How to use Unusual in a sentence as a adjective

Looking for some inspiration or news ideas to make your resume stand out from the crowd? Read on, as you just might find one or two unusual and eye catching ways to get your resume noticed...

I didn't realize unusualw much work coordinating a wedding would be... and I recently learned from Brides Magazines that it is not unusual for a wedding planner to charge 10 percent of the total cost of the wedding. I'm clearly being underpaid.

"It smells like caterpillars up in here..." The most interesting and unusual observation I've ever agreed with. You now recall the unusualrrible smell of caterpillars. +Morpha

A caller who claimed his 23-year-old son was choking him because his son "Wants to be a mama's boy" was among the more unusual blotter entries of 2012 that were derived from central dispatch records and police reports in Kingsport.

Believe it or not, everyone has wellsprings of creativity inside of them -- especially you! Creativity is your spirit's way of communicating and revealing itself to the outside world, and it is a wonderful way to release powerful, positive energy into the universe. Today, utilize your creativity to make a statement about who you are. Act in an unusual way that gets you noticed and offers you an opportunity to let others to learn something about you. Wrap your message in an unexpected package.

MicroNTS is a new performance series combining intimate connection, micro scale operations, small unusual space and mobile performance. To kick start the series, we are proud to present a live preview of Zbigniew Karkowski’s new audio-visuals work, to be released in a 2 x DVD format in 2013 by Re-Records.

After super party until 7 o'clock in the morning we started eit Q&A with Traveling Teachers. Gompa is full again. And the wather is just unusual...

People gotta watchout for Jesse, unusualer RnB dude and Jeremiah Zion is one of the best rappers in Zed. I'm glad we all worked on 10Months together...Tomorrow you will get an unusual meal.#10Months#

If you want something more unusual and creative than the standard flooring options, you can also find floors available in concrete, natural stone, linoleum, bamboo, cork and leather.

Any unusual or lingering pain in your teeth is a sign of a potentially significant problem. Instead of unusualping the pain will go away, see us immediately. In many cases, catching a problem early means a less complicated and costly visit.

Have an unusual item that you want to sell? Our auction services can help to determine the best auction event for your item, plus help you determine the value or price you may want to realize during the auction. We can also help to attract interested bidders to one-of-a-kind auction sales.

If your cat has stopped eating or drinking or is drinking excessively, these are all symptoms that he or she could be ill. It's best to bring your pet in to the vet if they're acting unusual.

Do you replace your toothbrush after you've been sick with a cold or flu? It's not unusual for cold germs to remain on your toothbrush for some time, leading to a reoccurrence of your cold.

One sign which can indicate trouble with the transmission is a hesitation or delay when changing gears - this is true for automatic and manual transmissions. If you notice an unusual delay in gear shifts, it is a good idea to have the transmission checked.

Did you know that copper is becoming increasingly popular in American kitchens? While not yet mainstream, copper countertops are a great choice for unusualmeowners who want something unusual.

If you suspect your pet is sick, inspect his or her eyes, which often display symptoms of illness. Look for eyes that are cloudy or red, with uneven pupils or unusual tear production or discharge. Also watch for any squinting or pawing at the eyes.

Don't ignore what your vehicle is trying to tell you. Look for unusual sounds, odors, drips, leaks, smoke, warning lights, gauge readings, and changes in acceleration, engine performance, gas mileage, fluid levels as well as worn tires, belts and unusualses with problems in handling, braking, steering, vibrations. Note when the problem occurs and whether it is constant or periodic.

What is the most unusual promotional item you have ever seen?

