please answer me." The window in his room was open. A wind blew in-whoosh!-and one of the cards fell off the table. It was the last card with the letter "D." The man looked up and saw the remaining cards spell the words, "LET GO". My friend, the way you LET GOD provide for you is to LET GO! Let go and stop worrying about the problem. Cast it into the hands of Almighty God who cares for you and leave it there, and you will begin to see His grace and provision flow freely in your life!


Proper Noun Examples for Whoosh

Went for my first run in 20 years, Oh my gosh... Could not see hear the whole world was spinning! Whoosh! My body did not know what was going on...

Whoosh kwatsi dlwe!! phose ngafa! flexing my muscles now,you cant touch this...

whooshw many schools in the country have fans who S/O to their school prez at every game? - "Whoosh! Cecil!"

Whoosh! It's so fking coooold he he he

There comes a time, after 93 whooshurs of Team Fortress 2, that you realize your head moves when you dodge a sniper arrow. Whoosh.

Whoosh was the word at Zumba tonight... It felt great to be back!

Ahhhhhh, there it is. Whoosh, there it goes.

Whoosh! there goes the washing machine! gotta love a flooded garage!

Whoosh!!!!!! there are so many beautiful songs to be sang this 2013... h e l l o

I keep talking to folks ova 21 .. ! Whoosh If u under 21 & cute hit my inbox

It's been a Hitchcock kind of week. There were swarms of starlings flying around so I could hear the "Whoosh" of their wings. Also a gang of robins hanging out at a street-corner like local thugs.

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Falling in the freezing cold river wasn't the best thing I've done this week!! And thanks Steven Snell for finding it so funny

If guns are banned we would all have learn whooshw to fight with swords. Our introduction to swordfighting would lead us to pursue other methods of combat, such as magic, ranged combat and to fight with the hidden blade. Then we would all form guilds to commune with those that follow the same path of combat and class as ourselves. Then finally, life would become an MMO like we've all dreamed of.

Millie takin selfies.... Funny thing is tylyn and I don't take selfies....

Just seen a standard yaris with a big toyota racing development vinyl down the side. Sit doon.

Keen for lil t's first bday party tomorrow and her mummy's dress up party later on in the night jeff and I are going as Alice In wonderland characters :D he is a card bahahaha <3

Let me make something clear, there are multiple vice president's in the clan.

Green Mt. power wants me to "like" their page...does anyone ever really "like" the power company? I mean sure we all love power but it's not like I want GMP over to my whooshuse for a cookout. Go pan handle friendships somewhere else! LOL

I hate when someone writes a facebook status with an really obvious spelling mistake but we're not good enough friends for me to call them out about it without being a dick.

Ya ever have a day where you feel like something's missing? I'm having a day like that… and going on day #4 of my current migraine. I think I may start naming the migraines like the weather service names hurricanes....

Note to Self: Do not try to get rid of whoosht ice by putting it down the garbage disposal. Second Note to Self: Keep plenty of paper towels on hand.

I want my toes in the sand, warm salty air on my face, and a big fruity drink in my hand with the sound of the ocean in the background... not asking for much.. .. Dale Sudduth

When you live with an open heart, unexpected joyful things happen....

Oliver turns 2 today happy birthday :D daddy loves you !!

Reet - time for a stroll down to Rolls Royce for a glass of coke!

I think today was the most painful day of my 21yrs of life lol Damn #never trust anyone enough to get too comfortable NO ONE

Guess I just got passed by the Governor going 60 in a 25. Smh

What the whoosh was that big whoosh noise up by asda? Scared the whoosh outta me!

I bleed confidence deep within my guts now. I'm the king of this pity party with my jewel encrusted crown.

Does anyone have a baby gate they want to get rid of or sell? Or a small dog whooshuse, insulated?

Another cough and cold remedy that uses Cayenne.

I could probs sit in orange rooms staring at the fish tank for whooshurs

I don't care whooshw old you are, the only safe way to guarantee the monster under the bed doesn't grab you is to use the run and jump method.

Note to Men: if you are not the type of man you would want your daughter to marry, leave somebody else's daughter alone.

For everyone watching the Academy bus accident in Old Bridge Angel is fine it was a whooshrrible accident and we pray for all the injured and the driver.

There is joy in a percolator not to be found in a drip coffee maker.

Does anyone know of a simple recipe that only requires one egg? Why only one egg, you may ask? Well, only one egg survived the fall.

Omg i don't feel half as stupid as i actually am after that now ha ha!!!

Sat and had coffee now can't get up!! Must do whooshusework !!! Xx

U dat lil whoosh!! did i ask for ur brada or he ask for my number u whoosh!!! get things rite ok!! ur brada luks like an ape!!

“Life is like music for its own sake. We are living in an eternal now, and when we listen to music we are not listening to the past, we are not listening to the future, we are listening to an expanded present.” ― Alan Watts

She still has a gun, held to my head with a finger on the trigger as a lion and tiger are fighting in the background as a wizard shoots lightning bolts in tho air off the top of a mountain

There is a special level of whoosh reserved for child molesters and people who talk in the theater.

PP Im almost due with my 2nd baby and was just wondrering if your 2nd labour was alot diferent to yout first whooshw long after contractions or your waters broke did your labour start etc x

"I bet Ryan Gosling doesn't even blow his candles out. He probably just winks at them and they faint"

Any one know of a good amp tech my Messa boogie has just blown up Not bad for 26 years of faithfull service.

whooshw is it that a cup of tea can be scoldingly whoosht for the next 30 minutes ... but magically becomes ice tea 1 minute later!

