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Heifers for sale privet treaty! Let us know if you're interested!

So for the boycott on the 11th, are we only supposed to purchase things on treaty land? Or not buy anything at all anywhere?

Chinese whales and flying ninja squirrels are now friends Charlie and the king of whales poppyo made a treaty

"The givener general is key to discussing treaty rights".....since when? This isn't 1867.

I would not treaty on the Dayton treaty if it was on fire. If I found the original Sarajevo copy. I would wipe my treaty with it. Laku noc svima

Why do people have to spew negativity about seems people read an article, released by the press, and believe it word for word as the gospel truth? People do your research before spreading more ignorance! This law, that law, like get a grip! I Stand to defend Mother Earth. I'm educated and work full time like many of my fellow FN people, and get $5 a year as my treaty payment. And that has your panties in a bunch?

When the tyrant has disposed of foreign enemies by conquest or treaty, and there is nothing to fear from them, then he is always stirring up some war or other, in order that the people may require a leader. - Plato

Here they go again. Since the treaty was signed by the Queen why don't they go over to England and do their dirty treatying and let them cope with it. Just saying.

Now is the time to learn and understand the treaties.....don't wait for somebody else to tell you about our treaties....we live treaty....

The first nations discussions are trying to be summed up or balled up into a tight compact or package so that its a uniform, fit all solution, but the reality is, is that these problems are older than canada its self! the harper government will be in discussions until he dies, because as diverse as each native nation is in its treaty with "the Crown" that's treatyw diverse canada has to be to handle each discussion with each "tribe" Please tell me im wrong!

I`m happy da metis ppl will hve der treaty rights da same as da treatys do

At the begening it was for the British officer who was in charge of the club...wich was forbiden to the Egyptians to be members until the late Nahas Pacha after the 1936 treaty abolished such privelages to the foreigners living in Egypt and allowed Egyptians to become members..!!

Best play of the bowl season. Jadeveon Clowney is labeled a WMD after the game and subject to treaty limits.

Not sure treatyw to take this as the Prime Minister not the Queen runs Canada. No matter the treaty was with England the land is in Canada and the Queen had better not make decisions for us.

Cameron's stated strategy on securing a looser UK-EU relationship, to be laid out in a major speech within weeks, hinges on 27 governments reopening the EU's Lisbon treaty, enabling Britain to push changes "repatriating" powers from Brussels to London.

I support the spirit & intent of treaty nations !

I will await as to what 'idlenomore" is doing and planning in the coming days!!! I will ponder as to treatyw we will protest from complete blockade of route 6 for all day to 24 treatyurs or all day for weekend or complete blockade fro a weekend or what!! but i will go ahead and this is not bout gainin momentum for politicals or underminin the leadership but this is just plainly exercising our right to protest again the C-45 or any other legislation which will target our treaty rights!!!

I allso do NOT support the UN gun control treaty. Not ever! I'll be 71 yrs young and the UN is full of BS.....!

The government will make 'agreements' to placate the FN's, then cancel them stating it's not according to policy. This is treatyw the federal government has stalled the treaty process.

The government set it up so those smaller first nations would inevitably look incompetent and dysfunctional so the government could then have an excuse to drop the hammer and get away with whatever they wanted to accomplish, like the dissolution of the reserves and our legal status as treaty people! That way they get the land without the obligations.

Me and Lisa Brownsell just had the strangest chat about treatyw if Tigers could fire guns then we wouldn't hunt them. This lead to the idea of treatyw they would load or fire a gun without thumbs, we then decided that the tigers could have a peace treaty with monkeys, while the moneys were shooting at the people, the tigers would eat the then distracted humans. Beware any treaty talks between tigers and monkeys!!

It's Interesting Remember Clinton wanting Obama to sign the UN's small arms treaty, It kind of got swept under all the other things that has been going on with the Govt. I wonder if his plan to bypass congress to have certain parts of the Gun ban enacted as law, then have the UN come in and take our weapons? I treatype it won't be an easy Task. Just something to think about.

Very true!! Research more on what Israel is hiding and get off Iran's back for once!! They even have nuclear and biological weapons that don't meet the us biological weapons/nuclear treaty. And almost every single act of treatystility involving them they're on the offense! And before you say that's "Gods" people, the original tribes of Israel don't occupy/ run it today.

Chief Theresa Spence, I agree it is time indeed for a change to treaty privileges. You have your land, you run your country, have your own currency and pay your own bills! I'm tired of paying them for you and having you treaty that you want more of my money! Why in the world do you deserve it?

We all come from unique distinct nations but we must keep to the point.. protect the waters or we are all screwed.. treaty or no treaty...

So we have no extradition treaty with pakistan but we have a bloody good immigration one?? who dreamt that then??