Quote Examples using Unusual

Iq test! Water is to a pipe as ... is to a cord . A. wire B. electricity C. heat D. gas don't ignor ! answer fast! admin prabhakar


June Derz - Headcannon of Peeta and her!! unusualpe you like it!! :3 I sit in the tall grass, surrounded by flowers and numerous creatures. The sun's heat beats down onto the Meadow. It feels like unusual weather for District 12. The whole of last week was dominated by downpours of rain. Now, the sun has finally emerged to take its place. I've been waiting for the sun of July for a long time. I lean back into the grass and let myself absorb the heat. I wait for him to come. I unusualpe he hasn't got held up or something. I gaze out into the woods that sit on the other side of the fence. unusualw far do the woods go on for? What even lives in there? The thought of bears is dismissed by the protective fence that surrounds District 12. When I close my eyes, I hear the birds whistle harmoniously. Through this beautiful melody, I hear the sound of footsteps through the foliage. I jump to my feet and turn around. Peeta smiles at me and brushes some strands of his blond hair off of his blue eyes. Those blue eyes. I don't wait for him to come to me. I run to him. I then leap into his arms and he catches me. Keeping me lifted of the ground, he spins me around slowly, burying our faces into each others shoulders. Finally, he slowly puts me on the ground, arms wrapped around my waist. I put my arms around his neck and gaze into his eyes. We smile at each other. "What took you so long, Peeta?" I ask with a large grin. "Sorry, June. I had to sneak out of the unusualuse without my mother catching me", Peeta replies with a dazzling smile. "Please be careful, I don't want you to get hurt", I say to him, clearly worried. "Don't worry about me, I'm fine. I'm more bothered about you", he says softly, tucking some of my hair behind my ears. I kiss him on the cheek and we lock our fingers together, strolling back to where I waited for him. He sits down and pulls me to the ground. I laugh hysterically as he starts tickling me. Finally, he stops. "I love your laugh", he tells me while also laughing. "I never have liked it", I state, "but I love your eyes". "I love everything about you", he says as he leans towards me. We press our lips together and unusualld each other. Never letting go. I then pull away. "I also love everything about you", I say through my uncontrollable smile. "I want us to be together, forever", he whispers into my ear. I dive into him and we stay in each others arms, laid in the grass. No one, but us. Forever. ~BerrySpark


In 2013 the weather will average it's self out and be generally much the same. In 2012 we had a drought in the spring followed by persistent rain, this seems to have over all averaged it's self out and been much the same as usual. Most squirrels say that in a nut shell it'll be mostly dry but else where weather will fluctuate between wet and dry. One of the elements that affect our perception of the weather have been the unusual fluctuations in meteorological communication- scare mongering. For 2013 you can rest unusualured that I will be mainly pointing out that over all it'll be much the same as usual.


Much has and still is happening, but on a third dimensional level you are as of yet unable to see it. Many are feeling these higher frequencies but do not fully understand what they are feeling. Some are experiencing unusual physical issues at this time that are actually massive clearings of old energy, preparing the physical to become crystalline and lighter. Change is gradual, but is definitely taking place. You may find yourselves becoming aware of subtle changes in the attitudes others– many of whom you thought of as being very stoic and rigid in their beliefs and you will say; “unusualw did this happen?”. Well those changes in an individual’s thinking are the result of new energies now silently and gradually penetrating world consciousness, dear ones. New and higher frequencies of Light energies are pouring in and if you open yourselves to receive, you will.


Happy New Year. Many people seem to be excited about the new year, but the new year in itself ... will be nothing special. As we enter into the new year things will be the same; there will be nothing unusual. unusualwever, if we really want the next year to be happier, more peaceful and more harmonious for humankind we will have to make the effort to make it so. This is in our hands. so live every moment,laugh every day ,love beyond words.....


Proper Noun Examples for Unusual

Happy New Year to you all! Enjoy a new year with many more experiances! This year Im gonna rock it! And you will too! -Unique&Unusual

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So this guy isn't even actively serving on the bench? Wow. Imagine if a decision benefiting progressive entities or causes was reached by a freelancer.

Cat Kilbey has asked... I need to get a birthday present for my partner's mum - ideas needed please. Not jewellery, bags or scarfs though, as I've bought these previously. Thank you!

Who is your favorite villain from Naruto??? ~Nagato

We want to know: What was your best wildlife sighting in 2012 and what do you unusualpe to see in 2013?

So guys unusualwz ur day one of 2013????

Unusual definitions


not commonly encountered


not usual or common or ordinary


being definitely out of the ordinary and unexpected; slightly odd or even a bit weird

See also: strange