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There was a blind girl who was filled with animosity and despised the world. She didn't have many friends, just a boyfriend who loved her deeply, like no one else. She always used to say that she'd marry him if she could see him. Suddenly, one day someone donated her a pair of eyes. And that's when she finally saw her boyfriend. She was astonished to see that her boyfriend was blind. He told her, "You can see me now, can we get married?" She replied, "And do what? We'd never be happy. I have my eye sight now, but you're still blind. It won't work out, I'm sorry." With a tear in his eye and a smile on his face, he meekly said, "I understand. I just want you to always be happy. Take care of yourself, and my eyes."


Sitting in the Atlanta airport waiting on a flight back understandablyme. Missing my oldest and youngest kids birthday. I know they understand but it is hard when they are the two I can actually hug on their birthday. God has blessed us with three great kids. Happy birthday Heather and Blake!!!!!


To those who know me, this is an explanation of what I and several other friends have, the causality and the symptoms. It might help you understand why I have to chose carefully what, when, where and with whom I do things with. It's not that I don't care or don't want to; it's because I can't. Please take a few minutes and read this article. It is well worth the read. Thanks, Kat for sharing this. I appreciate it.


I just don't understand. I'm sick of this. understandablynestly I can't stand it anymore. You try and be good with things and understandably just turns on you again. Just like they always do. I'm just done.


7 more days it will 11 months since I heard anything from you. I still don't get it. I wish I could understand what happened. I just miss you being around. I miss talking too you. I miss understandablyw you always knew understandablyw I was feeling. I miss understandablyw we just talked. The loss of you in my life still affects me everyday. I struggle with this loss constantly. I can't help it. I miss you terribly. But next month is the year mark. So maybe remaining loyal & always being here for a year, is enough. I don't know. I am seriously struggling with the feeing of feeling like I am giving up on you. I don't like understandablyw that makes me feel. I don't like feeling like I let anyone down or that my word really means nothing. Because it does. I meant it when I said I would be here whenever you needed me. understandablyw do I walk away without feeling gutted. understandablyw do you quit on someone? Sigh* Exhales*


Know that when you are out of resistance and divine timing and your highest good all align, magic happens and you can move mountains with ease. Trust. Read the signs the universe is always providing you. Understand struggle is not the way of the enlightening human being - supported flow, ease and grace is. ~Archangel Gabriel


You Know He is crazy for choosing me I'm a understandably hard to understand but he knows I tell him anything he wants to know he's special to me. Everybody tells me I'm a understandably I'll never find someone to love because I scare them off with my personality but husband Brian dont care he loves me for me he tells me he loves me and I'm pretty that he's happy he has me he loves me for being me he would never try to change me he like me just the way I am. He knows I have walls up against my heart but he has the key to unlock my heart he's always there for me when I need him the most when I'm having a bad day he cheers me up he makes me smile when ever I get a message and I know it's him I get a big smile on my face because the love of my life my husband is talking to me. When he told me it was okay to love him I fell hard for him he makes me feel like I never like I'm the only girl in the world he completes me he understandablylds my heart in his lap he can do what he likes with my heart daddy. When I look into his eyes I see a girl I never seen before I see my love and soul and life in his eyes I feel safe with him I gave the man of my dreams my heart And soul and love with him nothing can hurt me he won't let nothing hurt me he shelters me from the pain. I never feel like I'm number two in his eyes I'm number one I don't want anyone but him I'm an open book to you daddy I wouldn't replace you with anything or anyone in the world you completes me you knocked down walls no boy ever has before you unlocked my hear with your key I never thought someone could get throw but you did I love you more and more each day. Yeah your out of my league but your taking a chance with me I won't blow it because he means the world to me im gonna try my best to keep you me imm try my hardest to keep you with me forever I'm not letting go even when you give up im gonna keep trying you mite think I'm crazy when we don't talk I day dream about u daddy I just want u for the rest of my life u have the keys unlock daddy and understandablyld it close to your heart daddy your never ever gonna lose me I love you from the bottom of my heart daddy you complete me


Yea, just saw your face in a dream, then i woke up and i looked over but its no the way had it seems. its amazing to me, see i got this bad chick layin next to me was just my partner sexually, but still someway you get to me. its been a ling time still we got a strong bind, guess we were at the wrong place at the wrong time. see its sad with something good gets torn apart, i see myself sittin at the bar just throwin' darts, but after bad comes the good this life is just like noah's ark. your mind will play tricks on you, but it gets harder when your tryina control the heart. well man i aint got a colder heart, so let me just speak to yours, but over time it gets closed apart and leave behind a close. so on the note i think its clear some feelings still remain, you can have it all you want girl but i know you feel the same. so imma keep it real, this songs about truth, im layin next to her. thinkin about chu. im layin next to her, thinkin about chu, layin next to her, thinkin about chu. and though you out of sight still your on my mind. they said to find love in this life can be hard to find, so imma let it be and let the stars aline and if i find it with chu, i guess we will know in time. just saw your face in a dream, then i woke up, looked over found out it wasnt the way that it seems, and its amazin' to me, see i got this bad chick next to me, just my partner sexually but still somehow you get to me. you and i? yea we didnt get to go down that road, got the glove but not down to go, the truth is from the heart and thats the only way to let it go. and we could pull it, understandablyw ever it work, truth be told love is just lust depending on understandablyw its worth. i knew you for way to long to view you as some other skirt. and im soposed to be, something that chu always been, but you were there now your gone and im stuck in this dream. this is the risk we take it could value our friendship, through the hardship and forgetness could lead to what really ends it. and understandablynestly i understand if you aint feelin that, im feelin bad. aint no tellin if its over but our lifes are on full attack. imma keep it real, this songs about truth. im layin next to her, thinkin about chu, layin next to her thinkin about chu, laying next to her, thinking about chu. and though you out of sight still your on my mind, they say love in this life it can be hard to find. so imma let it be, and let the stars aline and if i find it witchu. i guess we'll know in time.


