Titillation in a sentence as a noun

****, much of that is sold on titillation alone.

But there's another way out, too: not titivation but titillation; not hard work but hard play.

It's the right mix of frankness, humour and, well, given the subject matter, titillation.

I didn't know about the abstract, but I can see what they meant for "thinking like a porn director": titillation.

Never admit you eat, or if you do only speak of it in terms of immature titillation and euphemisms.

But, now we are supposed to believe that the tactile titillation we get from fondling EVE in our palms, is to be replaced by the experience of shouting at an IVR?

" ads in the back -- but the actual substance, the subjects it reports on, are devolving into factoids and titillation with a side dish of political snark.

But their physical portrayal serves no purpose except titillation.

My thought is that perhaps looking at nudes isn't necessarily helpful to the brain function due to sexual titillation but perhaps due to putting the mind more in touch with reality.

Twitter has about 200 million active users getting everything from minor titillation to revolutionary aid and has cost about $6 per user.

So you think that because some people are falsely accused - that the law is fallible - that it should be absolutely allowed for children to be exploited for the sake of others sexual titillation; give me a break.

Why not measure annual consumption of corn dogs, or the going price of onions?I'm open to there being a good reason you chose to include it, but you didn't offer on on the page so I'm just confused; it reads as a sort of really abstract titillation, even though it could be interesting to learn what it does correlate with.

Slightly off topic but considering the volume of fake-anti-malware programs, I wonder what proportion of porn is distributed not with any intention of titillation but as pure threat - "here, this proves your is infected, pay-up".By that token, I wonder if at point, malware "companies" might actually pay have new "threat-porno" produced.

Titillation definitions


a tingling feeling of excitement (as from teasing or tickling)


an agreeable arousal


the act of tickling

See also: tickle tickling