Trailer in a sentence as a noun

It's a frame capture from a Doom 3 promotional trailer.

Running over a trailer hitch at 70mph is a major accident.

I grew up in a trailer and taught myself how to program when I was a child by making video games.

School was ****, but I consider myself fortunate not to be working minimum wage jobs and living in a trailer park like two of my siblings.

"Most viewed trailer for an action-adventure videogame," ******* really?

The bar is getting higher and higher and unless I see something amazing in screenshots or a trailer, it's not even worth the purchase barrier to entry for me to try it.

Two Guatemalan men on the crew called me "el burro", because while I wasn't much good at anything else, I'd pick up and drag tarp after tarp full of debris back to the trailer without question.

For a start - paper is a cheap way for all workers to have the information at hand - ie with them there and then - not in the "trailer".Once these over-estimates of the time currently spent are taken out, the two are broadly similar.

She ended up being the true victim, as I got my bike back and she didn't get her money.#3, eight years later: I had run to the library to pick up a book, only to find that my lock, which always lived in my bag, had been left in my daughter's bike trailer after a weekend excursion.

What we need is for people to start developing the knowledge and experience with 3D printing materials so they've got the same sort of "gut feel" for sizes/configurations/suitability of various options to design parts, as "old school" welders have about what size/shape/configuration of steel stock and gussets/bracing is "strong enough" for your boat-trailer/golf-buggy/go-kart.

Trailer definitions


someone who takes more time than necessary; someone who lags behind

See also: dawdler drone laggard lagger poke


an advertisement consisting of short scenes from a motion picture that will appear in the near future

See also: preview prevue


a large transport conveyance designed to be pulled by a truck or tractor


a wheeled vehicle that can be pulled by a car or truck and is equipped for occupancy