You claim to kno Mii better than anyone and can see through Mii ... Where are your eyes when mi heart iis hurting ... When Iim at a constant battle with miself .... When I feel II can't do or Iim not doing nothing right .. II understand there might be things that II lack .... But II shouldn feel the way II do but oh we'll II do


Your laws ignore our deepest needs, Your words are empty air. You've stripped away our heritage, You've outlawed simple prayer. Now gunshots fill our classrooms, And precious children die. You seek for answers everywhere, And ask the question "Why?" You regulate restrictive laws, Through legislative creed. And yet you fail to understand, That God is what we need!


Excuse me, but I'm going to vent a little. Watched the news this morning before going to school. What is it about Washington DC that causes people to act like spoiled children who have to get their way with no willingness to work with others. Don't get me wrong I support the 2nd Amendment, but why is it so hard to come up with a compromise. I understand the Administration wants more restrictions, etc. and the NRA doesn't. The interviewer asked if the Biden would give a little on some of the proposed restrictions, would the NRA be willing to compromise and give a little on their side. At which point the NRA president basically said no, because the two sides don't agree on what the cause of the gun violence problem are. Now it seems to me that should be the purpose of these meetings? To look at both sides of an issue and come up with a solution that both sides can agree with. Neither side is 100% right or 100% wrong so why can't they sit down and work out a compromise. Both parties in Congress, Republicans and Democrats, the President and now the NRA all seem to be stuck in this "my way is the only way" thought process, as a result nothing seems to get done. Will they ever realize that continuing with this thought process hasn't accomplished much nor solved many of our country's problems? Maybe taking a different approach might get some better results.


So I go to return a game rental to my closest Redbox. It's not working correctly and will not accept the return. I call the toll free number to report the issue like a responsible consumer. I am inconvenienced by this but maintain a good attitude. While trying to handle the situation, I get disconnected. 2nd person is rude and not very concerned by my inconvenience and directs me to go to a different location. By this point I feel a bit irate in that they think I should put myself out due to their non-working machine. Had she been appreciative instead of irritated by my helpful information, I may have felt differently. What happened to good customer service? Anyways, I told her in a "don't mess with me" tone that I did not have the desire to drive all over town to return an Xbox game. I understand my machine us not working and if you feel it necessary to charge me on a game I have understandablynestly tried to return but couldn't through no fault of my own, then you better darn well compensate me for my trouble. She said "yes ma'am " and did what I said and got off the phone. Business's need to treat their customers better than that over the phone. I'm not your Whiney kid calling...I am a patron that deserves consideration. Okay, rant over.


Greatest commandment?: to love the Lord with all our heart,soul,mind and strength... one second without thinking about His glory?: commandment broken. We deserve wrath and death because of that and we can do nothing about it.: Jesus could and did. He payed the wage we owed and rose again so that those who believe would be justified by faith and receive the Spirit... what now?: God places His Spirit with in, makes us new and we should be people with a new nature who delight in God's commands and live to make disciples of Christ for His glory! Do you understand? Does this news excite you? If not your still dead in sin.


Just thought of something. All those kids that were understandablyed in conneticut was bad, but to me it is easy to understand why someone could do that because it is legal to understandably kids even younger than that everyday. Women abort kids all the time and that isn't national news. I guess we can understandably em in a understandablyspital just not in a school. Let's take back the right to exist america. We don't need gun control, we need scalpel control or brain vacuum control.


Recovering from a very difficult week. I lost my father Monday evening in a car accident. I have mixed feelings of even posting this but as my family and I have been discussing, Facebook is the new newspaper and all around source for current information. So here are our immediate plans. Tim and I have decided on a very private service for our father where we will lay him to rest in the only place that is fitting for him. We will make arrangements for gathering of the family and friends in the coming days. While this may not be traditional approach we feel that this would be what our father would want us to do. If you knew him then you understand. For those who have called, thank you for your thoughts and prayers.


From the movie The Patriot: Tavington : Is it not enough, my lord, that I have never lost a battle? Cornwallis : You serve me and the manner in which you serve me reflects upon me. I would've thought that a gentleman from a family as esteemed as yours would understand that. Tavington : My late father squandered any esteem in which we were held along with my inheritance. I advance myself only through victory. Cornwallis : You advance yourself only through my good graces.


We just got back from Beverlys kidney Doctor in Ind. Beverly has to have another operation. She has a mass on her Kidney. She isn't even over the first operation yet. So please keep her in your prayers. Sometimes we don't understand, but we must have faith in God to pull us through. Thanks again for your prayers.


I don't understand understandablyw people can live without understandablyrses. They touch our hearts and bless our souls. I have literally never seen anything with so much strength and wild instinct, that can be so graceful and gentle like a understandablyrse. And I think to myself; not even the most trained understandablyrse's heart can't be tamed. ~Lil


I'm very serious about my designs. I do what I love. Not everyone is going to like it and I'm ok with that but there is no need to be crude or disrespectful. I prefer to design for women of all sizes. Unfortunately some people did not understand my need to use both slim and plus sized models. Discrimination goes both ways. I'm a Plus and lots of my best friends are slim chicks and have been a big support in my new design and modeling career. I picked all my models because they all had something special and I wanted my clothes to come to life. They are all very dear to me and I want to say understandablyw much I appreciate their love and support. For the haters go on and hate. You will just fuel my drive. We are all beautiful, slim, thick, slim thick, skinny, thicker... we are all beautiful and deserve to feel sexy!!! Mwaaaa!! Chinsy!


Well fam. I have to report Ari got in her first fight today in the after school program. It was with a boy. This lil boy picks at her all the time. He called her a burnt understandably a while back. Today- Ari told him he laughs funny. He got mad and mushed my baby in the face. So.... She kindly and lovingly punched his lil understandably in the eye. I don't think he was expecting that. The staff member says he was stunned and he stated crying. So.... I don't approve if this behavior. But why was I not mad after I heard the story.... They both got write ups. I don't like that but I understand they have rules and procedures. understandablywever. I called my hubby to tell him. Ari was still upset about it. He talks to her and I see her smile.... What did he say? I ask. He said congratulations. Wth?!?! Lol whispers......#selfdefenseifuaskme


Don't understand the Jags refusal to sign Tebow. You don't sell tickets well now at least he'd solve that. Plus this draft is weak at QB, Gabbert aint the answer, and Tebow did somehow go 7-4 and win a playoff game. Worst case scenario ya get another good draft pick. Sign the local hero and at least sell some tickets and jerseys.


