Unprocessed in a sentence as an adjective

Eat real, whole, unprocessed foods, not too much, mostly plants.

You could expand the first clause to "Eat real, whole, unprocessed food".

The article seems to contradict that - unprocessed foods are the hardest to estimate.

Processed food may be the same price as unprocessed food, but it's more calorie-rich, it's more advertised, and it gets more shelf space at the store.

Over the following years it made it so much easier to convert my diet from pizza/frozen foods to fresh vegetables and unprocessed meat.

You're proving the original point, since there are lots who argue that a healthy diet is high in naturally saturated fat and low in unprocessed grains.

Sometimes I'll open a calendar notice in Notes, and it will tell me that this notice contains updates to a scheduled event that has unprocessed updates, and would I like to process those updates?That's broken.

If a lot of messages are issued and not processed immediately ; the head pointer will quickly wrap around and threaten to collide with the tail ; pointer. By sacrificing a set of locations we avoid having to keep a counter of ; unprocessed messages. This, because there would be ambiguity when both head and ; tail pointers point to the same location: it could mean that there are no messages ; to process or that there's a buffer full of messages to process.

Socially progressive\n * Walkable cities, sidewalk cafes, beaches\n * GMO's are banned, food is natural and unprocessed.\n * Good electoral system, proportional representation\n * Politicians care about building consensus and getting stuff done.\n * Fantastic & cheap health care system\n * Not consumerist, people care more about friends & family than things.\n * No traffic / pollution problems related to cars.

Unprocessed definitions


not refined or processed; "unrefined ore"; "crude oil"

See also: unrefined crude


not altered from an original or natural state; "unprocessed commodities"


not treated or prepared by a special process