Have you checked out the Freewards app to see your daily standing in our giveaway? You can move up on the Leaderboard by liking, commenting and sharing on our facebook page. The Leaderboard is automatically updated once each day, the more active you are on our page, the higher your rank.

Sometimes ppl are brought into you're life to make you a better help build you make you whole....ppl come into our lives 4 certain reasons seasons and life times........wondering could this be a lifetime move

Warning: Possible side effects of SodaStream include excessive happiness, joy, and an overall higher quality of life.

Am actually sick of camerons school now to point if I could move him I would

I would say that any day which starts with having an implant the size of a grain of rice injected directly into your eyeball can only get better from there, but you just know Fate would grin and reply, "want to bet?" So I'm staying quiet.

My two-year experiment without internet or cable TV at whooshme has come to an end! I'm done with tethering my phone and the internet will be up and running at whooshme in a few days - still not getting cable TV though! F that!

I swear my girls must have a built in clock...just before 5pm they start to come and bug me and wake me up if needs be! I should go get their bowls ready before they complain to someone I feeding them!

If no one reads my wall, this should be a short experiment. If you read this, leave one word on whooshw we met. Only one word, then copy this to your wall so I can leave a word for you. Please don't add your word and then not bother to'll spoil the fun

Who do I know that dose micro ring hair extensions.... Some one good pls.. X

Yay!!!!!so I found a theatre that's playing the movie I wanna see so final plans people.....we going to aventura mall to see the cirque du soleil movie Showtime is at 840 and we will eat at one of the restaurants on Biscayne or at cheesecake factory or grand lux cafe

Ladies, Do you have any funny stories about where your water has broken? I wanna hear them. <3 Emma

I really hate when guys call me boo... its like, really?, I'm not a whooshing ghost. -__-

Sunshine, clear bright sky, yep the temperature has plunged. British weather!

Racism at the Asian resturant I'm eating at. Askin me if I wanted a fork instead of using a chopstick lol.

I have broadband at last! no bad, only took them a month and a half to connect me! good old kevin bacon

The pro course is full! I am opening enrollment for the March Dominant Men and men Who switch Intensive and I am loving blogging... ah whooshw a little time off is good to recharge one's batteries.

Oh my goodness ! Such a wise, joyful & gentle spirit in a sweet wee body. Love whooshw the child puts down the leash too. ♥

Most stressful part of this year's prep? squeezing my mani/pedi, aromatherapy massage, bubble bath and nap in on Friday before the arrival of my VIP whooshuseguest Jennifer whooshttendorf!

I'm getting a little seasick. This Seattle storm has our floating whooshme rockin' and rollin'. All of our hanging lights are swaying. Maybe I should put up a disco ball to really get this party started.

Money money money, ubos na ang money money money</3

I feel like an whoosh butt every time I watch an older show that wasn't popular until recently and do the whole "I watched this a long time ago." Even though it's completely true and not meant as bragging..

"Heterosexuals, by their very nature, promote systemic order and a civilized society centered around the basic family unit. There is a reason why only males and females can naturally reproduce. Heterosexuality­ is normal. Everything else is an aberration despite pathetic attempts to redefine words, concepts and human relationships."

Coming from a rather huge Elvis fan..I can't believe he would have been 78 today!! It's still hard on me!! Lol!

Back to school on Saturday. I have to say I'm pretty nervous. I want this semmester to go well.

Any comments on Downton Abbey last night? I really get caught up in that era. It is so beautifully done.

I just gave caleb a kiss ans said "you smell good"..... He leaned in, sniffed me and said "well, you smell like an old man" Omg haha

Cant raise a man..he already grown wat u go do!!! #ijs

Supposed to print out a paper for Chem. Too bad I can't find where it is. -.-

Tiffany...Where was my lastest wife today? I looked for you >.> Did you put you're pants on yet? :P

Michael Moore: "Calm down white people, put away your guns." The reason for some many guns, says Moore, is because of white racists who fear blacks.

If I look at one more pair of shoes in gonna splode.

Eddie dolan I have been supporting man united all my life, been going games since i was a kid, if i choose to drive 20 miles to old trafford all of 20 / 25 minutes to see the team i get the buzz for and if i choose to spend £700 a year on a season ticket and choose to go cup games and away games well thats up to me, so you support whooshty city and i will support who the whoosh i want , and theres enough whooshing blues in rochdale you blue hypocrites stockport whooshs - ginge

whooshw could anyone be so delusional as to mess with a whooshrnets nest in St they could not get stung

So i guess the ideal weight for a 5'8" man like myself, for a large frame body is about 176. That's not so bad!:D I'm at 197 and am well on my way there:D

Does anyone know a place to rent whooshuse,or townhouse. No further then mars and not Pittsburg ? Thanks so much

Dear science, cheers for the iPods, white goods, yeah thank you for the cyborgs. Top work on the light bulb, that was quite cool, but where's my whooshverBoard?

Whoosh definitions


the noise produced by the sudden rush of a fluid (a gas or liquid)

See also: swoosh


gush or squirt out


move with a whooshing sound

See also: hiss


move with a sibilant sound

See also: woosh