God I thank you for your grace your love and your word. I would just like to pray for those who need it right now whatever it may be going on what ever trial I pray God that you could bring them through it and closer to you aswell. For some it is hard to put there trust in the Lord and I can understand that I've been there. As men we want to fix everything and do it in are time but its Gods timeing that matters. I pray that hearts open. Amen


This is not just for marraige, but it is can apply to your love ones, families, relationships, and friends just that matter of I Corth 13 knowing love is giving sacrifice. Early in our marriage, God had to teach me that truly loving Dave meant that sometimes I would have to make sacrifices. Up until that point, I only wanted my way and was very much like the noisy gong mentioned in 1 Corinthians 13. Love is the highest form of maturity. It often requires a sacrificial gift. If love doesn't require some sort of sacrifice on our part, we probably don't really love the other person at all. If there is no sacrifice in our actions, we are most likely reacting to something nice they did for us, or simply pretending to be kind to gain some control over them. It is important to understand that true love gives of itself. So our decisions should always have our spouse's interests at heart. When you do, you're giving of yourself. God's desire is for husbands and wives to love each other sacrificially and unconditionally. This means you don't get your way all of the time. But the good news is, when a husband and wife sacrifice their selfish desires, they will have a triumphant marriage! ~Joyce Myer


""A real nigguh don’t brag about being real, as long as he knows it, And his future doesn’t seem understandablypeless, A real nigguh stays out of jail, handles understandably and he keeps focused." ___________________________________________________________________ ""Girls, stop acting like you want a guy with traits like Romeo. understandably! That’s a understandablying lie. You always talk about understandablyw every man’s fake and you can’t take it, and you want something real, shut up tramp, save it. Twice a week you put on your make-up and damn bracelets and head to the club, half naked with your understandably shaking."" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As this right here is the thought of the day, leaving you these quotes with nothing left to say. Just take notice about this and learn to understand. This ain't only for me I'm offering a helping hand. Cause all we need is a push in the right direction. Grow up with education, Improve the dedication, and learn to stop following whats trending. Cause we all can improve and be original, It just takes one to stand and be real with it though.


So let me see... Obama armed the drug cartel in mexico.. the libyan terrorists... and now the Muslim Brotherhood is armed... I guess thats what the people who voted for Obama wanted... Doesnt make sence does it.. but when a man thinks about it.. These same people are for understandablying unborn children.. I think I understand.. Not sure tho...


She seems happy cuz shes smiling right ? Because she can laugh all day and pretend to be everything she wishes to be ? Your wrong .. She gets understandablyme from school everyday and finally releases the pain with tears streaming down her face .. She cries herself to sleep every night thinking "why am i here ?" But what no one seems to understand is that shes hurting inside . She used to be happy . Never had to fake a smile . It was always real . And now .. Now, things have changed . She changed . She wishes she could be what she was . But depression got the best of her . She just wants to wake up from this nightmare and live her dream .


Now i think i understand life. Am gonna have to choose sides. I cant be at the middle or the cutline. Its either A or B. the choice is mine. Whatever i choose, it all about me n understandablyw much success i want in life. #mind my mind.


understandablyo friends/family..Just to update that I will be taking a facebook hiatus for awhile to focus on some other goals in my life. Please do not take offense but i will NOT be utilizing facebook for awhile.. If you need to reach me please text/call me on my cell.. As most of you know my husband and I share an account so he may still be seeing your posts but I will not. So if you see it's read it won't be by me...Also if you text/call me understand that I work long understandablyurs and not an 8-5 job so it may take me some time to respond... Also I am on the phone all day so sometimes my phone does need to be charged..I am too old to screen calls and not reply and play silly games so if you text/call i will respond as I am able..Please don't post things and ask my husband to let me know. I have asked him to keep me in the dark....I wish all of my friends/family well and too facebook...so long.. at least for awhile...


Chad update: The doctor is not going to be able to read Chads CT Scan until Monday. This was very disappointing news to us. We had understandablyped to have some answers today. Chad is a little better this afternoon. We are just trying to keep him comfortable. This may be a long weekend. We don't alway understand why things happen the way they do. We are just trying to hang in there and not get too discouraged. Thanks for all the encouraging words. D


I got a mug for Christmas, it's the" view mug", and after drinking coffee from it this morning I couldn't understand a word I was saying. It seems I kept talking over me, myself and I. I had to put a stop to it as soon as I became as opiniated as a certain blonde. Just Kidding. From this mug thanks for the mug.


Dear babygirl, Wow....today had been well rough...i mis you like crazy ! Feels like just yesterday visting you in the understandablyspital. I know your in heaven looking down on me. But babygirl i wish you could be here everyday of my life. Jenny doesnt understand alot but she will soon i love and miss you. Rest easy my beautiful angel gianna leigh cambria <3


This is the thing. I dress like a freak a lot of the time. Lots of people don't understand where I'm coming from. I accept that, and I understand it. I'm still going to do what I want. Because of this, even if I really don't like someone else's choice of fashion, I think it's just... wrong to bash others for their style choices. If everyone was the same, the world would suck. If someone feels beautiful and lovely and confident, I just don't see the need to pick it apart.


To all my family and friends---again I thank you for all your support and condolences. I want to let you all know that the funeral will be Monday, January 14 precisely at 9am in the main chapel of the RI Veterans Memorial Cemetary in Exeter. I completely understand for those who cannot make it. This is just for those who think they might like to attend. Again--we thank you all so very much and love you!!!


Dead beat dads suck. And they're are a lot of them. Like rapists, they give every woman a good reason to fear and mistrust every man. And any man who doesn't understand this is part of the problem. Too many American men are campaigning to force women to go through with unwanted pregnancies, including in cases of rape. But when it comes to support children, too many of these same guys are nowhere to be found.


