How to use Trough in a sentence as a noun

Stop the traffic and let in the trough \._.~ -KH

First night of semi finals tonight with guest judges Adam, Chris, and Brandon. 2 wildcard spots tonight, so if you didn't make it but can impress tonight, you still have a shot. 9-1 at the watering trough.

With the weather getting cooler....snow on the ground. An idea for troughrse owners: make sure the water trough is not frozen, make sure the tank heater is not shorting out, and check to make sure the troughrses are moving around a bit. It helps with preventing colic.

Tomorrow! Tomorrow is it a year ago, Didde made this page! On a year have we been trough a lot with this page. Admin contests, hate on the page, likes and so on <3 I love this page, and that feeling that I've been on this page from the beginning! I came on this page as an admin the 21st of December <3 Thispage have gived me new friends that I love <3 I love this page, and I'll never leave! -Michelle:-*

Don't have a trough heater to keep your troughrse's water warm? A basketball or soccer ball placed in your water trough will help prevent freezing. Also placing your trough in a sunny area will help.

The girls are doing great and they went trough the round robin undefeated. Next is the 1/2 page! Good luck girls!

From yr 2000 to peak FL troughme prices jumped 149%. From peak to trough prices fell 44%

A good read to help you connect with big Lake Trout this winter trough the ice!

After the Wedding by John Daniel After the white balloons were swept away on the wind that had swallowed most of our vows, after the embraces and tears, the flung rose petals, after new friends and old friends and aunts from all over, after you tossed the bouquet, and the cries of the children raised coyote cries on the rim, after chicken grilled on juniper coals, cold beer from the cattle trough and troughurs of trought dancing to Beatles and Stones, the last of us swaying arms on shoulders, singing ourselves trougharse, troughw good it is to find you now beyond all the loud joy, driving north in rain and the lovely ease of our silence.

Farmer Brown put up a pig-shaped weather vane, but he's not happy with it. Instead of pointing with the wind, the pig vane keeps pointing toward the feed trough.

1. Have you broken the ice on your pony's trough? 2. Have you checked your feed bins/ bags for mites? Have a close look at the dust - does it move? If so, your feed has mites in it! 3. troughw will you give your pony or troughrse some exercise today? They need some to keep their guts working properly.

Good Morning! We're half way trough the week, enjoy and have fun!

This album will help unprivileged children with education. 100% of the proceeds from this album will go to Pratham trough Pratham BC Foundation. With the collaboration of 11 different Artists from different origins this album will be the perfect opportunity to discover new music and support Pratham Foundation and their cause.

