Uplift in a sentence as a noun

But the actors who just do their core thing are not going to uplift the poor,"

It's not uplifting, it is a parable of karma.

How does the community as a whole uplift the people within it who are not doing as well?

If you have the time to smash a bus window you have the time to learn skills that will uplift your spirit and place in this world.

Besides, it's much more satisfying to write comments that uplift people rather than tearing them down.

You can have a female founders conference, whose purpose is to uplift women, and allow men to be there as well.

The low gravity makes it more attractive to mine and build things on the Moon rather than having to uplift everything from Earth.

But it's very hard to bear up under little things when the patriotic uplift of imminent danger is not present.

Uplift in a sentence as a verb

It's in some parts likely remnants of the ignorant and bigotrous past that the better part of society works hard to uplift and out educate.

One of the things that the company I work for, Qubit, does is to validate that the tracking tags that vendors put on people's websites drive an uplift.

Yes as Individuals we would have done a lot for the country but we as a people need to be more patriotic and literally uplift the nation.

Mandatory public education was not about uplift per se, it was about conformity.

Thats why I say that take the interest that you have developed around you to uplift other teachers to bring up education as a 'whole'.Otherwise, Kahn Academy will remain a closet work...

Have you ever seen a thread where Patrick, me, or some other established consultant harangued HN about raising their rates, and about not setting rates based on some double-digit-percentage uplift of what their last full-time job was?

"This view [emphasizing the impact of genes and circumstance on the frequency of "moral behavior"] undermines the possibility of happiness and moral behavior for those who are dealt a bad hand, and so does more to degrade than uplift at the individual level.

Uplift definitions


(geology) a rise of land to a higher elevation (as in the process of mountain building)

See also: upheaval upthrow upthrust


a brassiere that lifts and supports the breasts


fill with high spirits; fill with optimism; "Music can uplift your spirits"

See also: elate intoxicate


lift up from the earth, as by geologic forces; "the earth's movement uplifted this part of town"


lift up or elevate