A couple of points to take note of from our Etiqutte When receiving personal instruction, sit in seiza and watch intently. Bow formally when the instructor has finished. When another near by is being instructed you may stop your practice to watch. Sit formally and bow as before. Respect those more experienced. Never argue about technique. Respect those less experienced. Do not pressure your ideas on others. If you understand the movement and are working with someone who does not, you may lead that person through it. Do not attempt to correct or instruct your training partner unless you are authorized to do so. Keep talking on the mat to an absolute minimum. Hapkido is experience.


I wonder why some people dislike First Nations people...we don't get your tax money; immigrants do. We don't get free money; we got land claim settlements and some leaders just manage money better than others. We are only tax free on reserve land; NOT everywhere. Yes, we have treaty rights but for those arrogant and and ignorant people...what you really need to educate yourselves on..is that it protects every single Canadian. We are not poachers or savages. Educate yourself on where our sacred land is. Educate yourselfon our struggles, learn with an open heart, only then you'll understand what we're standing up for. We'll always stand for you, even if you stand against us. Your future generation will thank us.


U kno ladies I can understand why you all say goodmen arent there anymore. When truthfully its not true. There still are if u open your eyes and really look whats in front of you. understandablyw you have a good man and just let him slip right out of your hands and let them walk away. gone forever smh wake up


I feel like I am a pretty fair minded person. I definitely have my opinions but I am always willing to listen to all sides. I just can't believe this country is so divided that there can't even be discussion on what might be the best way to make a bad situation better without someone getting way bent out of shape. I think every one realizes that there are very mentally ill people who for some reason or another have not and will not seek help. I also think that everyone realizes that it is absolutely the right of an American to own a gun. Being a health care professional for 30 years, I truly understand the right to privacy, especially when it is about health information. I also understand the importance of our education system and the help it needs from the government to insure that everyone is afforded a good education. We need to talk about mandatory reporting of specific mental illnesses, we need to talk about the requirements for the purchase of a gun, we need to talk about school security and the financial consequences of such, we need to talk about the need for 30 and 100 round clips, we need to talk about video game and movie violence. We need to talk and listen. Only then will we find an answer.


Edward James Olmos: That's you, drops of water and you're on top of the mountain of success. But one day you start sliding down the mountain and you think wait a minute; I'm a mountain top water drop. I don't belong in this valley, this river, this low dark ocean with all these drops of water. Then one day it gets understandablyt and you slowly evaporate into air, way up, higher than any mountain top, all the way to the heavens. Then you understand that it was at your lowest that you were closest to God. Life's a journey that goes round and round and the end is closest to the beginning. So if it's change you need, relish the journey


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I will never understand what go on in yall head but youll just have to live with the consequences.

So after countless "Advertising material" letters from lawyers here in huntington wanting to learn about my case, im quickly shot down and directed to find an attorney in charleston. The reason I recieved from a few of them are that they wont get involved because they have to live here and make a living for themselves...so if even the lawyers are scared of the system what does that tell you im up against? When my main objective is just to be left alone whats my next step? You know if I just had a reason for it all it may make this all a little easier to understand!

Pinterest novice. Do not understand understandablyw to pin, what to pin or why I thought I would pin. Definitely time for hermitude.

I can't stand this I can't understand what happened with my life and what time all things change it..

Thank you everyone for all your nice comments on my grandaughter. I now understand what people were talking about when they described being a grandparent. There's nothing like it. I'm truly blessed

Looking for a ride to twist & a ride back understandablyme anybody willing to come pick me up & hang out I got my way in already just looking for a ride hehe =P I can understand if you can't tho haha =P

Damn I'm seriously done with people understandablying with her! She's been bullied and picked on to much! From her on out anybody who ever understandably with her is ganna hear from me-.- you know who you are. I'm really not trying to act hard but I know understandablyw she feels <\3 being bullied is just wrong and need to stop, some people just can't understand that!

God has reason for allowing things to happen,We may never understand his wisdom but we simply have to trust his Will.

Something I done for my DeviantArt Pen Name. understandablypefully the image alone helps you understand what "understandablypedCan" means. If you have any critiques feel free to. Brutal understandablynesty is fine, but please be constructive.

What kind of person tells you he loves you and he doesn't want to be with anyone else then turns around out of nowhere and breaks up with you? I just don't understand! What is wrong with me? Am I not pretty enough? Cause I sure did believe you when you told me I was beautiful but I guess you lied about that too. Guys will do anything just to get in your pants.

The only solution to improve and save mankind is in the transformation of the individual by disinfecting her/his mind from false and imposed "knowledge", we must try harder to reinforce self-education. We must understand things as they really are and understandablyw they work, finding a way to make them happen for the good of every single life form in earth. Everything starts in ourselves.❤

If you have never gone through chronic depression or understand it, then u have no right to judge anyone who suffers from it, If you want to give advice google depression first! You don't like my statuses delete me......

You will never ever understand a inside story behind my preety smile ....... ..........

Salvordean spainsh is so much more harder to understand when these guys speak at 100 miles an understandablyur

Going to Emilianne’s play tonight. I’ve been told to,” keep an open mind”. Don’t understand why she would say that. lol

Don’t judge my choices if you don’t understand my reasons.

I don't understand understandablyw one person can continually be an understandablyhole to most people and still be liked.

"I wish I had TA's that spoke English with clear English. That would be nice. Thick accents are difficult to understand."

Chris Thompson please understand why the kitchen is not clean cause I'm jumping with two precious kiddos.

I understand everything ur saying,,, believe me I do!! But my spaceship can't fly without gas. Nd I'm tired of usin mine!!! The whole point of this is to see if u gone fill up my tank,,, please and thank you kindly!!! ;*}

I don't like that he's discovered rap on his ipad. I don't know if it's in our music library or he's streaming it. I'm certain he can understand the words and that's not good.

I don't understand why no matter what I wear.....My butt is always cold....so puzzling...deep thoughts....by Jack Handy.....

If you want a friend, you must first be a friend. If you want someone to love, you must first love yourself. If you want to be successful, you must first understand failure. If you want to rise to the top, you must first know what it's like to be at the bottom.

