Uptight in a sentence as an adjective

People are way to uptight about stuff like this when it comes to finding your next job.

This probably doesn't help feminists with the image problem of being uptight and overly serious.

It was some uptight woman who saw the comment and told the police in the first place, and you can bet its the fear of uptight parents that's causing the prosecution.

Well meaning people will say things meaning no offence and which only the most righteously uptight, persecution complex suffering person would take as such.

There was a group of secondary school students who were on a school trip with their teacher, an obtuse, uptight old lady who had probably missed a couple of anger management appointments.

The TSA folks have sometimes gotten kinda freaked out/uptight or antsy, but it generally blows over pretty quickly and 80% of the time doesn't take much longer than the regular screening.

If you had to deal with the casual dismissal of inequity in your particular cohort on a regular basis, you might be "uptight and overly serious," too.

All I know is that they really got under the skin of an all-too-serious, uptight prig, and the overreaction of that prig means it gets even deeper under the skin of prigs everywhere.

Call me paranoid, but it feels like this term came out of an orchestrated propaganda campaign to scare uptight puritan Americans from the Evils of the Internet, similar to the propaganda movies we can see about ********* in the sixties.

Uptight definitions


being in a tense state

See also: edgy high-strung jittery jumpy nervy overstrung restive