Unfold in a sentence as a verb

The suits will have to keep their shares for a bit, plenty of time for the whole mess to unfold.

I'm very, very excited to watch this unfold.

We can watch a similar thing unfolding in Hamburg at the moment.

I saw some sort of surveillance/tracking operation unfold in plain site.

It is plausible that they'll continue to push upward and conquer increasingly larger markets, but that's something that will take a decade or two to unfold.

Watching this situation unfold is especially poignant for me. I'm also being sued personally -- despite my acting within the confines of a corporation -- by a lawyer working on contingency.

There have been plenty of universe-spanning conflicts that impact the entire game with genuine political drama, and the dev team steps back to let it unfold with minimal intervention.

I'm just getting tired of it... I want to learn things when I come here, and I want to watch great conversations unfold, sometimes even participate in them, but these meme-cycles... the whole "x will get google reader'd!

It seems pretty clear that they should be in UK English because that's what you were told to write them in... at your job...If this happened as described then I would have loved to be a coworker watching this hilariously petty feud unfold.

Unfold definitions


develop or come to a promising stage; "Youth blossomed into maturity"

See also: blossom


open to the view; "A walk through town will unfold many interesting buildings"


extend or stretch out to a greater or the full length; "Unfold the newspaper"; "stretch out that piece of cloth"; "extend the TV antenna"

See also: stretch extend


spread out or open from a closed or folded state; "open the map"; "spread your arms"

See also: spread open