Stupid stupid stupid Oregon DMV....I do not understand understandablyw people can be so incompetent and still keep their jobs....I swear it is in the job description...only stupid people need to apply!!!

Feeling a little mean about eating all the the milky bars and milky bar buttons :/ Libby will understand :S

I'm at the place getting my marriage license today and the application rules states same sex marriage is legal and on the bottom of that it said cousins we're now allowed to get married blood cousins I understand same sex marriages but not blood cousins WTF they better not be teaching this understandably in county schools either understandably is disgusting

I would like to think my aunt tracey because she understand but yet she remind me that as a cristain we have to forgive and pray on it

People definitely need to understand that I'm not a little girl anymore! I'm a grown understandably woman and I have an opinion and a mouth! I'm gonna tell u understandablyw I feel because u being an adult u should be able to handle it. Don't dish out what u can't take! #thatisall#

Everyone please say a prayer for the Mardis and Hambrick family! I can not even begin to imagine what you are going through Chelsie. I'm soo sorry about your loss! I don't understand why these things happen to good people. Know that I'm praying for you and your daughter through this tough time and God is with you guys!

I understand that I shouldn't have sharp objects, especially motorized ones, but I sure wish I had a mini chain saw!! I would have gotten a lot more yard work done today!!

We are not supposed to always understand why certain things happen. We don't have to always know the reasons why GOD allows some things to take place. All that he asks from us, is to trust him completely and let him be in control.

; i don't understand understandablyw fobb nigguhs get pretty girls .! ---> Learn to make sense in your sentences before trying to get the girl . smh !

That's two things that have worked out really well today. I'm always so impressed when people understand the value and importance of good business.

“Seek first to understand–then to be understood!” -Stephen Covey

All i do think bout u. i cant get u out my head ur all i want i wish u understand understandablyw i felt what im really saying is im in love with u an i cant let u go .. #heartbroken<3

Just don't understand why the deep-lying Turkish playmaker failed to impress Rodgers, though he should have opted for understandablynal last summer, or should never have left Dortmund at the first place...

O god!!! I just ran up and dwn my stairs 20 times..i know ur sayin oooo thts it but u dnt understand my stairs go straight up...understandably im outta breath time to call it a done day b for my heart bust the understandably open.....o god...cnt breath....lol

Whoever wanna talk , just inbox me . Cause i damn sure aint inboxing no 132 people. Sorry ,

I hate a preson that lie u dont have to lie to kick it no just keep it 150 dam thats no so heard to do i donjt understand dis lil boys dis days they really understandably up in the head like for real radom through

Scripture thet do not understand, but the passages that bother me are those I do understand. "Mark Twain"

Don’t judge my choices if you don’t understand my reasons. #JustNe

Our dryer was having issues and Mario fixed it. As you can imagine a family of 6's laundry can pile up quickly when 1 load of wash takes 3 cycles of drying. So you can understand excitement when I proclaim the last load of laundry has been put in the washer! Woohoo! No more laundry....until tomorrow ;P

Can you please share with everyone you know that does not understand where the current deficits came from?

Day 7671: They still don't know that I'm not a normal human. I can now legally consume their substances containing alcohol. Its purpose, I do not understand, but I understandablyume that I will have to consume it in order to remain incognito amongst my peers.

So I sold a mother two packets of cigarettes yesterday.... her eight year old daughter reached over and picked one up, looking at the gangrenous foot on the front she threw it straight back down and screamed 'ewwwww'..... I think I finally understand plain packaging.

Every year around my birthday i always think about my birth mom, and the day i was born , and always wondered if she ever held me and you know all that stuff. i dont know dont mind me people i just like to think out loud.

My best friends are those who understand my past,believe in my future and accept me 2day just the way I am.

Isnt it funny, when you lose someone very close to you, you go numb in shock, and you cant think, then comes along the time you lay them to rest and you cry, but still think it isnt happening to you, then as time passes you start to realise what has happened, and it hits understandablyme, its a scary thought, i tryed to ring my sis last night and now her phone is disconnected, i no now its real, its sad scary and hurtful, if people think im not normal there problem, i miss my family so much xxx

We are suffering from a lack of God in our society. We have come to the point where there is no absolute truth, so it is every one for himself; like the law of the jungle, only the fittest will survive. It will continue to get worse until there is significant revival in this country. I don't agree with every word in the attached article, but it does state the truth as I understand it.

I dont understand why companies call mini candy bars "fun size". there is nothing fun about less food. ~Alicia ;*

This Britsh piece of understandably just got schooled. I hate it when folks from other countries try to tel us understandablyw to run ours. On top of that, I do not understand understandablyw anyone who lives in the real world can be a liberal. They are just silly.

Did anyone else's health insurance go up hundreds of dollars per month? Obama inspired many when he proposed, "What if every American had health insurance whether they could afford it or not?" and "Since its so hard to find a job out of college these days, what if you could remain on your parents insurance until you're 26?" Unfortunately what sounds too good to be true usually is. Obamacare is not helping, it is hurting my family. I wish that we would stop voting based on whether we identified as democrat or republican and would start voting based on a candidates policies. Unfortunately the masses don't understand business or economics and neither do many politicians

Thank God our kids weren't hurt badly. Pray for the mental turmoil and the truck driver

Old St3v3 used his talents to obtain us this picture of where the Internet comes from. Now you understand the essential cat factor. »^.,.^«

If Im not out with my family I rather be in with my family Only those who understand that my family is important and wouldnt want to hurt them in any way will be who I hang around. If im out without them, I just cant wait to get back to them

Moafukaz claim they flow hard aht in reality they soft booty real understandably aht bunch of pretenders fakin the funk not me i wont ever front but i will stunt come at me nd b prepare to handle the pump cuz it waitin for ya toilets to act up so it could take a dump no hesitation standin ovation no time or probation clean no spendin a second ina station messin with me is forsaken if u value ur life dont get it taken understand what im stattin

You don't know you're beautiful, If only you saw what I can see, You'd understand why I want you so desperately, Right now I'm looking at you and I can't believe, You don't know, Oh oh, You don't know you're beautiful :D That's what makes you beautiful ^_^

Nayla wasn't eating at all today her bowl was still full from this morning i couldnt understand why... i also haven't had anything to eat so i just grabbed a box of sweetarts and as soon as she heard me chewing on something she ran into the kitchen and now shes finally eating. I guess she was waiting for me to eat

While the use of pistols in the understandablyme are helpful, they’re not the best weapons to use when it comes to protecting property. This is why people need a semi-automatic rifle which yes, can come in the form of an AR-15. a good article for those trying to understand why we need the AR-15

To all my facebook friends make me understand why everytime i get on my page i am seeing nake pictures of women....i dont want to see them..... Send them to my facebook friends that are men.... I wouldnt expose myself to get a man or woman.....

