How to use Upwind in a sentence as an adjective

If you're upwind, you decide when and if to engage the other ship...In this case, Amazon is upwind of becoming a giant, profitable company.

Both of them tend to fly upwind toward meals.

Nope, more like GPS guys built a luxury spa in the middle of a farming area, and are complaining that LightSquared is pooping all over the field they [edit: they=LightSquared] just purchased upwind, which has been wildflowers that spa patrons could trespass through on on illicit trails until then.

What could happen if a major stockpile of chemical agents gets hit and it happens to be near or directly upwind of a major population center?

If upwind is an obviously bad idea, orthogonal to the wind may be better than downwind, especially if you cannot move fast.

Of course refining has some environmental risks, and the only thing worse than a local getting the bright idea, is someone "far away and upwind" being owed a favor and not particularly caring what happens downwind.

Reminds me of something PG wrote in an essay about the craigslist way and staying "upwind" of profits.

How to use Upwind in a sentence as an adverb

I like the analogy of staying upwind because it provides you more options when the time comes that you find out what you want to do.

This would establish shallow, inland, saltwater seas upwind of the desert, in a very sunny area, as a source of atmospheric humidity.

Head upwind gathering bottled water as you go.\nhint - prevailing winds are often from the northwest

I once sailed upwind from LA to SF over 5 days.

There's also very relevant advice from Paul Graham for the place-and-time issue: stay upwind, if you can.

Quit smoking upwind from the picnic table where I'm having lunch.

The "upwind" and "archimides lever" references are just things I would expect any reasonably cultured person to get.

Upwind definitions


towards the side exposed to wind


toward the wind; "they were sailing leeward"

See also: leeward


in the direction opposite to the direction the wind is blowing; "they flew upwind"