How to use Understatement in a sentence as a noun

Yes, I am," said Diffie, in what surely qualified as the biggest understatement of the trial." And how is it that you're familiar with public key encryption?"

To say that we were poor was an understatement. An extravagant meal for us might be ordering the deluxe tacos at taco bell, or for an anniversary splitting an all you can eat pasta dinner at Olive Garden.

To say this has become the most valuable document in my life is an understatement. It is my career, in a file.

Calling him the father of wearable computing is an understatement -- he was the father before it was even possible to create, and yet managed to make it happen essentially on his own a decade or more before it should have existed -- the JFK Apollo of wearables out of his own pocket. However, he is probably not the least suspicious person when dealing with stupid rule following automatons -- a true hacker in that way.

"A bit harsh" is a lot of an understatement. They're talking about killing her.

Saying that "United States social policy is [not] a model for anywhere" must be an understatement. I would ask: what social policy?

That's probably an understatement. The decline in market share can't be understated on its effect on the diamond industry - DeBeers market share has gone from 90% to 40% in the past 10 years, and as a result, their pricing power has disappeared.

If I said it took a fair portion of my day, it would be the biggest understatement of the year. Love from everyone who reads Hacker News

It's an understatement to say his theories led to carbon trading. He wrote two of the most important articles in modern economics, ones that are more directly relevant to public policy than nearly anything else that came out in the last century.

Kind of jerky and unprofessional" is a staggering understatement.

To say that the law is now unfit for present reality is an understatement. And to reflexively apply its terrible machinery in a heavily populated arena where is is absolutely, totally, 100% inappropriate is a recipe for catastrophe.

So to say I would be a huge supporter of an open CAD standard is an understatement. And now that there is a fairly large body of people who are both code capable and desirous of such a standard in order to create, share, and modify 3D designs, there might be enough energy to make it happen.

But, in fact, even that's an understatement. If you factor in that there are more gay men than lesbians in San Francisco [2][3], the tables turn.

To say a tunnel is capital intensive is an understatement. So you need rule of law, stable and very large financial markets, relatively low corruption.

To say that this will change society is a gross understatement. In many ways I think this will be a bigger challenge to the world than any other technological or environmental challenge.

To say that this guy was an idiot is an understatement. He's better known to me and my online pals as "tylerknowsthis", a reference to Tyler Durden and his philosophy of destroying the capitalist system to "free the people."

> In the presence of CTCs, quantum mechanics allows one to perform very powerful information-processing tasks, much more than we believe classical or even normal quantum computers could do That seems like an understatement if I'm understanding it correctly. Imagine you have a "time machine" and you want to solve some arbitrary computable problem.

\n\n "Yes, I am," said Diffie, in what surely qualified as the \n biggest understatement of the trial. \n\n "And how is it that you're familiar with public key \n encryption?"

Things smart people think are cool" is nearly an understatement.

To say that this is a catastrophe at many levels is an understatement. This should not have happened.

Understatement definitions


a statement that is restrained in ironic contrast to what might have been said