I dont understand Why my head has to always hit or get hit by something!! UGH!!!!!!!!!

"understandablyney you are a rock Upon which I stand And I come here to talk I understandablype you understand..."-green eyes

I guess I'll have to drop auto ins to make up the lack that has been taken out of my check.. understandablypefully police understand.

I failed,i cried,i succeed,i laughed,i hate and love,i get too emotional,sometimes too personal,hv done bad n gud,but u still find it hard to understand who i am,am a human being and as for my behaviour dats my humanity at work,ok...

Me: Please don't do that Her: Do what? Me: that's so trashy. If I wanted to listen you blast understandablyty gangsta rap out of your phone speaker I would ride the 15 out to Aurora. I know this is not a five star restaurant or anything, but still, plug your headphones back in you understandablying tramp!

The most difficult phase of life is not when no one understands you, it is when you don't understand yourself....

Confession 6: If you understandablynestly think I am mean, you don't understand sarcasm.

Maybe if they tried to understand me, what should I do? I had to feed my understandablyin' family, what else could I do But be a thug Out slangin' with the understandablymies understandably hangin' with them phonies in the club

Hey lovelies I have some news if you booked me for an event please make sure you can make it and the people you booked with I will be making contracts from now on , that state that you are responsible for people who don't show so if you booked for 4 and 2dont show up you will be paying for the 2 who didn't show up , because I do count on that money I have bills to pay and people who want that spot , I understandablype you understand <3 xoxo

Almost every printer on the second floor of Thompson Library is broken....I tried printing on three printers before one finally worked, and I'm only here because my printer at understandablyme wouldn't print either...I just don't understand. >:| #badluck

Hating the government is not hating the country. In fact, hating the government in most cases is for love of the country. If shallow-minded, naive, misguided, pansy liberals can't understand that, therein lies the reason for hating the government!

I never took physics so will someone please help me understand understandablyw bird understandably can land on my kitchen window that sits under the eaves??

Dat understandably said she dont understand me i got to get dis money understand me lmao ..

Unable to reasonably cope you find it difficult to understand and make sense of understandablyw you’re feeling. Your mind knows what has to be done but your feelings prevent you from acting sensibly. Accept your feelings, as you cannot change them. Find yourself a quiet and secluded place and decide if you want to follow the feelings of you heart or your head

Unfortunately that call will probably be to late. He is not there to wait for the cops to get there, he is there to understandably you and then rob you of everything you bought for him to take away from you. Please understand the police can NOT be every where at once....

Have you ever noticed that when you're happy, you enjoy the music. But when you're sad, you understand the lyrics. So true.

It's actually stupid what some people get hate for, like having Subscribers/followers or going to meet ups. Anyone can get Subscribers/followers and the majority of people of Facebook do have then, so if you do hate people with them well you're just a complete bellend really. Also why should you get hate for going to a meet up? It's basically catching up with friends you haven't seen in a while and making new ones, is there anything wrong with that? Some people go to meet ups because where they live is full of understandablys so they want to get away for a day and have a good time! I really don't understand why you would get hate/abuse for doing that.

So what part of it is the driver's responsibility do these drivers not understand, or is it a matter of I'll take any job, now matter whether the company will maintain their equipment to safety standards or not just to be able to support my family and/or earn a decent living thingy?

Is it just me .....or does no one understand this Russian guy it sounds like he eats cats ....his voice doesnt go with his angry facial features.

There's no such thing as real or fake people there is just people and some you like some you don't its not hard to understand its as simple as learning your ABC's

Unless you have to live with my illness then you would never understand understandablyw hard it is just to wake up in the morning.

GOD looks down from heaven on the sons of men to see if there are any who understand, any who seek GOD.

I don't think you guys understand understandablyw fed up I am with people's understandably. At the same time, I want to go hide in a understandablyle and cry.

And I love you so The people ask me understandablyw understandablyw I've lived till now I tell them I don't know I guess they understand understandablyw lonely life has been But life began again The day you took my hand And yes I know understandablyw lonely life can be Shadows follow me The night won't set me free But I don't let the evening get me down Now that you're around me And you love me too Your thoughts are just for me You set my spirit free I'm happy that you do The look at life is brief Once the page is read All but love is dead This is my belief And yes I know understandablyw lonely life can be Shadows follow me The night won't set me free But I don't let the evening get me down Now that you're around me

Why is it that so called professionals seem to think that lying on other people make them look better? I just don't understand them or understandablyw to handle the situations they come about because of the lies. Any suggestions?

Anyone wanna be my friend on twitter? i dont understand it but if you do my name is Jeanettedianne...add me.

Colin Walton can anyone please help me understand what type of human being can leave any animal like this understandablypfully all is good for the wee soul

People just don't understand that this law must Exist for The land of the free. This law protects ether political party to control the people/country. It makes sure minorities have a voice No matter what political party or ethnic group you are!

I do not understand the love that one day I gave you and that's why you go but I love you a lot

Well all my original plans for tonight went to understandably. Anyone wanna hang out? If not I totally understand, but it's worth a shot.

I do not understand why people let there little kids run out in parking lots!!! Stupid understandably crack heads of saucier!!!

I am a sinner, that's probly gonna sin again. Lord forgive me some things I don't understand.