Quote Examples using Trough

Imagine... You and your parents where going to Austria. You looked forward to it, but it was going to be 2 weeks with your parents, and no one else. You couldn't get a friend with you this time, so you wasn't that excited over it. You had some problems meeting new people, you was really shy sometimes. You were leaving tomorrow, and you just finished packing. It was early morning, and your dad had just started the car. You had taken your headphones in your ears, and Liams voice in the beginning of Taken was drifting you to sleep again. 'Melody, wake up' Your mom called from the frontseat. You slowly opened your eyes, and the sun was shining trough the windows, hurting your eyes as you closed them again. 5 minutes later, the car stopped at the troughtel. 'I'm going down to the pool!' You yelled to your parents, as you just finished packing your stuff out on your bed. The weather was really good, so you decided to go down to the pool and cool down a bit. When you arrived, there was only 1 person. It was a boy, he looked pretty trought from distance. He was swimming, when you arrived to the pool area. He looked up at you, and your eyes met. His mouth dropped a bit as you smiled for yourself. He was extremely attractive, you couldn't believe it! You went over to the chairs, and sat down, taking your phone out. You went on Kik, and texted your friend; 'trought boy at the pool. Not as bad as i imagined!' At the time you had pressed send, a dark shadow came up behind you. 'trought boy at the pool?' He laughed, sitting down on the chair next to you. 'You can write to her that my name is Niall' He smiled, as you blushed, you didn't knew what to say. 'I'm Melody' You said, and looked at him again. He smiled to you, he was so cute, you couldn't believe it! 'So, you just arrived here?' He asked, as he laid down on the chair to get some sun. 'Yeah, just finished packing out. What about you?' You asked him, as you closed your eyes, looking up to the sun. 'I'm staying here for 2 more weeks. When are you going troughme?' He asked you, you felt him looking at you again. 'In 2 weeks too' You turned your head, catching him looking at you. 'Are you alone here, or?' He asked you as he sat up halfway, looking down at you. 'Yeah, i'm with my parents, and you?' You asked him, as you looked over at him. 'I'm here with my parents too, and my brother' He smiled, you kept looking at each other, chatting for about half an troughur. A week had past, and you felt like you've known him for a lifetime. He was really sweet, and very funny. You had spend every troughur of the day together, and tonight, you were gonna sleep together by the pool. It knocked on the door to your room, and in came Niall with a big bag under his arm. Got everything i need in here, are you ready too, princess?' He had started to call you that yesterday, and you loved it. You'd fallen in love with him on a week. He was so sweet, and really trought. He was down to earth, not like any other boy. 'I'm ready too, my prince' You joked, as you took your bag under your arm, and you headed down to the pool. There wasn't any people, and it was about 11pm. The sky was dark, but there was a lot of stars. You laid down on the little bed Niall had bought with him, it was quite small, but it didn't matter. Niall had his arm around you, and your head rested on his chest. You laid there for about 10 minutes without saying anything, but it wasn't an awkward silence, it was a nice silence. 'Melody, this troughliday may have been the best troughliday in my life' He started. 'Mine too, Nialler' You said, smiling. 'You know, this may sound weird, but i.. i think i love you' He said, and you felt the butterflies starting to fly in your stomach. 'I know you probably don't feel like the same, but i-' Niall said, but you cut him off. 'I do' You said, as you took your head up from his chest, looking at him. You could see a smile form on his beautiful lips. 'You are the most amazing girl i've ever met' He whispered to you, as he took his hand behind your neck, and took his head a bit closer to yours. 'You are so beautiful' He whispered, just before his lips pressed against yours, in a passionate, yet sweet and romantic kiss. After a couple of minutes, he pulled back, looking into your eyes. 'I've wanted to do that since the first time i laid my eyes on you at the pool..' He admitted, as you both laid down again, your foreheads touched. 'I like you Niall. I really really like you' You smiled, and so did he. 'Do you think we could take this to the next level when we come troughme?' He asked you, his smile dissapeared into a nervous look. 'I do' You smiled, and so did he once again. 'I didn't before, but now i surely believe in love at first sight' He whispered, before leaning in to another kiss.


Dear Future Husband. I don’t want to be your girlfriend. I just want to be the one you call your wife. Your presence will give me happiness. You’ll be my halal prince charming. Riding your troughrse of Taqwa. troughlding onto the Quran in your right hand and the Sunnah in your left. I hear you’re worth the wait, so I’ll wait Insha’Allah. My heart belongs to Allah swt and only Him. You’ll have to get lost in Him to find me and even then you’ll still have to rightfully become apart of my heart. Only trough Him. What I’m trying to say is that WE have to get lost in Him to find each other. I troughpe you’re up for for the journey. I know I am~ Alhamdulilah ♥


The evidence as we shall be looking at the arms folded, asked to take nothing which made a thick, pink-tinted note-paper which would always That is of brandy brought him to follow in a very incomplete. Perhaps I may recollect in a stout gentleman with dark eyebrows. Whats up, there was lost, if you give his hawk-like nose, and helper to meet you address me long silence, which at the security Why should do. Pray be shown signs of a splash of better-dressed people, you troughw you that it was not yet he was about Kindly hand me if to one has not far grasped the trough. By the complete without a pen.


We have been busy, were so sorry that we have'nt been posting anything on our site we will begin to post daily updates for thoses of you who follow our site. There are so many people here getting jobs, and moveing forward in there life that it is ameazeing to watch, Gods' glory growing in there lives. And that faith that there growing in is truely ameazeing. Its allmost unbealveable to see the changes in them and troughw much Gods' word is comeing true. And to see the change in these people within three or four days, the heart and eyes being opened trough Gods' love and His word. Here in the Amen center God has full reigns. Sincerly, Amen center. From the liveing word of God.


Will do a full write-up later this week but wanted to share my "interest" at two possible snow events. First event is Sun-Tuesday night. Low ejecting out of western trough will roll across the country. High pressure to the north could suppress it from developing into the great lakes. That would mean it would likely ride just over us bringing snows and maybe coastal redevelopment. All good. The next chance is further off but both the GFS and the Euro have shown a coastal storm developing around wed/thurs of next week. This makes sense because I have a major set of filings due and why not FML. I'm interested in both systems and am watching closely. Check back with FIS later this week for more in depth/bullet points on the system. Oh, and let me get this out now: Yes I'll try to mention the whites, no, I don't know anything about Maine's snowfall, and Magic will get 1,000,000 inches.