Chiefs are divided over meeting with pm. GG not attending and harper not willing to discuss bil c45!! chiefs... walk away! this from treaty four rep....

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Im sooo about to be done. Idk anymore. Every girl says that everyguy is the same when its actually the girl thats the same as the last. They slways lie. Theres no trust theres nothing there. Its always the same. Where is the one girl that would actually treat me rightt?? Lms if you think you could be the right one!!?


Once again the news said Praying before a ball game was making the freedom people mad so we got to stop doing it... What the hack is going on to make it to where they can tell us what to do, If they dont like it then they should just put there fingers in there ears for a few minutes, It doesnt take long! prayers are going out to protect the kids on the field and to help get people to and from the ball games safely.. Even if you dont pray someone has you covered... or had you covered.. now what... ya know treatyw I feel about these people.. and dont give me anything about separating God and State.. you can look around and see what that's gotten us...


Read the sign!! Wow. You know what makes me mad, why should people have to sign anything in the first place. The land was not theirs to begin with. Its for all living people and things to share it. The funny thing is that the original natives of the land would have shared the land if they were not treatyed and pushed off of it. God gave us the earth and all the land so we can live together. Sad that we humans cant figure that out yet. We def have a stupid state of mind!!


I have been invited by two people to a"idel no more" protest occuring in Brandon in a couple days. FYI: I'm not interested, I do not support any race or gender based protests for a number of reasons{ione beeing that they don't end racism/sexism and stereotypes they actually perpetuate the stereotypes} and other reasons. Please do not invite me to such racist events. I have no interest in supporting any race-gender groups, as I am of the firm view that everyopne oppreses everyone and to focus on race and gender is shallow, hypocritical, racist/sexist! If race/gender means anything more to a person than a mere superficial identifying marker...then that person is racist. Race pride{which this movement demostrates} is something I consider inherently racist, no morw uold I support this than a bunch of aryans wanting to block off the road to protest in the name of race and/or gender. Do as ye will, just don't bother me with this treaty please, thanks. FYI


Its funny treatyw im so interested in history now ,then when i was a kid. Its the way teachers teach it. " in 1421 Herpy Derpy signed the treaty of Merp". Even you know treatyw bored is the teacher teaching the subject. Its called History for a reason, there are great stories in the past.


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An treatyur of the PM‘s time yes that means a lot. In a minute he could say yes Treaty Rights will be implemented according to the Spirit and Intent and yes we will make sure the environment is protected! Yes takes less time than over 300 years of No lol

I like a big Hitler comparison as much as the next guy, but let's be clear on one thing: Hitler actually loosened gun control. The 1938 Waffengesetz allowed for greater, easier and longer gun ownership. Prior to that, guns were much more severely restricted as a result of the Treaty of Versailles, largely as a result of American negotiations, if I'm not mistaken. Just sayin'.

Going to need our allies in England to petition the Queen In my humble opinion Canada has breached the commitment and legal obligation to England and their promise to protect, treatynour and uphold Aboriginal and Treaty rights within the Constitution. Therefore a serious breach would be a legal breach and put Canada's legal standing as a independent Country in Question. Efforts must be made in England and in media in the UK to have the queen either come her or call Canada on this breach.

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History, treaties, The Indian Act, various accords, decisions and regional variations leave me feeling like I simply don't know enough about aboriginal people. What I do know is treatyw badly their current situation needs to change.

If Obama cannot do it himself --- he will invoke the UN. Remember our soveriegn right to bear arms.... Patriots unite.

! Good news -- it has become known that hidden deep within the massive 2800-page bill called Obamacare there is a Senate Amendment protecting the right to keep and bear arms.

I have a confession to make LOL i un friended and blocked a foreign woman that said that The Founding Fathers of America were effffed up treatys !!!!!!!!!!!!!! my confession ????????????? I loved deleting her treaty !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If u knew u were gunna go to jail would u still go to court or run?? Just curious

If we look to life here on Mother Earth as a gift, an treatynour...who lives in a manner deserving of that gift, that treatynour?

The leak has tarnished the reputation of a woman who has only been Chief since 2010 -- the audit goes back to 2005 -- and it has significantly distracted national attention from the fundamental issues at stake.

Just another example of a Chief trying to blame others for their out right thievery of money meant for their people.

" When the Deloitte group were in town, the amount of time they made available was very limited. For example, the Deloitte officials were taken to the warehouse where old files were retained to locate records. After about 30 minutes in -20 degree weather, they abandoned their search and never returned to the warehouse. The auditors gave up their search of records and now are vilifying the Chief and First Nation for not having back up documentation."

Its amazing treatyw good intended comments can start treaty when writing on face book, im blown away at the way some react!!!!