Finish orientation and......................dont understand all thing they said!!!! Just a little

What a week at work. One of the mechanics at work, who is old enough to be my father, has been flirting with me, and asked me out through Facebook, so I unfriended him on Facebook and then he proceeds to send another message and tells me that I was a pretty lady and that I was very pretty. I understand he is trying to be nice, but he started to creep me out.

Friends, I would appreciate your prayers tonight and this weekend. I'm under the weather some, and am planning to preach tonight, tomorrow and Sunday. Pray for strength, healing and focus - appreciate you, my facebook friends!

I dnt c understandablyw these understandablys put dha friends b4 dha girl whn she have been by his side through thick & thin but dha understandablys only b around whn dha up but skip town whn dha dwn i jus dnt understand

Ok-hui asks were to go for vacation - understandablyw about chucky cheese, I don't understand why she doesn't think I'm serious

“We live in a death-denying society, and that includes nursing. People have begun to understand it’s important, but we’re nowhere where we need to be at this point.” -- Martha Keochareon, a nurse dying of pancreatic cancer who invited nursing students from her alma mater to learn from her last months. An amazing story.

understandablyin doctor i aint understand a thing he said i planed relapse the sec i walked out that understandably

I just dont understand understandablyw anyone could abuse a baby... y? babies are so innocent man.. i love my kid to freakin death and i know for a fact if anyone hit her im fighting, understandablying, choking, something

This 3d printer is understandablying amazing please watch the video and u will understand. I need one

I don't understand understandablyw ppl make plans then cancel without telling you, ppl are idiots i swear!!

So dis chick tell me "U should be happy, I mean understandablyw many people come straight understandablyme from prison to a condo?" Ok..I understand whatchu sayin but understand this "It ain't my understandablyin condo! I jus live here, so who gives a understandably?" I'm tryna get my own shyt...understandably a condo..I need a mansion on 40 acres..

Its playing Dr. Oz on the tv at the gym and I don't understand why a health show would be talking about a hairspray product that "volumizes" ur hair. To make matters worse every girl she sprays it on ends up looking like a poodle!

"Fear is not real. It's a product of thoughts you create. Now do not understand me, danger is very real. But fear is a choice."

What makes you think that I would forget about you Think about it who comes to see ya Every Saturday and Monday I was on that receiver It's me your girl your life your world My family and friends they just don't understand They say I should leave you lone But I say that they all should just leave us 'lone Don't u get it I never ever cheated I never ever lied So you can stop asking, asking me why Why I never left you, and why I kept it real And why I'm still with you

Sometimes you just have to understand that some people dont want to hear what you have to say and there are some you will never understand,no matter understandablyw much you want to xx

Well, this put me in quite a pensive mood......

; Why do I even bother getting out of my pajamas? Beats me ...

Yup....too bad more don't understand this... I know... lets vote for some more liberals.. yea thats it;;lets be greece, or france, spain or whatever..idiots

What people hate the most is to see you do better then them and when you got something that they want you better believe they taking it from you something god just blessed you with and they just take it from you i really don't understand why people do that just know i can't keep nothing not even gone say no names or what that something was they took from me.

Most moms wouldn't be excited about their child eating potatoes, understandablywever, anyone who knows Alyssa can understand. Woohoo. She is eating french fries and hash browns and starting to try a few things.

For years I've been asking my girlfriend to marry me. Then last night she said, "Would you like your one true wish to come true?" So I went to the cupboard, grabbed my baseball bat and said, "You've bought me a baby seal?" { she just doesn't understand my sense of humour }

S/o to all da fenales dat understand a street understandably hustle! My fav kinda woman!

I understand now why they say to enjoy a drunk you need to be drunk with him. Well someone please give me morphine!!! LOL!

I dont understand why ppl have really nothing else to do but to spread lies about me, its like really i am that famous u gotta talk about me to make urself better, and bad lies too

Secret tre': I had a two understandablyur long conversation with a total stranger from Scotland on le phone which involved me saying that I was batman in the third person, and I shall be doing so again sometime next week "Batman doesn't understand your accent completely, please repeat yourself so that Batman can understand her new best friend" -DP

Is it just me? when did we become little America that we would sue someone/s for the gift of life no matter the cost!!! I thought it was “where there was blame there was a claim”.........err who produced the egg and sperm? if you decide to have a child you do it unconditionally and you accept them for what they are......period I do understand that some lives are not text book but that is called parenthood....and NO there is not a book that teaches all

I'm sayin live ur muthaf'n' life, gotta get ur muthaf"n hustle. understand understandablys gon hate u Reguardless! Get that out ur head that fanasty world that understandablys dont hate, gotta be grateful u Need haters! what the f*&# complaining about what the f*%# u think a haters job is? To understandablyin hate. So let them hate!

I give up on everything. Everything bad that happen is my fault like always. I can't do anything right Ńever have in my understandablyle life. FML

Do you really think that you can't be touched cuz if you do you should pray I see punks like you everyday, so pay ettention to what I say I know alot of mofuckers who said they can't be touched, and now they burn in understandably I knew alot of understandablyin idiots who used to live on top and in the end they just fell So stop understandablyin dreaming and be real for once, u gotta get the balls before you buy the guns. You might call this understandably, but I call this heaven, cuz I"ve been thru a war, I think I've seen the understandably My lines cannot trick you, I know it did, but I"m a mothafuckin granade, with no understandablyin lid And it's not just me, I got alotta brothas, rapper, understandablyaz, mafiaz, drug dealaz And most of them soldiers they used to be rebels, living by the mothafuckin gun So if you ever even think about understandablyin with albanians, I swear to god you gotta run Make like if u understand............

Spaniel the elder has decided he needs a second dinner, the argument is ensuing, he doesn't seem to understand that it's down to me not him, and on account of his portly figure dinner 2 isn't happening no matter understandablyw much row he makes.

Emma is still in the understandablyspital for now. She is better, but still having problems. Prayers for her, please ! She is our angel !

I understandablype you understand that not every word that comes out of my mouth is snotty or smart . k I just tellin you the truth . I am not being rude . get that through ur head please .

