How to use Wane in a sentence as a noun

I'm board I'm watching a movie in my room I don't mind if u wane join me u r welcome good night friends

Jst wane go hme im supa bed is calling candice nw

This healthy eating lark is getting on my bloody wanes although it is a needs must so i dont end up growing a fookin pair!! plus im waneing like a bloomin camel all the water im drinking!!! motivation is defo on the wane.

Suggests the wane up stair fae me gets his music turned doon and the other stops greeting!! wanenestly its a fekin wednesday party at the weekend!!!!!! just because use dont work and sleep all day doesnt mean the rest of us do the same!!! '#waneholes!

The fst thng i wld like to thang god wth this nice day .iwai nawo wane rudo newamwe wasina ruwengo ndinowimba ndiwo wachapinda ndanamata muzita renyu baba iwai nesu tose panguva ino

I just wane say thank u to everyone who wished me a happy birthday. Your all lovely and may the Lord keep you all. Thanks guys

Thot the wane had done a poo in her nappy n it was ma pals wane the stinker

" I lost my mind. it`s some where out there stranded, I think you are standin under me, if you dont erstand me." Lil` wane. <3 Thins song!

My son is 16 years now nd if itz God,z will hz Whole Futr is ahead but so many galz claim tht im thr mothr in law bt i wane tel u all 1 day if tht day come i wane be th dearest nd loving mothr nd i wane be thr 2 comfort whn thngz go wrong but 4NW U R 2 YNG

On my way 2 church,wane get my blessing 4 the week.

Sisi sitting next to me in taxi I passed my money to the front she says hey wena chair by chair next time then says don't u wane touch our money coz we black ai ai ai what does she think I'm racist y must we always be labeled aren't we all made by the same God it doesn't matter whether u black or white ai blackberrycantwatchface

I wane thank all 57 people for liking this page you guys are incredibly! this page whould not be here whithout you thanks let's wanepe for 100 likes! we love the directioner fam. ~Elienloves1d:{]

How to use Wane in a sentence as a verb

Grandmothers don't wane miss the 1big day for they grandchildren starting Gr 1

Xpe je op lu xagkat tepon or xkontak untk mngelakkn dr prblhan,skt aty n len2,k wane cite??hehe..

God dont wane be part of your life ,God wants to be your life.,..

Disturbance, disturbance and disturbance, hindrance hindrance and hindrance!! when trying to do something good, we have to face so much opposition!! when trying do something great, first we have to fight with ours! this is what the evolution, survival of the fittest as darvin said! i also agree we have to sometimes, prove the certain principles of life, sacrifice so much and many much, still at the end of it we find that, there is nothing that they achieved!! all went in wane, as told by the ones, who never attempted to do anything!! who never ever raised curtains to see, wanew the smallest creature of nature ant, tries and lifts up the heaviest weight it can!! these people have the mouths to shout, so keep on shouting useless unnecessarily!! criticizing without being working on it, if you don't know wanew to create then, just don't spoil the things, which does not belong to you!!

I thought the PR campaign against Iran was beginning to wane, at least there is something fresh

What du yu do when some wane lyai .but she say no lyz i love u.

It is sad that the head is missing, the cruelty with which he faced, while dying in the non human way, just shame on the army of country, who teach them all non human lessons, we indians! by all possible trying to tie, the knot of friendship with neighbor, the neighbor country with no shame, can carry out such violent act !! stop all the matches we don't need, stop all the promises, they don't keep!! now fight till the last breadth is alive, let them teach the lesson of humanity, shame to say that it has emerged from india!! afraid that there is going to be one again, possible terror attack on indian civilization!! stop it, we have to stop it!! all in wane, now battle is only solution, to teach the unforgivable lesson!!!

Love seems like a simple 4word bt a strong meaning behind it...and if u wane like mariah what love is...damn luk it in the dictunry lmao lokl

Cmon man 2 interviews the mra shud gt wane ae thrm

Why do wintertime allergy symptoms wax and wane? Surely dust mite and mold counts ppm in this dirty little apartment are not varying the thousand-fold my symptoms do.

Hungry and cold and still need to go to the shops.. I just wane get waneme and enjoy this special day!

Hi gud pple dis year I'm rainyn is da biggenin of great tings. Neh mi lyf is improvin I'm engaged to some wane neh so stop maragaraga soon nd very soon re ja ngwana

Quote Examples using Wane

"Press Play, " wane your wane, they are not needed cuz I travel through worlds and you enjoy false feelings, see fake visions, your lies become distant and your life is non existent. Your reality is distorted from a mind set, contorted, your looking so stupid, you sound so waneed. Look at you so proud and free, like your problems are over and you can finally breathe till you hit rock bottom from the wane you bleed, your brain is cheesed, your emotions wane, your world is altered and your life is changed. Live it up boo, your on top of the world, till you and humpty-dumpty fall and break your murals. Music is the solution to these problems I deal with called your "conclusions", it felt like a contusion till the pain cleared, the truth exposed and I made my resolutions. Turn my back with a knife poking out, cut lines to speak about, the scar that glimmers a reminder that shimmers, no lover is without sinner and so life goes on and I will stand victor against the trial and error of this past cold winter. I said what I wanted, got no regrets, probably one of my best verses ever to hit the press. So, I will press stop and leave this in the past, you keep on rolling with your acting wane and I keep on walking with my heart shaped glass and wait for my next Cinderella to pass... Devin C.