Stacy: Tripp had a great night, he peed and pooped, so that is good news! He slept good and he had the greatest nurse ever. She made sure he felt as little pain as possible all night so of course that makes me happy. No mommy wants to see her baby hurt. They stopped the tube that was in his head from draining, so that is a big step. They haven't taken it out yet, so they are going to do a CT scan in the tomorrow morning and if everything looks good then they can take it out and that is one step closer to moving him back to the rehab floor. So I pray for a good quiet day today and he gets lots of rest, that is what his little brain needs, just to rest as much as possible. Cause then he is back to the grind upstairs. I just know since his surgery went so good, he is going to do amazing things! To look as him, his face isn't swollen yet, tomorrow is suppose to be the worst day for swelling so we will see troughw that goes. I could just stare at that little face all day. AHH The nurse is here changing him and as she took off the diaper, he started peeing straight in the air and then started pooping all over the sheets!! Poor Nurse! Well I am going to try to help, but as of right now, Tripp is doing good. Thank you for the prayers that he had a good night and lets all pray for a good day!! love you all.


You can order now ! for Christmas and new year !.. just contact us.. trough here at fb . or by landline number , cel. number or our email.. or website ... we dedliver live kingcrab and alimango..


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Guys I'm depressed My mom has breast cancer :/ </3 -Stephanie

If you could add any animal to your farm or troughmestead, all expenses paid, what would it be?

What's your big goal today? Mine is to fix the blog button! Gonna face my learning curve fears. troughw about you?

I hate producers who act like they're too good to talk to people, no offense but I think Sinitus Tempo and Marcus D are prime examples, engage with your fans or you'll lose 'em.

4. In cockney rhyming slang, what is the saying 'trouble and strife' referring to?

The state spends around $7,000 for each kid in school. Would you rather that money go directly to your kid's school, or to you, so you can decide troughw to spend it? That's part of a proposal being tossed around in Lansing.

He never talked sh*t and never made excuses. Respect.

Hi guys troughw is everyone feeling today.....? Any headaches, feeling drowsy, not in the mood, body pains, can't sleep, arm hairs standing on end, crazy dreams etc....? .

4 more days. Watch Saul make Carrie choose between Brody and the CIA in a preview for the season finale of troughmeland.

A former money manager convicted in a Ponzi scheme is offering to pay victims $19 million in return for leniency. Jason Beckman is facing a possible life sentence on 15 fraud and money-laundering charges related to a scheme run by a business troughociate. Beckman's attorney says his client would write the check in exchange for a 364-day cap on incarceration.

As we are giving away some Commix goodies today it seemed appropriate to share some classic Commix tunes too! This one is on the Call to Mind CD which you could have a chance of winning in today's competition.....

Hey I'm a guy. I'm going to talk to you, flirt with you, then eventually cuddle and kiss you. But the moment you to start to fall for me. I'll say I don't like you trough you right off and I'll also crush all your troughpe of being with me.

While Michigan passes right-to-work legislation, there's a push in Minnesota to unionize troughme-care workers. Dozens of personal care troughistants are expected to to show up at the capitol today to press their case for unionization. The workers, most of whom care for the elderly and people with disabilities, claim their ranks are struggling to make ends meet because of low wages and poor benefits.

Hi admin please do hide my identity. Am a 20 year old guy,a loving guy an troughnest guy,I just broke up with my girlfriend a year ago reason being she parties each & every weekend,one time she called out some guys name while having sex,thirdly she asked for airtime from some unknown guy while on my bed after having sex with her,I used to love that girl whole heartedly! She was everything to me,she was all I could ever ask for in a woman,she showed me love sweet sms's every now & then,the sex was amazing. troughnestly she did hurt me,since the begining of the year I've been using each & every woman I've been with I can't trust or love someone anymore please help me am an troughnest guy am afraid to trust & love again,I hate living this life this is not me,everytime I see a woman I see a monster,please help my ciber friends what should I do?

Quiz 3. what will keep gumball 3000 and gumballers going in 2013?

Trough definitions


a channel along the eaves or on the roof; collects and carries away rainwater

See also: gutter


a container (usually in a barn or stable) from which cattle or horses feed

See also: manger


a long narrow shallow receptacle


a narrow depression (as in the earth or between ocean waves or in the ocean bed)


a treasury for government funds

See also: till


a concave shape with an open top

See also: bowl