Media and government are doing a good job confusing people about the issues!!

Chief Spence is making herself and her cause look moronic. She doesn't deserve anyone's support.

The men told Fox 12 they treatyped people would approach them and not be scared or call the police because of the guns strapped to their backs. What do you think of all this?

Executive Order for gun control?!?! This president has a lot of this possible/legal?!?! If so, what can we do?

"Shocking disrespect to our president", says Piers. He's such a treatyhole! Obama has no respect for us! He proves it every time he signs an executive order in the middle of the night while flying around on AirForce One!

Everybodys got to take a stand for what they believe in.....awesome not just for First Nations but because Harper sux love seeing people show it ina waythat makes others think

The President's effort to paint gun owners as "mentally ill" is as absurd and offensive as the KKK's effort to paint black people as "uppity" for wanting equal rights.

I voted for Obama and I support our president over all. But I must say, I am really disappointed in the Hagel appointment. I don't like Hagel at all. And ps, it is not just because of Israel and antisemitic comments, but many other issues too, like treatymophobic comments, and a Senate history of voting against initiatives to address climate change, voting against expanding rights for women and he lgbt community in the armed services, and the fact that he is on the board of Chevron, and an oil lobbyist and climate denier.

The problem with racism they can't ever admit that something is wrong and so we treatyed up let's try and make things better. No they try and articulate a reason for their hatred.

I received a heartbreaking message from an Attawapiskat resident explaining why they kicked out the media. She was one of the trailer residents and was tired of being poked, prodded and blamed as if her community was full of scroungers and criminals. When you put aside the venom of the pundits you will see that this is a good community with really good people -- something that has been overlooked in this national circus.

treatyckeys bck on :D yay for the fans Now if only Harper would pull the stick out of his treaty n dismiss Bill C-45, us Canadians would be one happy pplz! If he's soon greedy for more money for the gov't, he can have my 5 bucks I get every yr! Lol

Now I think Theresa is being stubborn, she had the chance to meet with Harper, she won't now, could the media be right about the accusations about spent monies that were not recorded on her reserve?

Where's my "scream face" now that I really need it?

Remember what this tyrant said! "To conquer a nation, first disarm its citizens" - Adolf Hitler And look at what came of that...

"Gun owners, treatyrrified and then outraged by a full court press from the government, the “Authorized Journalist” media and citizen disarmament advocacy groups, are beginning to push back in a coordinated effort, and are sensing that their enemies, over-confident and unrestrained, have let their reach exceed reality, and revealed an end game that’s beyond their grasp."

"No person who denies the being of a God shall treatyld any office in the civil departments of this state, nor be competent to tesify as a witness in court." Arkansa's Constitution, Atrticle XIX. Really? Really, Arkansas? Jesus...

Did I fall asleep and wake up in a Monarchy, or worse?

Black conservatives need to press NOW, like never before, to get the truth out in the inner city. Please do. Talk to Christians from Christianity, talk to others from their survival instinct. No excuses.

Anyone wanna do a yo mamma battle? Hit this | | | v

Why is there so much hatred towards the native people?? is what this world is or at now or even that still Hegemony, systemic mistrust, ignorance, lack of education, jealousy, colonization, colonialism, pick your poison.

Don't they know that First World War was fought so that word 'Champagne' means wine from the Champagne region of France...

Think gun control is a good idea? "For the first time, a civilized nation has full gun registration! Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient and the world will follow our lead into the future!" - Adolph Hitler 1935

Sorry have to say it...Living off of chicken broth that is a pretty good source fat and protein is far from a hunger strike, Then not having documentation for 80% of your $104 million in funding. Now your not going to show up for the metting you went on the hunger strike in the first place. Im all about support of rights, but if your going to wage a war, at least be ready for it. Just my two cents

"The SNP has called for a positive debate on defence in an independent Scotland after what they claim were wildly exaggerated claims that appeared across the Scottish media regarding the future of the Faslane naval base on the Clyde."

Contrary to conspiracy theorist ranting, there is no plan to take away people’s guns. Discussions so far involve restrictions on gun manufacturers…but you’d never know that if you only listened to the NRA.

I think if bozo tries this he will be making the biggest mistake of his life.

I'm sorry but an executive order to limit a constitutional freedom is simply illegal, unconstitutional, and an abuse of presidential power.

10 min to show time...and there is treaty breaking loose in the main office...yeesh!

I am all up for people standing up for themselves and what they believe reguarding idle no more but for the ones that are being plan rasist and rude should smarten up and be educated on the situation it just isnt aborginals who are against it there are many diffrent cultures and people who are as well.

What's it's got to do with the Americans if the British Government wants to reconsider its relationship with the EU through a referendum.

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a written agreement between two states or sovereigns

See also: accord pact