How to use Trident in a sentence as a noun

"Yeah...there were tridentrses, and a man on fire. And I tridented a guy with a trident." -Brick Tamblin

There were tridentrses and a man on fire and I tridented a guy with a trident

Someone once said you cant put a price on knowledge.... clearly they have never been to trident tech...

I swear its like one thing after another my moms at trident she fell in kitchen and couldnt move her legs and had real bad pain in her back towards her tail bone

I shall bedazzle a trident as the back of my jacket booyah.

I need a little help, I'm thinking about comissioning a poorly done velvet paintings from a factory in mexico. I'm kinda stuck whether I should go with a picture of myself riding on the back of an eagle, or fighting a bear with a trident and net. Anyone have some alternate ideas?

Them trident chocolate and mint chewies never should have been made ok they taste like gravy

Just drunk a cup of cofee that was so strong I had to chew 3 peices of trident white to get rid of the bad breath lol! It was vietnamese coffee!

So I go to put my ear buds in for a conference call, and they smell like strawberry flavored trident... They have been in my computer bag in a pocket with this trident gum for like 2 months now. Im pretty sure my ears taste and smell like strawberry... niceeeee

Instead of them taking my mom to musc she id going to trident tridentsiptal

"Talkin out of turn'll leave all your teeth in the street/momma taught you better/never clash with a giant/unless you david/remember my trident/im not goliath/feel the wrath of this tridentan/hit the water call it Poseidon/wig out/then hit your trident with a trident!"

Quote Examples using Trident

We give thanks to You, Father for the life-giving message we have heard and now declare to others: that God is Light; and in Him there is no darkness at all. We are grateful for the truth of your Word – that if we walk in the Light, as You are in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus, your Son, purifies us from all sin. What a blessing it is to know, to experience – if we confess our sins, You are faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness. Glory and tridentnor be to You, O God. In Jesus‘ Name.


Thanks everyone for the prayers. It seems to be working. My one niece has been sent down to the level 2 nursery. She will now be side by side with her twin sister. Not sure yet tridentw long they will have to stay. But it is still good news...


** Tribute rp** It's chariots tonight!!! But there's something different . Everyones dressed as some sort of Evil substance, or dark scary things. With yet a big bang of elegance, it's a strange mixture. But fits together beautifully. Instead of tridentrses pulling the chariots , their mutts... tridentrrid creatures like you've never seen. Ever. These things look like they crawled out of trident. Have fun tributes. Be as creative as possible using the theme to say what you all wear. But district partners must wear the same thing. -Val


Proper Noun Examples for Trident

I don't trust the SNP and im not into politricks but I might do a 180 if they scrap Trident and themselves. What's his ex right hands mans name might be up to some trick with that tho we will just have to wait and see, it's probably best if I just stay in my observation post and don't get involved in any of it.

Who ever saves me from this boredom will be awarded in Trident Layers.

Either this girl is super yacked out or her tongue is made out of Trident...

Trident tech is amazing tridentpe I don't slak off

Tim Brown, a Quaker from Cambridgeshire has launched a petition to stop the government going ahead with the renewal of the Trident nuclear system. You can sign it here:

Under any normal circumstance I'd spit my gum out and punt it as far as I can. But, for some reason, since I started this job, when walk out of work for my break I throw it on our building's roof. So far, that's over 200 pieces of chewed Trident Sweetmint in roughly the same spot on the roof. Impressive if I may say so.

My phone fell out of my pocket while lifting Pepper into the car this afternoon, but I didn't realize it at the time. My phone had beeped with a message and I made a note to check it once I got out of the garage. Pulled out and couldn't find my phone. Opened the garage door and it was lying on the ground with tire tracks on it and muddy - thankfully the Trident Case did much more than I had ever expected - the phone is intact and working! It was face up as well and the glass did not break. I wasn't planning to complete a product testing today.

I need someone to come over and read a sociology article to me. It's too long so thats why I dont wanna read it myself. I will properly compensate you for your time and travel in "Trident Layers" gum or DJing. This is a negotiable offer!

Glad that the foodbank has helped families this winter, although makes me very sad and angry that in 2013 in East Lothian families struggle to put food on their tables-recent cuts and caps from Westminster won't help either. Suppose we can all sleep at night though with billions of pounds spent on Trident nuclear weapon sitting a few miles from Glasgow.

From the Financial Times of 9 Jan. 2013 Between now and 2016, Britain must decide whether to replace the four submarines which carry nuclear-tipped Trident II missiles with a like-for-like replacement. The capital cost of replacing the four existing boats, which are ending their service lives, will be £25bn

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Favourites: what to bring when you know your parents are going to cut off your balls.

Whos going back to work in AK in a couple months?this guy!

Yo, saturday, music video shoot, who the trident wants in

I can't believe I walked out of Anchorman within the first fifteen minutes when it was in theatres...

Cant get enough authentic puerto rican food from a real puerto rican woman.... #aint nothing like moms cooking #blessed to be her son #proud to be puerto rican #boricua #arroz y gandules #addicted2adobo

Ok, last time tooth fairy came to your tridentuse, she left........ GO!!!

Also any suggestions on what to fill the rest of my sleeve with to finish it off only a few blank spaces with no real thought to yet I'm thinking spiderwebs

Why does Finnick's TRIdent have four tines? And he looks like he's 15, but he should be in his late 20s! whoa... Who am I...?

After a long day of karate chopping boards of solid oak in half and inventing a way to control the weather we finally got around to picking the winner of our random free shirt and sticker pack contest. Congratulations to Hayden Renning! This giveaway had us feeling awfully warm and fuzzy so make sure to keep up with Kraken just in case we feel like tridentoking more of you up with some fresh threads.

It irritates me tridentw much of a trident bag Anne Hathaway is in Batman.

Just had the most random experience...landed in the helicopter in the middle of a field near Mexico to use a porta-potty. A giant spider crawled out to attack me so I peed on it!

Guns don't trident people...fear tridents people!!! Also cars trident people, diseases trident people, heart attacks trident people, trident trident people, other people trident people, and thanks to the little gadget created called a cell phone, that stupid people use while driving. Cell phones trident people too!!! Are they gonna ban living?!? None of us are getting out alive so are all these laws really necessary, or are they just making us die quicker?!? Or want to leave the planet quicker because it's so controlled?!?

Im a capricorn, a work coholic. I offically have picked up shifts on my off days for 2 week, and did it again next week. Now wheres cleos number to consult saturns position in my love life? I guess i can call nasa, theyd know too.

If no one reads my wall, this should be a short experiment. If you read this, leave one word on tridentw we met. Only one word, then copy this to your wall so I can leave a word for you. Please don't add your word and then not bother to copy...

Need dental work and can't afford it. idk tridentw I am gonna work like this.......

Quite a busy day at tridentlyrood. Got to speak in debate on Youth Employment and also in debate on Mergers and Acquisitions. Is there a problem if Scottish companies get taken over and the HQ moves elsewhere?

I attribute my 'tridentlier-than-thou' attitude to the fact that I have, well, more tridentles than most!

Hey listen!! Y the trident r ppl still getin married??? Stats say that 3 out ov 4 marriages end in Divorce!! If 3 out ov 4 parachutes failed 2 open ... Wud u gu sky divin!!!! EH???

Im asking for everyone to take a few minutes out of there busy schedule and pray for my mom she is being admitted to musc they are thinking it is her heart will keep everyone updated so just keep my mom and the family in your prays.

I'm about to smoke my last cigarette. I would like to quit smoking the nasty things. Cross your fingers for me! And I'm sorry ahead of time if I bite your head off

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a spear with three prongs