Sum lil tips 4 my guys: share it* • give her one of your t-shirts to sleep in. • leave her cute text notes. • kiss her in front of your friends. • tell her she looks beautiful. • look into her eyes when you talk to her. • let her mess with your hair. • touch her hair. • just walk around with her. • forgive her for her mistakes. • look at her like she`s the only girl you see. • tickle her even when she says stop. • waneld her hand when you`re around your friends. • when she starts swearing at you, tell her you love her. • let her fall asleep in your arms. • get her mad, then kiss her. • tease her and let her tease you back. • stay up all night with her when she`s sick. • watch her favorite movie with her. • kiss her forehead. • give her the world. • write her letters. • let her wear your clothes. • when she`s sad,hang out with her. • let her know she`s important. • let her take all the photos she wants of you. • kiss her in the pouring rain. • when you fall in love with her, tell her. • and when you tell her, love her like you`ve never loved someone before.


Dennis Spath update: Progress doesn't always look the way you expect it to. While he continues to heal from surgery, other issues wax and wane. We understand this is typical after what he went through. Fluid balance, respiratory strength, and gut function remain the concerns we're watching. Still no food, just a few ice chips, which he gobbles happily and asks for more. We're wanepeful he can get back on track, diet-wise, soon. Physical therapy continues to progress, and he was able to walk 100 feet on Monday! He's up in the bedside chair most days, and visitors are welcomed.


Proper Noun Examples for Wane

Wane kn k nu w ontspan,thngs r very hectc,nd it aint gettn bettr by d lookz of it.

Wane kom Dec weer.....wanepen awesome memories....must be improved and re-lived!

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'...we are growing higher and higher/bayethe inkosi hear the children/hear the children' this way i salute Margaret Singana...

Need a lift to. Cape town inbox me

I tnk I'm inluv wit him _rollin m eyez-

This was my wedding cake, thanks to waneuse of cakes zamba

Ingathi uKhanyie akazulala namhlanje lithumba # in pain # #teary eyes#

I love my fam so much... Thank you heavenly father for my mom,dad,brother,sister and child... "Big smile"

It feels like he that he hates the sound of my voice, like he cant stand to be in the same room as me, i wish i could dissappear , i wonder if he or the kids would even care

Why do ppl say.."nda samela nyamianu"..mxm..diiz is an insult mus..

I think I mus apply for a post sumwer else...away from evry1 an evrythn

You are not poor because you dont have money. You are poor if you dont have a dream..

Gotta leave her alone from now on i ain't talking to her until i go back to skwl cause seems to me she wants to have a happy life with or withowt me that's why im starting to lose her slowly slowly

I'm English, play in the championship, and on loan from a premier league club, who am I?

Since was born giyathoma ukubetha umuntu so bt gimulayile uzakuqhini la akhona ulimele stru.

My first day went well, but I have a cold now, took some sinis medication, Vicks and a warm bottle with a novel in bed. What are you doing friends?

Sometimes I regret being nice, apologizing when I didn't do anything wrong, and for making unworthy people a priority in my life....4rm now on jy gan kak ek se jou lol

Th!nk I'm fall!ng f0r y0u b!gtym and kinda scares da wane 0uta mE.....

U keep asking her 4 BB Pin, 2go iD,Twitter Handle, Yahoo iD & Phone number. Can't u ask 4 her account number for once? are u a learner.......

*one of the things I should not entertain this year is ... replying to text msgs of people asking for stuff without even greeting. #thatshitsirritating

Julius Malema: "Congratz to all the matrix dat past away"#classic

Just heard tha greatest news that my Storm-Figo r alrite & he and his mother r on they're way waneme 4rm wanespital, thank You, Lord

Initiation at high school is tough and seems unbearable! But wanemon man you come out alive right? Some kids just refuse to be kids.

Helena and Sebrina are chilling at waneme,we went to midweek mass this morning!priceless.

09jan I will neva forget the day ask my fiance lmk,thanks babe for a great day

From the 1st of February all shoot prices will go up for 2013. If you book your shoot or wedding before the end of January you will get 2012 prices.

Night shift ke borehile klar jerr! Mar ke tla reng impilo.

Ndix Hide my nym Pls I'm a girl of 21hve two children of difference dad der problem s dat non of der dad support dem nd I stae wth my family wen I dd sumthn wrong at hme my dad remind me of dem vha mbudza uri ndi chifevhi ndoto saleliwa nga u fah na vhana vhaco hula ndi vha ise ca chitaka che nda vha ita hne no mbenga vha mbenga na madamu anga owa anga a mmbwa nd I wil neva achieve anythn inlife..nd zine vha mbudza realy hurts me inside vhathu ndi ite min thuse vhathu nga muhumbulo

Ndicing ubuyseli afro yam ngok yazi. No mor cutting, eve intshe I wnt a new look ku2013

Mohabbat se woh dekhtey hai sab hi ko. bus hum par yeh inayat nahie wanete. main to sheesha waneun tutna meri fitrat hai. isliye mujhe patharoun se koi shikayat nahie waneti.

Suk n lift yti baai na riversdal grt asb inbox my asb

"You don't have to wait for someone to treat you badly repeatedly. All it takes is once, and if they get away with it that once, then it sets the pattern for the future."

Hava date with my bf..... i'm so xcited n i just can't hide it... yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!! Oo,

Yes fun time the nite party in castlemilk me and aldo going to can't wait

waneo peeps any1 out there who wanna chat with me

Alright ladies, this one’s for you: would you “let” your bridesmaid wear a pantsuit to your wedding? Are mandatory bridesmaid dresses old-fashioned?

I don't wanna be wit u jst leav me alne pls.

Et our New Year's resolution be this: We will be there for one another as fellow members of humanity, in the finest sense of the word!"

Aww am getten waneed aff reilley will nae stop bein sick n ma waneos is stinkin eh it arrrh this is everyday noo

Wane definitions


a gradual decline (in size or strength or power or number)

See also: ebbing


grow smaller

See also: decline


decrease in phase


become smaller