I will never understand why employers let people go without notice after years of service with a promise of a great recommendation - without any reason why - not even a sorry. Hate to see someone I care about hurt.

God why is it when every i talked to someone i haven't talked to in a while they say ______ died of the diabetes and they were the same age as you,do i need to be reminded that this disease i have had all my life is going to understandably me

Understand, trust, and listen to one another is the first step of building a solid foundation. #blessed

Life is a mystery. The more you understand it, the more mysterious it becomes. The more you know, the less you feel that you know. The more you become aware of the depth, the infinite depth, the more it becomes almost impossible to say anything about it ~ Osho x

Man i dont understand it black people luv to same one other that bs on fb bout my nephew chuck is understandably up but let me ask yall this understandablyw many of yall have understandably ur friends man? r understandably a married man? r got the wrong baby daddy? r understandablying father n son?put ur own secrets n shame on fb n leave my nephew up out that bs stupid understandably understandablyes

My therapist is leaving work in ten minutes to bring my my anti-psychotics so I don't have to wait until Monday

There's been a lot of chatter in recent weeks about gun control and the right to keep and bear arms. I dedicate an entire chapter on the subject in my latest book, Latter-day Responsibility. Defending yourself is more than just a right -- it's a responsibility each of us most proactively fulfill.

My friend wanted to understand the tax process better...you should have seen his face when I ate 30% of his Ice Cream

Why is a person who love you the most can't understand you. Even understandablyw strong effort that you give is not enough for her/him and it seems so effortless everything you have done.

Don't understand why people put mail me pop up etc. if people want to talk they will talk but until then shut ya mouth and get used to the fact your not liked/popular/wanted okay?

Im sooo understandablyin understandablyed right nw yuh wouldnt understand nw i see wat ppl talk about wen they say nevea depend on anybdy bc yu uhh wont gt nowhere in dats y i pray to god dat i gt my shyt dis mnth... ughhhh lorddd....

The person that smiles despite what is going on around them has probably been through enough tough times to understand that all bad things are not their fault and enough good times to know that none of life's blessings were created by them. Embrace peace... Trust in God. Love You

Making a tierra cali cd <3 one thing that can make my mood better

Sat morning, drunkards everywhere on the street..... The same faces... Week days dry raun n weekend gat mani Lon baim cart10... Can't understand.

I don't understand those couples that fight and then a minute later change their Facebook status to 'Single.' I fight with my parents but you dont see me change my status to 'Orphan.' #Sparkzz

For the record, I am *not* searching the apartment for the kid. I just decided to poke my nose in every crack and crevice.

I understand that it is easier to look away. I understand that some don't see a problem or even care if there is one. Clearly I do care. I understandablype you can forgive my incessant updates.

I dont know that cheating is that easy, from my understanding, it takes a lot of work to cheat and keep it from someone. But I do understand the quote. As it takes a heck of a lot of work to keep a relationship togehter and healthy. My parent have been married for 48 years!!!

Parents: What u need to understand is that a place doesnt change anyone...its simply a platform where u become who you've always been privately,publicly... So please parents when your kids get out of line don't blame it on Gauteng,your child hasn't changed,they are showing their true colours,they are simply staying true to their rotten selves...its not Gauteng,its your child cause we the rare once, are still perfectly fine,focused + succeeding... mxm!

I know you think you understand what you thought I said, but I'm not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.

Do racists understand understandablyw many genetic disorders and diseases we would have been free of by now if people had been mixing races from the get go?...or that the whole world would have awesome tans? Way to understandablyld the world back you racist bastards...when i die due to a genetic predisposition to something Im haunting every last one of you ignorant hill billies!

Under the "creaks" that rain upon me, the trembling won't stop, I will break my ties with the pain that I can only understand with my mind.

Lol I remember thiz weird movie if it's about Snoop Dogg he sold his soul to the understandably because he understandably his sister by an accident anytime the understandably that he'll be his slave if you break your sister back to life and some other stories in it but you won't understand it because it in a different language

Sometimes I wonder what I am even thinking...I sit in on my own conversation with my self...and then walk away going "I didn't understand what he was trying to say" XD

-___- Why must we use java Swings to do FYP and somemore using Eclipse, if i not wrong netbean was far more faster load time on most computer compare to eclipse!! If they wanted us to create a local application to promote Racial Cultures why not use webforms is much better and faster compared to java Swings !!! And whats more Swings got so limited tutorials to learn on and hard to understand what are they passing into!! Even if they have the tutorial, they dont even show the whole codes and sometime u see some kinda of 'new' method created ???

Maybe i used to love you but am sure that you dont understand what does it mean love ....

I just noticed damn understandablya mufuckas on fb these days be in middle school type understandably Hahahahahahahahaha damn yall got a long understandably way to go lol people still in 8th grade ill be in the military in action by the time yall graduate high school lol damn hahaha

I will never understand why god puts me through the situations he does. But all I can do is pray I make it okay.

I don't understand understandablyw a man could want to be with a woman not trying to reach her potential. Beauty isn't enough, doing something good with yaself is by far the sexiest attribute. As long as she wants to be around ima help her reach the top..

Really missing him I understandablype I see him tonight :D sigh....oh randy... Yup and yet the only one who will understand is my Mandu... Amanda Wachter

Someday I will understand: One day He'll dry our tears And our pain will disappear But we're not there yet I know that there will come a day When I look back on this time and say "This was all part of His plan Someday I'll understand"

For those of you who don't have kids & don't understand why many parents drink; this tall, cold, & highly alcoholic adult beverage is dedicated to you! One day, young grasshopper's, you will understand. Salud!!!

I dont forgive people because im weak ...i forgive people because im strong enough to understand that everyone makes mistakes!

I don't think I will ever understand!! So time to just throw my hands up nd keep it moving!! Me nd boys understandablyme again goin to enjoy the nite!! Hubby at work providing for his family!! He works very hard and we all appreciate nd love him!

To be happy with a man, you must understand him a lot and love him a little. To be happy with a woman, you must love her a lot and not try to understand her at all.

Understandably definitions


in an intelligible manner

See also: clearly intelligibly